9 Best CQB Optic Scopes and Sights 2023

So, you came here to find the perfect CQB scope for your weapon— Well done. You will find every detail you need. But first, for the sake of the uninitiated, CQB is short for Close Quarters Battle—one of the deadliest fighting situations.

In CQB, three things are a prerequisite for your victory; speed, precision, and close range— and that’s where a CQB scope comes in. Most people will tell you that it works like the standard iron sights. However, in my opinion, it’s far much better in many ways.

For instance, unlike with the earlier innovation that allows you to target by closing an eye and lining the two sights, you don’t need that when using a CQB scope. Also, you can use the CQB scope for dark areas where sights don’t apply.

However, before you even get to the point of enjoying all these, you first have to get the right option. Our today’s coverage focuses on some of the finest models we have out there. Follow closely to know the ideal model for you.

9 Best CQB Optic Scopes and Sights

1. Sig Sauer SOR52001 2 MOA Red Dot Sight, Black

Sig Sauer SOR52001 2 MOA Red Dot Sight

When talking about CQB optic scopes and sights, Sig Sauer is one of the world’s most famous producers. Of course, that’s for a reason. Now, the Sig Sauer SOR52001 is one of the booming models we have out there.

The piece has 2 MOA red dots, so you should find it one of the simplest models to use. Additionally, this accessory offers ten illumination settings; eight daylight and two night-vision settings. Hence, it’s one piece you can count on to help no matter the light conditions.

Among the features of this optic scope is the MOTAC (Motion Activated Illumination). With this functionality, this piece will automatically power up when it detects motion. The same feature will power it down when it can’t sense any movement.

The auto on/off feature brings a high level of convenience when using the accessory. Further, it ensures that you get maximum battery life. In fact, with a battery life of over 40000 hours, that’s enough to give you the confidence you need every time you are using your weapon.

When it comes to weather resilience, this product is IPX-7 rated. In other words, it will survive a water immersion of up to a meter. Sure, with this rating, we expect it to put up with fog, mist, snow, and other harsh conditions.


  • The MOTAC feature is nice.
  • Wide variety of mounting options.
  • Highly adjustable.


  • The red dot looks quite frayed with 3X magnification or higher.
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2. Sig Sauer SOR50000 2 Moa Red Dot Sight, Black

Sig Sauer SOR50000 2 Moa Red Dot Sight

The second option on the list is also by Sig Sauer. Therefore, even before we proceed further to examine its capabilities, one thing we know already is that it’s a dependable unit. I mean, if you are after reliability, you can count on it.

Of course, as a sibling to the just-reviewed option, we expect lots of similarities between the two models. Actually, the two share a bunch of features. However, you will still find a single thing or two that set the two apart.

Beginning with similarity, you are getting an accessory with ten illumination settings. These settings include eight daylight options and two NV settings. Hence, no matter the time you want to use it, you will always have the ideal adjustment that best meets your situational needs.

Another common thing for the two models is that the illumination is motion-activated. As said earlier, this feature improves the convenience level and maximizes the battery life of the accessory. Other shared features include water-resistance capability and weather-proof construction.

The only difference between this unit and the previous one comes in mounting. While the two have 1.41-mounts, this option doesn’t come with a low mount like the predecessor. Therefore, it doesn’t offer comparable flexibility in mounting like the previous model.


  • Easy to adjust.
  • It looks cool.
  • The design is nice and compact.


  • The instruction manual is only available in a softcopy version.
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3. HOLOSUN – HS403C Solar Power Micro Red Dot Sight (Black)

HOLOSUN - HS403C Solar Power Micro Red Dot Sight

A decent CQB optic scope should be sturdy and harsh-weather tolerant. Additionally, it should have the ability to deliver lightning-fast target acquisition. And yes, the suggestion on this list comes with all these capabilities.

The unit works ideally for rifles and carbine applications, giving you a high degree of accuracy and quick target acquisition. It comes with a 1/3 Co-witness mount and low-profile mounts in the same package, giving you the flexibility, you need in installation.

The high-quality piece runs on batteries and boasts a whopping battery life of 50000 hours. What’s more, it comes with solar failsafe technology. In other words, you can switch the accessory to solar mode should your batteries fail unexpectedly. This feature is a plus, as it steps up the reliability aspect of the unit.

Additionally, it’s worth acknowledging that the optics have multiple layers of coatings. Well, what that does is to ensure maximum light transmission, reduce glare, and minimize the level of wear. With that said, it’s evident that this accessory comes with the best-in-class performance in mind.

Of course, since it uses a red dot to point at your target, expect parallax-free performance when using this 2 MOA red dot. Parallax is a condition whereby the position of an object differs when viewed from different angles.


