11 Best Cable Amplifiers 2023

At times a high-resolution TV alone isn’t enough if you want to enjoy life-like pictures. That’s especially true if you have several television sets sharing the same signal source. As you split your signal cable for different TVs, the signal quality deteriorates.

Also, as the transmission distance increases, the signal strength gets lost in the way, thus becoming weaker and weaker. That’s why you are likely to struggle to see where the ball is when watching a big game on the TV that’s furthest from the signal source.

So, what next?

Well, having each TV have its own source is one way to improve the image quality. However, it can be a little expensive, especially if you have several TVs. And that’s where a cable amplifier comes in.

A cable amplifier works to boost the TV signal. By doing this, it ensures that you take full advantage of your TV’s high resolution. Just be sure to place it in the middle of the long cable for you to make the most out of it. With us today are the 11 finest cable amplifiers.

11 Best Cable Amplifiers

1. PCT 2-Port Bi-Directional Cable TV HDTV Amplifier

PCT 2-Port Bi-Directional Cable TV HDTV Amplifier

Enjoy the crispest images on all your TV sets in your home. This bi-directional cable amplifier is one of the devices that will allow you to take full advantage of your TV’s potential when it comes to image quality.

The unit features two ports. Therefore, it can connect to two cable boxes. Each port offers an 11-dB signal gain. Further, it boosts signal strength 12 times. Hence, expect to see pictures on the screen in the quality that the manufacturer had intended.

Although a powerful unit at signal boosting, this amplifier maintains a compact design. The small size makes it convenient to install and allows you to fix it in confined spaces where larger models cannot fit.

When it comes to compatibility, this unit works with standard and digital TV cable services. Therefore, you can buy it without worrying about compatibility issues.  However, when acquiring it, buy with coaxial cables since they don’t come in the package.


  • Simple installation.
  • Compact design for tight spaces.
  • Additional TV stations.


  • No coaxial cable for use from the adapter to the booster.
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2. Channel Master CM-3414 Ultra Mini TV Antenna Amplifier

Channel Master CM-3414 Ultra Mini TV Antenna Amplifier

With proper installation and positioning, a decent cable amplifier will reduce pixelation and boost signal strength. At times, you may notice additional channels. Now, if that’s all you want of a cable amplifier, here comes one of the options you can consider buying.

The option comes with four ports. Therefore, if you have several devices accessing your cable connection,  you can consider it. It is also available in versions with 1, 2, and 8 ports, so you can pick depending on your needs.

This cable amplifier will work well with all TV antennas & CATV Installations. However, if planning to use it with Satellite, you may have to continue with your search since it isn’t compatible.

Each of the four ports will boost the signal by +8 dB. Hence, with this signal booster, expect to get crisper images on your screen. With that said, expect the unit to take your watching experience a level higher.

The miniature size ensures that the unit takes the least amount of space for installation. Additionally, the housing of this booster is powder-coated and weather-sealed. Thus, you can install it just about anywhere you want it to go.


  • It won’t overheat.
  • Available in versions with different port numbers.
  • Weather-proof construction for outdoor installation.


  • Not for use with Satellite.
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3. Antronix MRA1-15/AC Cable Amplifier

Antronix MRA1-15/AC Cable Amplifier

The next product on the list has a sturdy construction for long-lasting durability. In fact, whether you want it for indoor or outdoor applications, this unit will withstand the harshest environmental conditions of anywhere you place it.

The micro-housing keeps the size of the amplifier as minimal as possible without compromising on the amplification power. Hence, if you are looking for a high-performance unit that you can install in the most confined spaces, this unit qualifies to be one. In fact, all the outputs come facing down to save on the installation space.

The auto-seizing F-port has a “Cam Activated Mechanism” that provides full contact pressure for maximum reliability. The 15-dB gain amplifier reliably boosts the channel strength, ensuring that you enjoy images of the highest quality.

Further, we like that this piece features advanced surge protection on all ports. What’s more, it doesn’t use arc gaps, and that eliminates impulse noise in discharge. And with the self-resetting circuit protection, expect the maintenance cost of this cable amplifier to be minimal.


  • The amplifier is impressively put together.
  • The 15dB signal gain is impressive.
  • Reliable surge protection.


  • It doesn’t work with a regular power cable.
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4. Winegard HDA-200 Distribution Amplifier

Winegard HDA-200 Distribution Amplifier

Is your TV showing you frequent “no signal” error messages? Are you experiencing frozen images during prime-time broadcasts? Are you suspecting that the quality of pictures you get on your TV doesn’t match what it says on the label?

If you are experiencing any of these gremlins, low-strength signals are a potential culprit. That’s why a device to boost them is necessary. And yes, this accessory goes a long way to improve your cable’s signal strength, ensuring that you enjoy images and sound of best-in-class quality.

This piece will boost signals from 54-1000 MHz with variable gain control from 0-18 dB. Additionally, this high-quality distribution amplifier has a 20 dB selectable FM trap that will do away with offending FM stations.

Whether you want to install it outdoors or indoors, this unit comes ready to face whatever nature brings its way. The device comes with weather-resistant housing that stands up to the harshest weather conditions.

