The 11 Best Concrete Grinders In 2023

If you are a professional renovator, it would be wise to include a concrete grinder in your toolkit. With the help of these grinders, you can effortlessly grind surface imperfections to get a smooth finish.

Concrete grinders can be used when shaping countertops, floors, and walls. Additionally, they can as well assist you when removing old paint, epoxy, tile adhesive, just to mention but a few.

These grinding machines are easy to work with, so they can serve first-time users just as they would a professional. If used correctly, these units will help you grind different types of aggregates without causing damage to the surface.

The concrete grinders that we have reviewed in this piece will provide you with quality finishes in all grinding applications.

11 Best Concrete Grinders

#1 DEWALT Concrete Surface Grinder Kit

DEWALT Concrete Surface Grinder Kit

This concrete grinder is both powerful and reliable, making it one of the top options that you can consider using when leveling surfaces.

Furthermore, it is designed with a strong bail handle, which maximizes user control. With this, you will be able to grind at different angles without damaging the section that you are working on.

Additionally, you can change the speed at which the motor is moving with a simple turn of the dial switch. This feature allows users to set the preferred speed customization without wasting any time.

The large diameter grinding wheel can cover a favorably large area with each pass that the machine makes. To prevent possible contamination, the motor is enclosed in a well-engineered housing, so dust and other surface debris won’t damage the components.

Plus, the motor can run smoothly even when under load. This means that you will get maximum torque at all times, thereby boosting your performance.

In addition to the bail handle, this concrete grinder has an easy-grip rear handle that will help you keep the grinding wheel in the right path.

When it comes to user safety, this equipment features an advanced sensor system, which will bring the motor to an instant halt in case of any mechanical complication.

Also, this machine is equipped with a brushless motor, so it can operate at high speeds without subjecting the components to wear.

This prolongs durability and assures users of high-quality service. Aside from that, the grinder will reduce your downtime, allowing you to finish the task fast.


  • Easy to operate
  • Sturdily designed
  • Ergonomically designed


  • Not the most lightweight

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#2 Metabo US606467800 Concrete Grinder

Metabo US606467800 Concrete Grinder

Metabo’s high-quality concrete grinder is designed with amazing features that will help handle all grinding tasks professionally.

This unit is ergonomically designed, and is, therefore, ideal for righties and lefties. You can adjust the rear handle in three different positions depending on how you want to use the machine.

With the help of the 15 amp motor, this grinder will provide you with 6,600 RPMs. And the fact that it runs on a brushless motor makes it even more convenient since it won’t have to disassemble it from time to time to run maintenance.

The wheel guard features a tool-less design, so you can adjust it by hand without using any additional equipment. This will save you more time, especially when dealing with extremely large surfaces.

To add to this, the guard is twist-proof, so it won’t shift from the position in which it is placed. With that said, the user will always be safe when using this grinder, making it an ideal option for all users regardless of whether you are a professional or just a DIYer.

Besides, this grinder is easy to control even when the wheel is spinning at top speed. Depending on your preference, you can mount the auxiliary handle at different positions to get a customized grinding experience.

When using this grinder, you won’t experience a lot of vibration, thanks to the vibratech dampening system, which keeps the wheel stable when the grinder is in use.

Consequently, users will be able to grind for extended durations without suffering from excessive fatigue.


  • Designed with a swiveling handle for user convenience
  • Has a safety switch
  • The motor is well-built


  • No carrying case

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#3 CS Unitec EBS 1802.1 Hand-Held Ginder

CS Unitec EBS 1802.1 Hand-Held Ginder

This is yet another concrete grinder that is designed with a reliable vibration-reduction technology. As such, this machine will give you optimum control in all grinding scenarios.

The dust collection system is just as dependable, so you won’t be exposed to harmful particles when using this equipment. Nonetheless, it is still advisable that you wear protective gear to limit exposure.

