The 9 Best Cat Tree Houses In 2023

Every pet owner wants what is best for the furry member of the family especially when it comes to their comfort and entertainment.

Finding the best cat tree that will make your feline purr with delight can be challenging. Any options you are interested in should be thoroughly researched before a purchase is made.

Considerations like the age of the cat, how many cats in the household, and how the design of the tree fits into your home décor are among some of the considerations that need to be factored into the purchase.

The following cat tree reviews should hopefully give you some indication of the different options available and which ones might be right for you.

Top Recommended Reviews

#1. Go Pet Club

Go Pet Club


The Go Pet Club Cat Tree is one of the best-looking cat trees I have ever seen on the market. The ‘faux fur’ exterior is a dark blue that will go with most color schemes, and the design is attractive and modern.

This piece of cat furniture will give your home a modern look and give your cats a stylish place to lay their heads.

The material is made out of a sturdy wood that will not bend under the weight of your cats and will remain stable regardless of how active the animals are.

The Go Pet is also the perfect cat tree for large cats because of the width and strength of this piece of furniture.

This cat tree is a fantastic four level feline country club that doesn’t take up too much space width-wise.

You will need to set aside a good chunk of real estate for this tree in the place your cats prefer to spend their time like by the window or the door.

This tree is 50″ wide and 72″ high, so it definitely won’t be inconspicuous, but it is so attractive that you will love what it adds to the look of your home.

If you have multiple cats, this cat tree will be versatile enough to satisfy all of them, from the smallest of kittens to the eldest of cats.


  • This cat furniture is very stable so that it won’t collapse on your cat
  • Easy to climb for every age cat on all levels
  • Versatile enough to fit the needs of multiple cats in one household


  • Does have a plastic smell when first shipped
  • Expensive for the quality of the materials

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#2. Armarkat Furniture Condo


Armarkat Furniture Condo

With its modern angles and white exterior, the Armarkat Condo should fit in with any decor.

The material that covers the pressed wood is a soft fleece that your cat will love to lie down on, and the poles are covered with a white string that cats love to scratch and rub against.

The beds that sit on the highest posts are sunken in like a shallow box so your cat can settle in and relax without having to perch.

This cat tree stands at a little over 4 feet tall and 5 feet in width. It is a great size for a large cat or multiple cats because it can withstand lots of activity without bending or tipping.

The tree features one large ‘condo’ for sleeping on the second story and tons of space on the steps.


  • Cat tree is stable enough to withstand movement of cats up to 20 pounds
  • Fleece material is soft to the touch and looks great in your home
  • Very easy to assemble out of the box and can be ready to use within 30 minutes
  • There is enough space for an active cat to get a good workout
  • Built in loops to hang your cat’s favorite toys


  • Would be more stable with a wider base
  • The cat toys are attached with thin string, which is broken quickly

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#3. TRIXIE Pet Products Baza


TRIXIE Pet Products Baza

This cat tree is perfect for an older cat that doesn’t require too much in the way of exercise. It comes complete with a furry hammock for your cat to doze that stands about 1 ½ feet off the ground.

The hammock has metal in the lining, so it remains comfortable but also durable enough to hold heavier cats. The base of the tree is made with the same long fur and provides a second comfortable place for your cat to lay their head.

The pom-pom that hangs from the bottom of the hammock provides entertainment for your pet as do the scratching posts wrapped in sisal rope. The beautiful faux-fur and off-white color will fit in with any home’s decor so you don’t need to worry about clashing.

This is a single-cat tree, which stands less than 2 feet high and 2 feet wide. The hammock is strong enough to support a large cat but no more than that.

The base is broad enough to make this tree stable, but the style doesn’t provide for much movement anyway, so stability is not an issue.

If you are looking for a simple and comfortable place that your cat can snooze in and occasionally play, then this tree is excellent.


  • Super soft material will entice your cat to use the hammock regularly
  • Size is perfect for a small condo or apartment with a single cat
  • Color and style matches any decor
  • Great price for the comfort and style


  • Little exercise room for active cats
  • The hammock has a tendency to fall apart quickly

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#4. Go Pet Club – Furniture Beige


Go Pet Club – Furniture Beige

This is a fantastic piece of furniture for any cat with four levels of scratching posts, cat condo and even a private staircase that leads to the napping area.

The soft beige material is made with a faux fur that is soft to the touch and creates a comfortable surface for your pet to sleep or sit.