When it comes to the downsides, this piece has a few areas that need improvement. For instance, some customers report that the adjustment doesn’t work as smoothly as it should. But other than that, the cable amplifier is worth every penny.


  • It produces a much crisper picture.
  • High-gain amplifier
  • Adjustable gain.


  • The wire coming from the adapter looks flimsy.
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5. GE 42179 Outdoor TV Antenna Amplifier

GE 42179 Outdoor TV Antenna Amplifier

The fifth product on the list is also a reliable unit you can count on to help you eliminate any pixelated channels from your TV. The high-quality amplifier may even increase the number of channels.

Therefore, if you think you are getting fewer channels compared to your proximity to the broadcast towers, this device should improve the count. However, it’s worth noting that an amplifier doesn’t guarantee more channels, but it should improve the existing ones.

The piece comes with a weather-resistant design. Hence, you can install it in the harshest outdoor conditions and work just fine.  Also, the unit gives you a wide array of installation options—you can wall-mount, mast-mount, or use it within the doors.

The package includes a power inserter, four zip ties, a power supply, and two rubber boots. Installation is also straightforward. In fact, if it’s your first time using the device, you will find it easier to install using the easy-to-read instructions.

The input and output coax connections ensure maximum compatibility with most antenna brands and models. Finally, we appreciate that this amplifier has low-noise amplification for an improved signal-to-noise ratio.


  • Mounting hardware included.
  • It works incredibly well.
  • Sturdy construction.


  • Adding well-labeled pictures to instructions would be good.
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6. Arris 4-Port Bi-Directional Cable TV

Arris 4-Port Bi-Directional Cable TV

Splitting reduces signal strength and image quality. That’s why you are more likely to see fade images on TVs coming after the splitter. Now, a cable amplifier is one way to strengthen the cable’s signal for color richness.

This device will boost the signals five times in the forward, ensuring that you get pictures of the highest quality. For the best results, the manufacturer suggests that you position this amplifier before the splitters.

About applicability, this cable amplifier is one of the options that come with compatibility in mind. In other words, it works with all standard and digital Cable TV services. Hence, there really isn’t much to worry about on whether it will work for your needs.

However, it’s worth knowing that you can’t use it with Satellite as it blocks the signal between the dish and receiver. Also, if you have an amplified antenna, consider searching elsewhere as the device is incompatible.

When it comes to quality assurance, there are many reasons why you should trust this cable amplifier. For instance, it meets all the applicable IEEE surge standards. Therefore, it’s one product that meets all the highest quality requirements.


  • Make signals up to five times stronger.
  • High compatibility.
  • It meets quality standards.


  • You can’t use it with an amplified antenna.
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7. The Cimple Co 24db Distribution Amplifier

The Cimple Co 24db Distribution Amplifier

Enjoy watching your favorite team play without any image distortion. This signal booster will clear up any sketchy channels to take your home entertainment to another level. In fact, with proper installation, you may also notice additional channels.

The product comes from a US facility. Therefore, even before we proceed to examine its capabilities, we already have the confidence that we are getting a high-quality device that should live up to our expectations.

The high-quality piece comes with a heavy-duty metal housing. With that said, you can install it anywhere in the outdoors with the confidence that it will maintain its functionality even under the harshest weather conditions.

In terms of convenience, this cable amplifier offers the best-in-class. In other words, it comes with adjustable gain control, a power indicator light, and a whole host of other convenience features.

The box includes the cable amplifier itself and a bonus RG6 coax cable. Therefore, with this signal booster, expect to get started right away—no more waiting for days for other components that you need to arrive.


  • Lots of convenience features.
  • From the United States.
  • It comes with an RG6 coax cable.


  • No instructions included.
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8. Antennas Direct 4-Port TV Distribution Amplifier

Antennas Direct 4-Port TV Distribution Amplifier

This cable amplifier features four output ports. That means you can connect four television sets to use one antenna without compromising on picture quality. Thus, if you have multiple TVs but with one antenna, you can consider giving this amplifier a shot.

However, if you think four ports aren’t enough for your needs, the manufacturer still has you covered. In other words, this distribution amplifier is also available in versions with eight output ports, a pretty decent count.

When you choose the four-port version, you will get a 7.5-dB gain per port. Therefore, with this unit, you don’t have to worry that you will lose signal strength when you split the signal cable to accommodate different devices.

On build-quality, a cable amplifier is one unit that should be able to withstand the heaviest abuse by harsh weather conditions. With that in mind, this device has a weather-proof construction. Hence, no matter how tough things seem at your place, the piece survives outside conditions.

The box you receive contains the amplifier, 3-ft coaxial cable, and power supply. Further, it also comes with comprehensive user instructions. Therefore, whether you are well-versed with cable amplifiers or are interacting with them for the first time, you will find the whole installation process a breeze.


  • Available in two versions.
  • The box contains all the necessary components.
  • Boost both signal and noise.


  • Four ports may still be overkill for some users.
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9. Antronix MRA4-8 4-Port Digital Signal Amplifier

Antronix MRA4-8 4-Port Digital Signal Amplifier

The next product on the list compares to the previous one in several ways. For instance, it has four ports, meaning that it will support up to four television at once. Hence, it should work well for homes with TVs in different areas.