You can make use of this grinder when cleaning old or new concrete surfaces. It can also assist you when removing hard coatings from surfaces when handling refinishing projects or any other project that may require you to grind concrete.

With up to 10,000 RPMs, nothing can stand in the way of this grinder. More to this, the grinding wheel is designed in such a way that the machine can remove both small and large surface imperfections.

By using this grinder, you can effortlessly smooth rough surfaces in a matter of minutes. The handle is also somewhat unique compared to most concrete grinders on the market and will provide you with a comfortable grip.

Moreover, the motor is strategically mounted to increase the grinder’s overall performance. Since it is directly above the wheel, it can deliver power directly to the grinding blade.

The built-in brush shield ensures that the motor is well protected from dust and other solid particles that may cause the grinder to stall or malfunction.


  • Adjustable
  • Conveniently designed
  • Superior build


  • Some of its parts are made of plastic

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#4 Metabo 603825750 Concrete Grinder

Metabo 603825750 Concrete Grinder

This grinding machine is engineered with your needs in mind and is equally effective when it comes to shaping concrete surfaces.

It has all the features that you may need to work efficiently, so you can buy this equipment knowing that it will serve you well.

This unit can particularly prove useful when tackling renovation projects, but it can as well come in handy when refinishing concrete surfaces. However, this machine can also help you when spot sanding or when clearing worn-out paint from specific areas.

The brush trim is spring-mounted to allow for smooth operation when grinding angled surfaces.

Thanks to this feature, the protective cover can adapt to just about any surface without putting the user in danger. The bail handle is fully retractable, so you can easily pull it back when grinding close to vertical surfaces.

That way, the wheel will reach all the spots that need to be sanded. The other thing that you will like about the handle is that it is ergonomically shaped for user comfort. Apart from that, it will allow you to make smooth maneuvers when shaping surfaces.

This equipment has a no-load speed of 3800 RPMs – 8200 RPMs, so you can tune the wheel to rotate at a speed that matches the project requirements. To top it all up, the grinder is not as heavy, so it can be wielded by different users.


  • Heavy duty
  • Reduces operator fatigue
  • Customizable


  • No lock-on switch

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#5 MK Diamond 166859 Concrete Floor Grinder

MK Diamond 166859 Concrete Floor Grinder

The walk-behind concrete grinder from MK Diamond is specifically designed for grinding concrete floors. This tool is portable, so you can easily move it to wherever the job may take you.

Plus, the never-flat wheels will make the whole process simple since you won’t have to carry the tool when changing grinding positions. The shroud maximizes dust collection by ensuring all the debris is directed through the extraction tube.

But, that’s not all; the connection port can work with a wide range of vacuum cleaners, including the traditional models.

In addition to this, the telescopic shaft allows users to adjust the height according to their preference. Through this, you will be able to grind in a position that best suits you.

But most importantly, you won’t strain your back even if you work for long hours. This grinder is designed with high-quality handlebars that will allow you to guide the grinding wheel according to your needs.

When used correctly, the MK-SDG-7 will provide you with smooth finishes regardless of how rough the surface is.

The handlebars feature textured grips, which limit slippage, and at the same time, enhance user comfort. This unit has a maximum disc speed of 3,500 RPMs, so it can tackle small grinding tasks optimally without encountering any problem.

Also, the motor is not too close to the grinding wheel, so the chances of it getting contaminated are very minimal.


  • Good quality
  • Durable
  • Very efficient


  • May require some assembly

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#6 Damo DWP-1257 Variable Speed Concrete Grinder

Damo DWP-1257 Variable Speed Concrete Grinder

Damo presents you with a powerful concrete grinder that will provide you with an exceptionally smooth surface.

The manufacturer recommends that you wet the surface before using this machine. This will prevent dust from forming as the wheel grinds through the concrete.

Furthermore, the onboard splash guard will ensure that the water does not damage the motor. Still, you have to regulate the delivery to keep the machine safe and also to prevent the surface from flooding.

