11 Best 1080p 144Hz Monitors for Gaming 2023

By using a 1080p 144Hz monitor, you can dramatically improve your gaming experience. This combination is ideal for gamers who are looking to get a smooth performance during gameplay.

These monitors have a high refresh rate, so they can easily sync with most graphics processing units without giving the user any problem.

As a result, you won’t experience any lags, stutter, or tear even when playing fast motion games.

Additionally, 1080p 144Hz gaming monitors are highly responsive, so all the commands that come from the control will take full effect in real-time.

Consequently, you will have full control over your game characters. Also, these monitors offer wide-viewing angles, allowing for an immersive gaming experience.

11 Best 1080p 144Hz Monitors for Gaming

#1 Philips Frameless Monitor

Philips Frameless Monitor

The frameless monitor from Philips is designed with your gaming needs in mind, so you can go for this device knowing that it will provide you with stunning visuals.

This monitor has a response rate of 1ms and will ensure that you get crisp images in all scenarios, thus enhancing your gaming experience.

As such, you will get visuals that are both sharp and precise, thereby increasing your chances of winning the game.

The monitor offers wide-view angles and allows users to comfortably view the screen from different points.

Thanks to the high refresh rate, the screen won’t stutter, and neither will it tear while you are gaming.

This feature can particularly assist you when playing first-person shooter games because it will allow you to aim at the enemy accurately before taking the shot.

The monitor uses SmartContrast technology, which analyzes the images frame by frame to give you the most appropriate colors for items that are being displayed on the screen.

With the help of this unique feature, the monitor can automatically adjust the screen contrast, backlight intensity, colors, etc.

The VA LED display provides users with extra vivid images that will make your work easier when gaming.

For user safety, the monitor features a blue light filter mode that will allow you to view the screen for long hours without causing any harm to your eyes.

But, that is not all; its flicker-free design will provide you with a comfortable viewing experience, so you can game for as long as you want with minimal strain.


  • Professionally designed
  • Uses adaptive-sync technology
  • Well designed


  • A limited number of ports
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#2 AOC 24G2 Frameless FHD IPS Gaming Monitor

AOC 24G2 Frameless FHD IPS Gaming Monitor

Next up is the high-performance gaming monitor by AOC. This monitor is designed with a high-quality IPS panel that will provide you with brilliant colors.

In addition to this, it has other useful features that will dramatically improve your gaming performance.

Like all monitors in the list, it has a quick refresh rate of 144Hz, thereby providing you with a stutter-free gaming experience.

Also, it is compatible with a wide range of graphics cards, making it even more efficient because this allows you to use both high and low-end graphics without experiencing any problems.

Plus, the monitor has multiple input ports that can come in handy when working with other devices. That being said, it has 2x HDMI inputs, 1x DP port, and 1x VGA port.

Moreover, all the ports are strategically placed to give the user direct and easy access when connecting the cables.

Talking of cables, the manufacturer has included DP and HDMI cables in the package, so you won’t have to purchase them separately. This also means that you can hook up the monitor to your gaming console immediately after receiving the product.

Attached to the monitor is an adjustable stand that you can customize according to your seating position.

More to this, the base is uniquely shaped to maximize stability, so the monitor won’t fall over nor will it shake during usage.

In terms of durability, the housing is constructed from premium quality material that is equally shock-resistant.


  • Flicker-free performance
  • Optimal viewing
  • Narrow bezels


  • No USB port
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#3 ViewSonic XG2402 1080p 144 Hz Gaming Monitor

ViewSonic XG2402 1080p 144 Hz Gaming Monitor

ViewSonic’s full HD gaming monitor comes with multiple features that you can rely on when playing different types of games.

It has an ultra-fast response rate of 1ms and also features AMD FreeSync technology for a smooth gaming experience. As such, the screen won’t lag or tear when you are gaming.

And because the monitor has a high refresh rate, it will always stay synced with the graphics processing unit that you are using. The result of this is that you will get precise and clear images.