  • It can also run on solar energy.
  • The idea of switching back to the solar mode when left for long is brilliant.
  • Dot is visible in any light.


  • When on solar mode, it is not as bright as when running on batteries.
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4. HOLOSUN – HS503CU Paralow Solar Micro Red Dot Sight

HOLOSUN - HS503CU Paralow Solar Micro Red Dot Sight

The fourth spot on the list goes to the Holosun HS503CU option. Now, from the just-reviewed option, it’s evident that Holosun is one of the reliable names we have out there. Thus, just like the predecessor, we expect this piece to give you a fantastic user experience.

Now, as the predecessor’s sibling, the two share lots of features. For instance, you are also getting a multi-powered option here. What that means, you can have the optic to run on batteries or solar energy. This flexibility enhances reliability and maximizes the usefulness of the tool.

However, one thing to know here is that the red dot isn’t as visible when running on solar mode as on batteries. That’s exactly the case with the brother. As a result, most people prefer to run it on batteries rather than energy from ambient light. And with the batteries boasting a lifespan of 100000 hours, you won’t need to replace them often.

Additionally, the LEDs of this accessory provide a wide range of light intensity. With this feature, you will find this optic helpful and convenient to use in almost every situation no matter the lighting condition.

The most interesting part is that the reticle has a light sensor. This feature allows it to regulate the brightness level depending on the intensity of the ambient lighting. However, if you choose to set the brightness level manually, the reticle will remember the light setting when next you power it on.


  • Auto adjustment for light intensity.
  • Will remember your previous setting.
  • A whopping 100000 hours of battery life.


  • The reticle becomes less visible when using it with a weapon with light.
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5. HOLOSUN HE403GL-GR Elite 2 MOA Compact Green LED Dot Sight

HOLOSUN HE403GL-GR Elite 2 MOA Compact Green LED Dot Sight

At times the red dot can be hard to pick up. If you’ve found that to be the case, you can consider getting the green dot, which most people find more visible when shooting targets. And yes, as you plan about the switch, the Holosun HE403GL-GR could be the option that best meets your needs.

One of the fantastic features it packs is a shake sensor. With this functionality, this accessory will turn on automatically once you pick it up. Of course, you will find it a convenient feature, especially for an accessory of its kind.

One thing that most users like most about this optical sight is it goes back to the previous setting every time it powers on. This memory feature eliminates the need for adjusting it to your most preferred setting every time before use.

The batteries here will keep going for 50000 hours. Therefore, there’s no need to worry about replacing the batteries very often. However, unlike the other Holosun models that came earlier on the list, this piece doesn’t have the Failsafe solar technology. Hence, you may have to keep backup batteries when you suspect that the current ones are almost running out.

After you place the order, you should receive the unit nicely packaged. Among the accessories you will find in the box is a low mount and 1/3 Co-witness mounts. This hardware gives you versatility when it comes to mounting.


  • The visibility of the green dot is impressive.
  • Size and weight are perfect.
  • Turns on with a mere shake.


  • No Failsafe solar technology.
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6. Vortex Optics Strikefire II Red Dot Sight

Vortex Optics Strikefire II Red Dot Sight

This unit by Vortex is super sturdy and handles shock and impact very well. Therefore, it’s one piece that doesn’t come shy when in respect to durability. Surprisingly, even with the solid structure, this accessory maintains a compact and lightweight design.

Sure, when buying a CQB optic scope and sight, choose one that’s weatherproof. Now, whether you are intending to use it in foggy, misty, or rainy conditions, this option will withstand the harshest weather conditions.

The piece allows the user to choose between green or red dot. That’s a feature you won’t get in any of the members coming earlier on the list. Also, the sight offers ten brightness settings for red dot color, so you can use it anywhere under any light condition.

The multi-coated lenses ensure that you have the best-in-class view. That is, the point of view here is bright and unobscured as well.

Other than the sight, the package contains an offset cantilever mount. With this piece, you can move the sight forward when you want to use it with a magnifier. That means the sight, magnifier, and backup iron sight will remain on the same rail.

Finally, another thing you will appreciate about this sight is that the power controls are at the rear. The well-thought-out positioning gives you the convenience you need when using it with your weapon.


  • You can choose between red and green dots.
  • Offset cantilever mount is a plus.
  • Power controls are well-positioned.


  • The red dot not very visible, especially on some brightness levels.
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7. SIG Sauer SGSOR72001 Romeo MSR RED DOT Sight

SIG Sauer SGSOR72001 Romeo MSR RED DOT Sight

The next product on the list is also another reliable sight you can consider giving a shot. The unit is from SIG Sauer, one of the renowned names in the industry. As we all expect of a product from a famous brand, this sight comes with everything you need to have the most fantastic user experience.