The included GFCI unit will keep you safe by ensuring the components are operating smoothly as they should.

With this feature in place, users won’t have to worry about being electrocuted because the GFCI system will completely cut the power supply when there is a fault in the circuit.

When it comes to motor speed, the unique auto-feedback feature will see to it that the motor operates at high speed when handling tasks that are highly demanding.

If you are a contractor who spends most of his/her time designing countertops, this grinder may just be the tool that you need to up your game.

This grinder will make your work easier because it delivers optimum torque with each rotational cycle that the grinding blade makes. It has a top speed of 3,000RPM and also has a variable speed system that you can customize depending on the desired results.


  • Equipped with a lock-on switch
  • Sturdy
  • Well made


  • The motor is not brushless

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#7 Makita-GA4530 Angle Concrete Grinder

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The multipurpose grinding machine by Makita takes versatility to the next level, meaning that it can benefit users in so many ways.

That said, it can assist you when tackling virtually all grinding applications. The machine is powered by a strong 6-amp motor, which will provide you with an impressive 11,000 RPM.

In addition to this, the motor is well protected against wear and tear, thus providing users with long-lasting durability.

The gear system features superior quality ball-bearings and also has Labyrinth seals to boost performance. Also, the seals shield the inner components from dust, thus preventing damage.

Plus, the armature is heavily reinforced with zigzag seals, hence making the machine even more durable. The Makita-GA4530 is one of the lightest concrete grinders that you can consider adding to your toolkit.

This machine is fitted with an ergonomic side handle, which also has an edge guard for user safety.

The gears are beveled to maximize power transmission while minimizing friction. As a result, the grinding wheel will move effortlessly as the motor rotates.


  • Good quality
  • Designed to last
  • Packs a lot of power


  • Likely to heat up when used continuously without rest

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#8 XtremepowerUS Electric Concrete Floor Grinder

XtremepowerUS Electric Concrete Floor Grinder

Leveling floors can be extremely challenging if you don’t have the right tool. However, you can easily solve all your problems by using this heavy-duty grinder.

This unit is suitable for both small and medium-sized surfaces, but can specifically assist you when spot-grinding areas that may be too rough. Other than that, it can as well remove coatings such as epoxy, paint, just to mention but a few.

The dust cover has a self-adjusting design and will provide you with a reliable seal that will prevent dust from clouding the room.

More to this, the vacuum adaptor can work with different types of connectors, so you can attach a vacuum cleaner of your choice.

You can set the handle at different positions to minimize strain and fatigue when working. Since the grinding head is not as large, it can access hard-to-reach areas with ease.

In addition, the steel used in designing this concrete grinder is of premium quality, so the frame won’t break even if the machine is used extensively.

The grips, on the other hand, are made of soft material to give you a comfortable user experience. Additionally, the manufacturer has attached a strong handle to the motor for your convenience.

This will allow you to move the tool from one area to another without hurting your hands or dropping the machine.

Alternatively, you can push the grinder around using the included wheels. Nevertheless, you will have to buy the grinding blade separately since it is not included in the package. All in all, this is a good grinder that you can fully rely on.


  • High quality
  • Easy to customize
  • User-friendly


  • Bulky

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#9 Bosch CSG15 Concrete Surfacing Grinder

Bosch CSG15 Concrete Surfacing Grinder

The Bosch-CSG15 can take on any grinding task that you may throw at it. Besides, it is equipped with a 12.5 amp that will deliver optimum torque throughout the grinding process. This machine is durably built to cut down repair costs while enhancing durability.

Working in a dusty environment can have a negative impact on your health. For this reason, this concrete grinder is designed with an effective dust extraction system that will protect you from serious respiratory complications such as silicosis.