The wide base is stable enough to keep the tree from wobbling when there is movement. There are also some fun cat toys that come with the unit to keep your pet occupied.

This is a medium-sized cat tree that is large enough to accommodate multiple cats in a household.

The top of the tree stands at 52″ high which gives enough exercise space for your active cat. The width is less than two feet so you can easily fit it into a corner without overwhelming the room.


  • Easy to assemble and is ready for your cat to enjoy in less than a half hour
  • The cat toys are durable enough to withstand constant play
  • Perfect for active cats who need exercise
  • The material matches any decor and blends into most rooms
  • Great price for the size and features


  • Not as stable as some other trees due to narrow base so wobbles with lots of activity
  • Cat house doesn’t fit larger cats, so they end up sticking out
  • Is not durable enough to last through constant use of active cats

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#5. SmartCat Cat Climber


SmartCat Cat Climber

This is an innovative design that uses a ‘spring-loaded bracket’ to attach the cat tree to any door that measures 79″ to 82″.

This piece of cat furniture can go into any room and is comfortable and light enough to carry easily. The scratching post is made with sisal rope which is strong enough to hold up against even the most active feline.

The four levels of steps are done with a soft brown synthetic which make them comfortable for sleeping and intense climbing.

The cat tree will span the entire height of any standard door but with a shallow depth, so it doesn’t stick out into the room.

Your cat will enjoy climbing the four levels of steps on this tree especially if they are particularly active, but you won’t feel like they are in the middle of the room.

There are some height requirements for the brackets to make sure your doors are the right size.

The price of this tree is on the high end, but the portability of this unit and ease-of-use make it worth the extra money.


  • Bracket system makes this easy to move from room to room
  • The design is thin enough, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space in your home
  • The color fits in with any home decor
  • Sisal rope on the base is excellent quality and enjoyable for cats to use


  • This system does not fit on older doors, and this information is explicitly mentioned
  • Can come shipped with a foul odor
  • Assembly is difficult out of the box

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#6. Go Pet Club – Brown, F49

Go Pet Club – Brown, F49


This pet tree looks more like an elaborate tree-house than a piece of cat furniture. With three levels including a cat house and sturdy rope stairs, your cat will have a blast climbing all over this tree.

The deep brown faux-fur is attractive and rustic looking and covers the sturdy pressed wood that holds this unit together. Other great features include the long rope toy that your cat is sure to enjoy playing with and the sisal rope scratchers.

The four-tiers include the base, the cat house, the day-bed and the perch which are all attached to sturdy poles covered in rope. Your cat will never get bored climbing all over this piece of furniture, and they will get all the exercise they need.

This cat tree is very broad which does make it one of the sturdiest pieces of cat furniture in this category but can be difficult to place in your home.

The Go Pet Club Cat Tree is on the expensive side due to the solid construction, and extra-large cat house makes the extra cost worth it.


  • The material is very soft to the touch, and your cat will enjoy lounging or napping on the faux-fur
  • Cat tree is very easy to assemble so your cats can start enjoying it right away
  • Wide base makes the cat tree very reliable, and there is little wobbling
  • Easily accommodates more than one cat


  • The side of the unit has a tendency to sag after active use
  • Features on this cat tree are not made for larger cats

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#7. Best Choice Products Deluxe


Best Choice Products Deluxe

This cat tree is one of the unique looking pieces of furniture when compared with the other units in this review. The soft white material covers the entire tree which makes it a pleasure for your cats for sleeping and playing.

The little hammock on the bottom level is a perfect place for a short nap while the large cat house on the second level is built for longer snoozing or just lazing around.

There are enough posts and steps to keep your pet busy all day and even enough room for a friend or two. The bottom two scratching posts are made with a strong sisal rope so your cats can scratch away without getting their paws stuck or wearing out the material.

This cat tree is 52″ high, and the width is large enough to accommodate several cats at the same time but not so large that it will feel like the tree is too big. All the features on the cat tree are broad enough to fit even larger cats comfortably.

This is priced in the medium range which makes it a great deal considering the quality, unique design and features.


  • Big enough cat tree to fit any sized cats or multiple cats
  • The material is soft and comfortable for your feline to enjoy
  • Great price for the quality of the material
  • Very easy to assemble


  • Small parts of the cat tree have a tendency to break with use
  • The tree is smaller than the photos so doesn’t fit all cat sizes

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#8. 73″ – Scratcher Play House Condo Furniture Bed Post Pet House


Scratcher Play House

The Simple Sleeper is perfect for a house with multiple cats and enough space to fit this multi-tiered cat tree.