To make it even more efficient, the monitor comes with pre-calibrated modes that you can use. Each mode has a unique blend of colors that can prove helpful in different gaming scenarios, so ensure that you apply the most appropriate setting to get the maximum results.

The integrated process reducer will ensure that all commands from the controller are processed in real-time, thereby reducing delays from the available inputs.

That way, you will be able to control your game characters with ease, thus providing you with a frustration-free gaming experience.

When it comes to connectivity, you will be happy to know that the monitor has precision-built ports that will allow you to hook up compatible devices in a matter of seconds.

This monitor ships with an ergonomically designed stand and a wide base that will provide you the stability that you need when gaming.

The stand has an onboard cable management loop that will help you keep your gaming desk clutter-free.


  • Low input lag
  • Variable refresh rate
  • Versatile


  • The cable management loop is a bit flimsy
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#4 MSI Optix G27C2 144Hz Full HD Curved Gaming Monitor

MSI Optix G27C2 144Hz Full HD Curved Gaming Monitor

If you prefer curved monitors, the MSI Optix G27C2 may just be the right product for you. For user convenience, the monitor has seven pre-loaded visual modes that you can choose from.

Alternatively, you can customize the display manually according to your preference. This device uses anti-flicker technology to reduce the screen flicker rate, thus maximizing user comfort.

Besides, the monitor has a straightforward design, so you won’t have a hard time connecting the cables.

The fact that it is curved and also features ultra-narrow bezels makes it a suitable option for a multi-monitor setup. This arrangement will deliver an immersive gaming experience, making the game even more fun.

Additionally, the adaptive free-sync technology allows the monitor to sync with a wide range of GPUs, thereby eliminating stutter.

However, you can only use this feature when working with a compatible graphics card like AMD.

With a 1ms response rate and a refresh rate of 144Hz, you will experience smooth transitions from frame to frame, so the game won’t lag.

The wide-angle display enables users to view the screen from different points without lowering visibility.


  • VESA mountable
  • Comes with an HDMI cable
  • Expertly built


  • The stand is not height adjustable
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#5 ASUS TUF VG259Q Full HD Gaming Monitor

ASUS TUF VG259Q Full HD Gaming Monitor

ASUS provides you with a powerful monitor that is specially designed for gaming. It comes with an ergonomically designed stand that you can swivel, pivot, and tilt to match your needs.

You can also adjust the height according to the position that you are seated in. In terms of performance, the monitor has an impressive response rate of1ms and also comes with a long list of features that will enhance your performance.

Plus, the materials from which this device is built are of superior quality, making this one of the durable options that you can consider going for.

This monitor is exceptionally versatile and can work with different brands of graphic cards.

Still, on versatility, it has multiple input ports that can greatly assist you when connecting other electronic devices.

Moreover, it offers a wide-viewing angle of up 178°, hence providing users with an edge-to-edge view of the display.

With the help of the shadow boost technology, the monitor can shed light on all dark scenes, thus delivering clear images without exposing the brighter sections.

As a result, you will get a well-balanced image that is not only precise but also viewable.

Thanks to its quick response rate, the images won’t blur nor smear when the screen is transitioning from one scene to another, allowing for a smooth gaming experience.


  • Reliable performance
  • High-grade
  • Flexible


  • The backlight needs improvement
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#6 Acer KG241Q Full HD Gaming Monitor

Acer KG241Q Full HD Gaming Monitor

The Acer KG241Q is also another Full HD 144Hz monitor that you can use for gaming. It features AMD Radeon free-sync technology that allows it to synchronize with most graphics processing units on the market.

This monitor has a quick response rate and will provide you with an enhanced in-game experience.

Moreover, it will render all frames with exact precision regardless of how fast they are moving. Consequently, you will get brilliant pictures that are also sharp.

This unit has an aspect ratio of 16:9, thus providing the user with wide-viewing angles and stunning images.

The monitor uses both anti-flicker and blue light filter technology to give you a comfortable user experience, especially when playing games with long missions.

Once the monitor has synced with the graphics card, every frame will count, so don’t expect the screen to blur, stutter, or tear when the monitor is in use.