The guard system is just as efficient, making this one of the safest concrete grinders that you can use. It can deliver excellent results if handled properly, so you will just have to ensure that you follow the usage guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

This grinder can be used by hobbyists and professionals alike. And because it is built from strong materials, it won’t break down unnecessarily when taking on hard tasks. As a matter of fact, it will enable you to work like a pro in all grinding applications.

The trigger switch is well protected by heavy-duty seals, which prevent contamination. This also applies to other components that can easily be damaged by dust.


  • The motor can withstand heavy loads
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • High performance


  • The rear handle is not ergonomically designed

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#10 CS Unitec EBS 180 F Concrete Floor Grinder

CS Unitec EBS 180 F Concrete Floor Grinder

You can smooth concrete floors by simply using the EBS 180 F from CS Unitec. This grinding machine is very good at what it does, so it will help you shape surfaces in no time.

Moreover, it is designed with a floor guide that will ensure the grinding wheel is perfectly aligned with the surface to maximize the grinding effect. Through this, the machine will be able to grind down several layers of concrete at a go without experiencing kickbacks.

This equipment can remove tile adhesive, worn-out paint, epoxy, etc. And the good news is that it can grind surfaces without causing further damage to the floor.

The dust shroud is uniquely designed in such a way that you can fold the front edge when grinding surfaces that are located in tight spaces. This way, the grinding wheel will get as close to the wall as possible without being obstructed.

Attached to the machine is a brush rim, which collects all the dust and directs it to the extraction port.

The shaft is telescopic and allows users to increase or decrease the height of the handle according to their preference. To get maximum results, ensure that you attach the right diamond inserts to the tool.

With the hind wheels in place, you won’t have any difficulty maneuvering this grinder. The 20-Amp motor will provide you with enough power to grind hard concrete without breaking a sweat.


  • Angle-adjustable
  • Minimizes user fatigue
  • Can work with industrial-grade vacuum cleaners


  • Somewhat heavy

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#11 Bosch 1773AK Concrete Surfacing Grinder

Bosch 1773AK Concrete Surfacing Grinder

This grinding equipment is equipped with a dependable 10-amp motor, which will provide you with a top speed of 11,000 RPM.

It also has long-lasting diamond-cupped wheels that you can use multiple times without making replacements. This grinder can easily remove irregularities from floors and walls, so it can be used when renovating surfaces.

Also, it will allow you to change grinding angles without lowering your performance. This unit comes with a high-quality storage case that you can use when transporting the tool.

The manufacturer also provides you with several accessories, including a spanner wrench that will assist you when swapping the head inserts.

Moreover, the spindle lock will allow you to make quick changes, thereby reducing your downtime. To add to this, the barrel has a low-profile design, so you can grip it firmly without experiencing slippage.

As such, the tool won’t fall, and neither will you have a hard time controlling it when making passes.

This grinder can withstand even the harshest work conditions, hence making it super durable. The grinding head is also counterbalanced to maximize stability as you grind surfaces.


  • Double-sealed to prevent contamination
  • Fitted with an auxiliary handle
  • Versatile


  • Grinding wheels have to be replaced from time to time

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I consider when buying a concrete grinder?

You have to consider the motor speed since this will determine how the grinder will perform when shaping surfaces. In addition to this, you also have to check if the handles are well designed. Lastly, you have to consider the tool’s overall durability.

How efficient are concrete grinders?

Concrete grinders perform exceptionally when it comes to grinding down surface imperfections. Nevertheless, the performance that you get will highly depend on the machine that you are using.

How can I change the grinding wheel on my concrete grinder?

A good number of concrete grinders are designed with strong spindle locks that you can loosen using a spanner wrench. After this, you can attach the wheel that you want to use.

Final Verdict

The concrete grinders on this review list are some of the high-quality options that you can go for. These pieces of equipment are designed with your needs in mind, so you can use them in virtually all grinding applications.

By using any of the concrete grinders listed above, you will have an easier time removing rough edges and other surface imperfections. This will, in turn, give you a smooth surface that you can paint with ease.

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