The 6 Best Dog Harness In 2020

For a dog owner taking your dog for a walk is a responsibility that comes with the ownership. This walk is very much important to provide necessary exercise and stimulation to your pooch;

It is beneficial for not only their health but also gives you a reason to walk more. Besides, it helps them to keep off boredom and destructive activities.

But as a matter of fact, some dogs are tough to walk, while if you own a pup from a much stronger breed, they are powerful enough to drag you along with them while some even refuse to walk at all. A high-quality dog harness is an answer to all of your problems.

6 Best Dog Harness Reviews

1. Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Dog Walking Harness:

Kurgo Tru-Fit

When you love your dog like a baby and want him to be comfortable harness all day long then Kurgo Tru-Fit is what you should be looking for.

This is one real multipurpose harness that is designed for a regular walk as well as for vehicular rides.

This harness keeps your dog/pup secure while driving and thus keeps you off distractions. Besides being an excellent walking harness, it is designed in such a way that it protects your pooch from injuries which are caused by sudden braking.

The comfort of your dog is being guaranteed by the five adjustment points, and we interlock which are plastic made and are making it easy to get on and off.

Further, the No-Pull feature which is nice and lets you train your pooch. The harness comes in all the different sizes, and there is one for you.

Moreover, if you are worried regarding the quality of material used in the harness then to your surprise.


  • Ideal while driving with the pooch, keeps your passenger as well as dogs safe
  • Acts as vehicle restraints and works with every seatbelt
  • Features padded chest plate for extra protection
  • Five-point adjustment provides you with the perfect fit
  • It has been crash-tested for dogs of a larger breed


  • Easy to use
  • Good Value
  • Quality product
  • Durable


  • Available in only one color

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2. ARIKON Adjustable dog harness

ARIKON Adjustable

When you are looking for a harness that is solid in construction and at the same time be much comfortable for your pet, then Arikon is what you look up to.

It is designed in layers and consists of denim and nylon which makes it extremely durable and water resistant, which means it has been intended for use in harsh conditions.

The harness is solid as far as construction is considered, but it is even more stylish. It gives your dog a classic look which makes them look far more attractive with their counterparts at public places like Dog Park or training parks.

Arikon has a harness for every size of the pet and offers you three different sizes; small to large; as per the size of your dog, you may select an option.

All the harnesses feature a multi-step adjustment option which allows a better fit for your beloved pooch. This dog harness is designed in such a way that it is pretty comfortable to wear and walk.


  • Multilayer construction makes it much durable
  • Various adjustment gives you the perfect fit
  • Easy to use because of the design


  • Moderately priced
  • Water resistant
  • Quality product
  • Durable


  • Cannot withstand chewing
  • Not much color choice

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3. Unho Dog Body Harness

Unho Dog Body Harness

If your dog pulls while you take him to walk and you are looking for a comfortable and stylish solution, then this product is tailored for you.

Unlike most of the harnesses, this is made for total comfort for your pet; the harness mostly comprises of padding. It features sturdy straps and elastic webbing to provide optimum comfort and freedom of movement while walking.

It is constructed using a high-quality material such as nylon and nickel-plated metal which makes sure that it will last longer and is ready to be utilized in any weather.

Because of such soft inner lining and breathable material it makes it skin-friendly and sweat resistant.

This is a no pull harness means it takes care of the pulling caused by your canine friend and offers much more control while you bring them for a walk.

It is available in different sizes, so there is one available for your pooch. The only setback which I can see is the color, as it comes only in black and there are no options available. Still, it is a decent product to go for.


  • Quality material used in construction making it durable
  • Features elastic webbing with stretches laterally
  • Simple in operation


  • Entirely padded
  • Full control harness design
  • Easy to put on
  • Includes top handle


  • Chest strap not adjustable
  • May be prone to tearing
  • Easily chewed
  • Fur sticks to mesh

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4. Freedom No Pull

Freedom No Pull

If you are looking to replace your old harness because of problems like neck strain and chances of escaping your pet then the Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness is what you are looking for.

This harness works in such a way that it minimizes neck strain and chances that too while eliminating pulling.

It is used to walk to a dog from behind rather than the neck thus it offers more control and at the same time becomes much easier to use as compared to regular harnesses.

In this harness soft Swiss velvet is used on the entire length of straps making it much smoother and eliminating any chances of rubbing, chaffing or irritation which are sometimes caused by the regular harness.

The harness is a true multifunctional as it can be connected by the leash either on the front side or the back end.

It is also available in various sizes and multiple color combinations so that you can choose a perfect match for your beloved dog.


  • Highly comfortable with now irritation and other problem
  • Even allows you to walk from behind
  • No pull action along with zero neck strain


  • True multifunctional
  • Lots of color combination to choose from
  • Available in all sizes
  • Reduces pulling


  • Chest strap not adjustable
  • May be prone to tearing
  • Easily chewed
  • Fur sticks to mesh

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5. Ruffwear – Front Range Harness for Dogs

Ruffwear – Front Range Harness for Dogs

If you one of those guys who love their pets more than anything and is looking for a harness that would be more comfortable for them and easy to put on, Ruffwear is the choice for you.

It is a great harness is easy to use and offers four-point of adjustment just make the perfect fit and make your pet comfortable even during heavy exercising.

It features padded chest and belly panel which makes it quite easy to wear it for a much longer time.

This harness offers two secure leash attachment points; on the backside an aluminum V-shaped ring for daily walks and reinforced webbing on the chest for the training session which requires much more control.