The monitor features a 6-axis color function that ensures only the highest quality colors are used in rendering the frames.

This will, in turn, deliver high-grade images that will make the game more realistic and colorful.


  • G-Sync compatible
  • Multi-port design
  • Quality construction


  • The stand can only tilt, so you cannot adjust the height
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#7 BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P 144Hz Gaming Monitor

BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P 144Hz Gaming Monitor

The fully optimized gaming monitor by BenQ provides you with multiple input ports that you can use when working with PCs or game consoles.

Additionally, the built-in color eQualizer enables users to customize the colors according to their preference.

As such, you can adjust the screen settings depending on the type of game that you are playing. This feature will give you an added advantage when playing shooting games since you will be able to spot the enemies that are hiding barricades.

Plus, there are up to twenty vibrance settings that you can apply, so it is up to you to choose the perfect blend for the game.

Aside from that, you can easily switch from one game mode to another using the available hotkeys.

Furthermore, this device is highly advanced, so it can process all commands within a limited duration, thereby providing you with fluid gameplay. The screen is anti-glare, meaning it won’t reflect ambient light, thus reducing eye strain.

Also, the monitor is fitted with a sturdily built base that will ensure the unit stays upright when you are gaming. You can as well mount it to your wall using the right mounting hardware.


  • Comes with a DisplayPort cable
  • Quick response rate
  • Fine-tuned for performance


  • The HDMI output port is not compatible with some game consoles
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#8 Samsung CRG5 144Hz Curved Gaming Monitor

Samsung CRG5 144Hz Curved Gaming Monitor

Featuring a 1800R curvature, Samsung’s full HD monitor will provide you with an amazing gaming experience that is equally immersive.

Besides, it has a quick refresh rate, making this an ideal monitor for heavy gaming. The good thing about this device is that it can work with virtually all graphics cards, provided that the specs fall within the recommended parameters.

Its curved design offers a wide viewing area, so you will be able to see all parts of the screen, thereby increasing your accuracy when gaming.

The free-sync function will deliver crisp images even in fast-action scenes. This means the screen won’t blur, allowing for uninterrupted gameplay.

To make it even better, the display has a contrast ratio of 3000:1, so you’ll be able to spot all your targets with ease regardless of how dark the scene is.

This monitor eliminates image stutter and also prevents the screen from blurring when switching scenes.

The ports are conveniently labeled for easy identification. More to this, the stand is ergonomically curved to give you a comfortable gaming experience.

Additionally, the base is slightly extended towards the front side to increase stability. By using this monitor, you will feel like you are part of the game.


  • Stunning visuals
  • Offers a virtual aim point for accuracy
  • Durable


  • No built-in speakers
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#9 Dell D2719HGF Gaming LED-Lit Monitor

Dell D2719HGF Gaming LED-Lit Monitor

The flat-screen LED monitor from Dell has all the features that you may look for in a gaming monitor.

This unit features powerful in-built speakers that deliver quality sound. Nonetheless, you should consider connecting the monitor to an external sound system if you are looking to get Hi-Fi sound.

Furthermore, the monitor has an onboard control panel that will help you make the required changes.

The housing is strongly built to maximize durability while the stand has a wide surface area to increase stability.

Plus, the display is designed with narrow bezels, thus increasing the viewing angle. Unlike most gaming monitors that offer a response rate of 1ms, this unit is rated at 2 milliseconds.

Nevertheless, that does not mean that it won’t deliver a smooth performance compared to the former.

As such it allows for quick color change between pixels, thus boosting the monitor’s overall performance.

The backlight will provide you with a bright display that you can count on when playing different genres of video games.

This monitor can automatically sync with the graphic cards in most game consoles and PCs. Through this feature, it can render all frames in a clear and precise manner, thereby providing the user with a smooth experience when controlling game characters.

With all these features, you can rest easy knowing that this device will deliver the quality results that you need.