This piece of furniture comes with two cat condos in medium and large, three posts, a long set of stairs that lead to the top condo with toys and perches for your cat to play with.

The entire set is covered in a soft blue material that should be easy to fit in with your home decor. The top perches are held up with scratching posts that are covered with sisal rope and have multiple toys connected to your feline’s entertainment.

This is the largest of the cat trees in this review at 73″ inch high and 2 feet wide, so if you have a nice corner with a high ceiling, then you shouldn’t have any issue finding a place for this unit.

The size of the cat condos and perches should be large enough to fit a medium-sized cat comfortably or several smaller cats.

The price is fantastic for what you are getting with this cat tree compared to the others in this category. It is in the medium price range, but the features, quality, and size make it worth much more.


  • Very easy to assemble so cats can start enjoying it within 15 minutes of unpacking
  • Soft blue material is comfortable for your cat’s paws and nice to sleep on
  • Great price for some features you are getting


  • Quality control is inconsistent, and some shipments have poorly constructed units
  • Material tears easily if scratched at repeatedly

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#9. Simple Sleeper Cat Scratch Post and Bed


Simple Sleeper Cat

The Simple Sleeper is very aptly named, as the simplicity of the design is perfect for cats that are in need of a comfortable bed and scratching post, but no bells or whistles.

The plush carpet makes this tree a pleasant place for our cat to take a nap or just laze around after a day of exploring.

The taller of the two scratching posts is robust enough to stand up to even the most enthusiastic scratchers, and the other post is a nice soft place for a healthy scratch. The base is broad enough to provide support for the two beds if they are both occupied.

This is a small cat tree that stands at a little over 3 feet high and under two feet in width. It takes up little space so you should never feel like it overwhelms the room. The size is designed to accommodate one or two cats of varying sizes.


  • The beds on this unit are very sturdy and hold heavier cats quickly
  • Very easy to assemble in 15 minutes
  • Scratching post is very sturdy and fun for cats to use
  • Nice soft material for your cat to sleep on


  • Quality control is not always consistent, so there is a chance of getting a poorly constructed cat tree
  • The carpet is easily worn out by active cats
  • Small cat tree so doesn’t provide active cats with many exercises

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What Should Look?


You have probably spent some time decorating your home so that all of your furniture matches or there is some semblance of style to your décor.

Buying the best cat tree that fits in with the color scheme you have chosen or type of furniture you have is important.

If it doesn’t match, your cat’s condo will stick out like a sore thumb, and you will be unhappy with your purchase.

Look very carefully at the color and bring home a swatch just to make sure the colors don’t clash. You can even ask if the cat tree you are interested in comes in different shades.


If your cat likes to sit near the window during the day because it is warm and sunny, then don’t put the cat tree on the opposite side of the room.

Chances are, your feline will ignore the tree until the evening hours, and you will have wasted your money. Also, make sure that the area you are putting it in doesn’t have any exposed electrical wires or heating vents that could hurt your pet.


You don’t want to purchase something that will overwhelm the room, just as you don’t want to get too small a tree for an adult cat.

You should be able to fit in the space you want and have it blend in with the surroundings, not towering over the furniture.

If your cat is older and not able to climb too well anymore, a shorter tree may be in order, so the animal doesn’t hurt him or herself while climbing.

Cat’s Age and Needs

If you have a kitten, then you may want to get a tree that is shorter, so they don’t fall and hurt themselves.

Kittens tend to be very energetic but clumsy, and they don’t always know when something is too high for them.

For an older cat that is slowing down, you may want a shorter tree because they will probably not venture up too high due to arthritis or just plain fatigue.

Buying a tree that suits your cat’s energy and experience will make both of you happy because your money will be well spent and your cat will have an appropriate home.

There are several other things to take into consideration when purchasing the perfect cat furniture;

  • Easy to put together– If you are struggling with the installation of the cat tree then you may end up getting frustrated and returning it.
  • Where you buy it – Buying a cat tree from a place that specializes in such things will ensure you get the right advice.

How To Clean A Cat Tree

Last Word

The clear winner is the Best Choice Products Deluxe 52-Inch Cat Tree Tower Condo because of a number of features you get with this unit as well as the sheer size of it.

There is so much for your cat to do that they will never get bored which means less time scratching your furniture.

This tree is a great price for a number of features you get with it and the attractive design and soft material will make a great addition to any home.

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