Also, the harness features a small ID pocket to keep the Dog tags, which makes it much easier to access.

It is available in all the different sizes and color combinations, so there is a high chance that you find an ideal match for your pooch.


  • Padded chest and belly panel makes it comfortable to wear
  • Four point adjustment gives you the perfect fit
  • Depending on requirement multiple leash attachment points


  • Available in various color and size
  • Quality product
  • Durable
  • Comfortable


  • Price is a bit too high

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6. Gooby Choke Free Soft Harness Dogs

Gooby Choke Free Soft

You have viewed some of the most popular harnesses currently available in the market today. But if you still didn’t any of them we have got a final piece which you are going to love.

The Gooby harness is unique in design and features an X-style frame which looks great and at the same time is functional.

The harness features Micro suede trimming which reduces irritation caused by regular harnesses. It also features a synthetic lambskin strap that has four adjustment points for a firm fit.

The lambskin is soft and at the same time gives a luxurious look. The step in style of harness makes it quite easy to put on and off.

Overall it would be a good choice if you are going for looks of your dog as it offers multiple colors to choose from.


  • X-shape design makes it comfortable to wear
  • Four point adjustment gives you the perfect fit
  • It is machine washable


  • Available in multiple colors
  • Quality product
  • Comfortable

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Why Do You Need a Dog Harness?

Some people tend to argue that they have a dog collar they why do they need a harness.

The answer is that a collar offers minimum control and could even injure your pet while a harness has a large number of contact points and provides more body coverage,

Thus reducing the risk of injuries and offering better control through the walk.

When Do You Need?

here are numerous reasons for which you need a harness for your beloved pooch, some of them are mentioned below.

  • If your pup faces some neck issues, then a dog collar is not preferable as it can give serious stress on their neck. Instead, you can go for a harness.
  • If you own a puppy or small breed and it pulls during walks, then the collar can be too much forceful on his neck
  • If you have a dog and all of a sudden it starts pulling and making it difficult to walk, then you need a dog harness to have more control during the walk

There are other reasons such as safety and all which are equally important and thus the requirement for dog harness is felt.

Types of Harnesses

There are various kinds of dog harnesses available in the market, but if you look at functionality, all the harnesses can be divided into two broader categories, both of these are briefly explained below.

1. Standard Harness:

These are the simplest kind of harness available in the market; it distributes the force created while pulling to the chest and back of the dogs.

Thus the neck of your pooch is safe, and you have more control over it. These kinds of harnesses are quite right for smaller breed dogs as in the case of bigger dogs it would allow them to pull much harder and with greater force against the leash.

2. No-pull Harnesses:

The regular harnesses cannot be used with a big sized dog as they can pull even harder so this harness was designed.

This harness gets tightened slightly when your pooch pulls and a force in felt around its front armpits.

This restricts pulling, but you should pay particular attention to the size and fitting for such harnesses. This harness can cause irritation and rub so watch for them as it creates a bit of pinching at the start.

Depending on the breed and size of your dog you can select any of the harnesses with fits your dog correctly and makes him feel a bit comfortable.

What To Look for The Harness?

Whether you are buying some electronic gadgets or natural hardware products, there are certain features an aspect which you seem before making the final choice.

There are certain features which you might want to have a look at before making the final selection.

The most important considerations are mentioned below which you should take care of while selecting a harness for your dog.

1. Size:

Make sure to measure your dog correctly before purchasing the harness.

Take into consideration his age, current size and breed of your dog thoroughly and then according to make the selection.

If your dog is young measure it regularly as they can grow very quickly and the harness which was perfect yesterday would be tight today.

2. Thickness and Padding:

It is one of the most important features of a harness, you cannot take a thin harness and neither can opt for a too thick harness.

So selecting a harness of medium thickness will be the best option. As far as padding is concerned, it is quite beneficial for the breeds that have short hair as it avoids irritation caused by skin rubbing with straps.

Also, if your dogs have a padded harness, it looks much more stylish and provides some extra flair.

3. Material:

Carefully inspect the quality of the material which has been used to create the harness. Apparently,

you are not making the purchase for a few days run, but you want it to last sometime. Never go for a harness made of cheap quality material as it will not last for a longer period.

4. Match for the leash:

Well, most of the people do not take into consideration regarding this point.

But I suggest you take have a better understanding of the kind of leash you are willing to use and whether that would be an excellent match for the harness you are going get.

Depending on the amount of control you require and the size dogs leash lengths varies significantly, which makes it quite challenging get the right harness.

5. Adjustment Options:

Most of the people tend to ask what the adjustment has got to do with selection criteria.

It becomes quite important to look for as the slight change bands let it fit properly and thus avoids many unwanted problems which your pooch may face when you walk him with a harness on.

Now you have a lot of ideas about dog harnesses, but still, if you visit the market you will find various models available at your disposal.

It becomes quite easy to get confused by seeing such different types, but you don’t need to worry about that as we have reviewed some of the best available harnesses. Let us have a look at them.

Final Verdict

Although there are lots and lots of products available in the market and if you go looking around it sure that you will get confused.

For me it was Ruffwear that fulfilled my entire requirement, you can select any of the products on our list as each one of them is good enough to meet the demands of your pet.

Depending on the looks, versatility and price there would be a suitable harness available on our list that would be perfect for your pooch.

Do not hesitate to spend some extra bucks as it’s a matter of comfort for your beloved pet. And try to get a model that offers warrant against chewing.

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