  • Uses free-sync technology
  • Stable operation
  • Good quality


  • Only has a contrast ratio of 1000:1
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#10 ViewSonic ELITE XG240R FreeSync Gaming Monitor

ViewSonic ELITE XG240R FreeSync Gaming Monitor

The ViewSonic ELITE XG240R will provide you with seamless gameplay, thanks to its advanced features.

This device is uniquely built to ensure that you get a stable performance when gaming. That said, it features a wide display that delivers clear images, thus allowing the user to see all parts of the screen with the utmost clarity.

By using the Hz Cap, you can easily customize the monitor to match the specifications of the graphics card that you are using. That way, both systems will operate in unison, thus preventing tear and stutter of the screen.

As a result, you won’t lose your targets when playing action games. And since it has a rapid response time and an ultra-fast refresh rate, the GPU and the monitor will be in constant communication at all times, so all the images that are on the screen will move smoothly.

This monitor also has an amazing color reproduction feature, meaning the visuals will not only be clear but also lively.

The housing is aesthetically appealing, especially when you power the RGB peripherals on the back panel.

When choosing a gaming monitor, one of the things that you should consider is stability, and that is exactly why this unit is equipped with a sturdily built stand.

More on the stand, it is fully adjustable, so you can tilt it in either direction to match your needs. You can as well increase or lower the height accordingly.


  • Versatile connectivity
  • Comes with pre-set modes
  • Customizable


  • The display is not frameless
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#11 Gigabyte G27F Gaming Monitor

Gigabyte G27F Gaming Monitor

If you are looking to get smooth gameplay, the Gigabyte G27F is one of the reliable gaming monitors that you can buy.

This unit is super-fast, so you won’t have any problems when it comes to performance. Besides, it is equipped with an intuitive circuitry system that will allow you to make quick and easy changes to the screen.

It also features a black stabilizer that allows users to see images that are hidden in low-light conditions.

The best thing about this feature is that it won’t re-expose the areas with good lighting, thus providing you with a uniform picture.

To add to its efficiency, this monitor has a convenient dashboard that will show you the clock speed, CPU voltages, and other important information about your hardware.

On the other hand, the OSD sidekick will allow you to customize the monitor using the keyboard or mouse. This will enable you to proceed with the game without wasting any time.

When playing first-person shooter games, you can make use of the aim stabilizer when firing at the enemy. This monitor has two 2W speakers and a well-built stand that is designed for stability.


  • Has a blue light filter for user safety
  • Wide color gamut
  • Wide-view angle


  • The OSD monitor is not strategically placed
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a 144Hz monitor good for gaming?

144Hz monitors are very reliable since they will provide you an amazing gaming experience when playing different types of computer games.

In addition to this, they are very responsive, so all commands from the control will be processed in real-time

Should I upgrade from a 60Hz to 144Hz gaming monitor?

A 144Hz monitor will provide you with 144 fps while the former will only deliver 60 fps.

As such, if you are looking to upgrade your gaming experience, you should consider using 144Hz gaming monitors because they are more efficient compared to 60Hz monitors.

Is 1080p 144Hz good for PS5?

Yes. Since they have high refresh rates, 1080p 144Hz gaming monitors can greatly assist you when playing video games on PS5 consoles.

Which is the best 1080p 144Hz monitor for gaming?

A good 1080p 144Hz gaming monitor should have a wide-viewing angle and should also be customizable. The devices highlighted above are some of the options that you can consider buying.

Is a 1080p 144Hz gaming monitor worth it?

For starters, 1080p 144Hz monitors are very efficient, so they won’t lag or stutter in between the gameplay.

Plus, these monitors have a quick response time and are equally fast when it comes to the refresh rate. This means they will always sync with your graphics card, thus providing you with a smooth gaming experience.

Final Verdict

Is your gaming monitor slow or unresponsive? If your answer is yes, the 1080p 144Hz gaming monitors that we have covered above can be an excellent replacement.

We know that you value quality, and that is exactly why we have only handpicked monitors from reliable brands.

The only thing that is now remaining is for you to choose the gaming monitor that you think will meet all your needs.

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