Furthermore, each of the output ports delivers a gain of 7.5 Db. Of course,  that’s a decent boost that will restore image richness to your TV. Therefore, if you want to get the most out of all your TVs, the  Antronix MRA4-8 comes with you covered.

The durably-constructed housing is strong enough to survive years of serving in the outside environment. Additionally, this cable amplifier also comes with nickel plating, so it won’t rust even when installing it in corrosive areas.

The 6 kV surge protection means you can install it outdoors without having to worry about lightning strikes. And with that said, this cable amplifier is among the few options you can rely on to serve you for many years to come.

Other than the cable amplifier, the box you receive contains two 75-ohm port terminators, a power supply, and a coaxial cable. The cable here measures 36 inches, long enough to meet your needs.


  • Ideal for indoor/outdoor installation.
  • It packs a powerful punch in a conveniently-small package.
  • Nickel plating for corrosion resistance.


  • The price isn’t the lowest.
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10. Antronix VR900B 9-Port Signal Booster/Amplifier

Antronix VR900B 9-Port Signal Booster/Amplifier

Antronix already has several products coming earlier on the list. Therefore, it’s clear that Antronix is a big name when it comes to cable amplifiers. Now, among her flagship products is the Antronix VR900B.

The top-notch amplifier comes with a whopping eight ports. Therefore, if you have television sets in almost every corner of your home, this top-notch signal amplifier will serve you incredibly well. In fact, the device can also work with other devices like cable modems using the Modem Bypass Port. 

Each port releases the same signal level the input port carries. Thus, unlike other splitters, this amplifier will distribute the signal to different ports when maintaining the initial signal strength.

Additionally, we like that this amplifier has surge protection and a waterproof design. Therefore, expect a low cost of maintenance. And with that said, if you want a unit that will give you a trouble-free experience, you won’t get it wrong with this amplifier.

The unique mounting design gives you the flexibility you need when installing this amplifier. What that means, you can have it set horizontally or vertically depending on your needs. The manufacturer sends it with two mounting brackets. Hence, you will have the ideal hardware for the design you choose.


  • Modem bypass port is a plus,
  • Waterproof design.
  • Flexible mounting.


  • Won’t pass the signal when you lose power to the booster.
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11. Electroline EDA2100 Bi-Directional Signal Booster

Electroline EDA2100 Bi-Directional Signal Booster

The final spot on the list goes to one of the industry’s leading options. It is an affordable product that boasts one of the highest ratings, thanks to its ability to deliver up to the standards it promises.

The product has only a single port. Hence, you can only link one TV to this cable amplifier at a go. With that said, if you want a device that will boost the signal strength of all the TVs in your home, consider an option with multiple output ports.

After receiving the signal through the input, this bi-directional signal booster provides a 15-dB gain. In fact, it boosts the signal strength 32 times, ensuring that you get a much crisper display and quality sound.

The 6 kV surge protection means that this cable amplifier comes with long-lasting performance in mind. And with the sturdy protective housing, there isn’t a condition that this cable amplifier can’t withstand.

Although it’s a powerful piece that will do well to eliminate pixelation, this unit isn’t big at all. The ultra-small design is effortless to install and can go in confined areas where larger versions won’t fit.


  • Will boost signal 32 times.
  • Convenient size.
  • Sturdy protective housing.


  • One output port.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What weakens cable signals?

Well, there are several factors. First, long cables. As the transmission distance increases, the signals encounter more noise and attenuation, and that results to signal loss. Also, during splitting, the signals get distributed into the resulting different outputs. When you split the main signal source into two, each outlet port will carry 50%, resulting in poor picture and sound quality.

How do cable amplifiers work?

As the name suggests, cable amplifiers work to boost TV signals by increasing the (dB) of the outgoing signals. It ensures that the outgoing signal strength level on each port matches that of the main inlet cable.

Do I need a cable amplifier?

If you have multiple TV sets in your home, then the need for a cable amplifier is more likely to be there. Also, if you live in remote areas far from the broadcast towers, a booster is necessary for improving the signal strength.

How many TVs can one antenna support?

It will depend. A mere coaxial signal splitter may not work well as signal loss happens during splitting, causing weaker signals beyond the splitter. However, with a cable amplifier, you can split the signals when retaining their initial strength. The number of TVs your antenna can support will depend on the number of output ports on your amplifier. Some models will allow up to eight TV sets to share the same antenna.

Will a cable amplifier help my Internet?

Although that’s not their primary purpose, some members report improved internet speed when using cable amplifiers. Therefore, it’s really hard to tell whether your cable amplifier will improve your internet speed or not.

Final Verdict

There are a thousand and one reasons why you should have a cable amplifier. Although they work like normal coaxial splitters, cable amplifiers have the added advantage of boosting the signals.

Therefore, they work to ensure the most efficient cable signal distribution. Unfortunately, they don’t all guarantee the best performance. That’s why we’ve brought you some of the market’s most recommendable options.

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