The red dot sight features a high-performance lens coating. In more straightforward terms, the lenses of this sight are well-engineered for excellent transmission and impressive dot contrast for use in a wide array of light conditions.

The ultra-compact size is easy to manage and will work well for different types of weapons. Also, you will notice that the weight is nice. In other words, weighing just four pounds, this sight won’t make a significant impact on the weight of your rifle.

With this red dot, you can choose the brightness level from the 12 available settings. That’s more than you will get in most competing models. However, of the 12 modes, it’s worth noting that 10 of them are daylight settings while the remaining two are for NV.

When it comes to construction, this piece neither comes shy. The housing is of aircraft-grade aluminum. And with the weatherproof design, there really isn’t any condition that this sight cannot withstand.


  • Installation is a cinch.
  • A staggering 12 light settings.
  • Aluminum construction is sturdy but lightweight.


  • 20000 of battery life isn’t the best a tool of its kind can offer.
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The HOLOSUN HE503GU runs on a single CR2032 battery. The cell will give up to 50000 hours of operation. That means by the time the battery runs out, chances are you will have forgotten that the piece is battery-powered.

When we say that this piece can offer up to 50000 hours of battery life, we don’t mean that’s what you will get each time. At times you may get more or less depending on several factors like the light settings you use.

This sight by Holosun offers a dozen light settings—10 daylight and two NV. With that said, whether you want this unit for day or night use, you can now buy it with confidence that it comes with all these times in mind.

Also, you don’t have to reset the brightness level when the unit turns on. That’s because this piece can recall the previous setting, meaning that it picks up from the setting it was running on before going off.

The aluminum structure guarantees long-lasting performance in the most rugged environments. Also, this construction keeps the weight low, making it easy to manage. Finally, with the weatherproof design, this sight supports all-weather use.


  • The dot is crisp.
  • The motion detector has great sensitivity.
  • Auto shut off.


  • Not the most affordable.
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9. HOLOSUN – HS403R Micro Reflex Red Dot Sight 2 MOA

HOLOSUN - HS403R Micro Reflex Red Dot Sight 2 MOA

The last red dot sight on the list works ideally for both rifle and carbine applications. The 20-mm optical sight has T6061-T6 aluminum housing. Thus, it’s sturdy for longevity and at the same time lightweight so that it doesn’t cause significant increase in the weight of your weapon.

The LEDs give you a wide array of options, allowing you to choose the intensity that works best for your needs. I mean, whether you are intending to use this optical sight for high brightness areas or places with no light at all, you will find the setting that works ideally for your needs.

The unit runs on a CR2032 lithium-ion battery. Here, the cell will give you 100000 hours of service, so far the best battery life we have on the list. Hence, if you want a high-efficient sight that won’t require you to replace the batteries often, you can consider this option.

The manufacturer employs advanced engineering on the lenses to guarantee best-in-class performance. Additionally, the lenses have multi-layer coatings. With that said, with this unit, expect maximum light transmission, better wear resistance, and minimal glare.


  • The glass is clear.
  • The dot is crisper than in most competitors.
  • It comes with low/high mounts.


  • The battery compartment doesn’t offer the best scratch resistance.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does CQB stand for?

As aforestated, CQB stands for close-quarters battle. It’s another name for Close Quarters Compact (CQC), a tactical situation where two combatants fight using firearms at a short-range.

How close should your eye be to a scope?

This is one of the most common questions that people ask. Well, when buying a scope, you should get one that has 3.5 inches eye relief. For rifles with heavy recoil, it’s even of greater benefit to go for rifles with more eye relief.

What is eye relief when talking about scopes?

For you to understand the ins and outs of any field, you have to be well conversant with the terminologies used in the field. So, when talking about scopes, what’s eye relief? Well, in the most straightforward terms, this refers to the distance between the lens of your scope and the tip of your eye.

Does the manufacturer really matter?

When buying something like CQB optic scopes and sights, it’s important to note that the manufacturer really matters. After all, some of the big names in the industry aren’t big for nothing. Usually, a product from a well-reputed manufacturer will guarantee better reliability and quality.

What factors should you consider when buying a CQB optic scope and sight?

When buying an optical scope, consider compatibility, sturdiness, weather resistance, adjustment level, whether red/green dot and the battery life. Its also wise to consider convenience features like motion-activated sensor, auto-shutoff features, and the ability to switch to solar mode.

Final Word

Choosing a CQB optic scope and sight can be one of the most overwhelming affairs. We have so many models out there, and the one you pick will determine your effectiveness and user experience as well.

Gambling in this case can be expensive, and that’s why we suggest that you consider operating within our coverage. All our suggestions are top-class and have most of the features people want in accessories of their kind.

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