Bear Mattress Review

Buying a new mattress can be confusing. But not when a single brand gives you a variety of options to choose from. Bear Mattress provides that opportunity to its customers. Their gel-infused bed presents the most extreme sensitivity. With an improvement in health and muscles issues as their primary objective, they associate an active cover with pressure releasing memory foam, to minimize the body pain.

In this ever-changing and ambitious marketplace, Bear Mattress is one of the leading brands among other similar products. Its outstanding, noticeable and ultra-modern features make it distinct from others. Hence, if you plan to take a plunge in investing in a brand new and advanced technology mattress, Bear mattress must be your go-to option.

For a detailed description of the brand and its products, keep on reading the entire Bear Mattress Review. For a comprehensive understanding, there is the incorporation of each type of mattress along with its characters, brand outline, testing results and others. Without further setback, let’s commence.

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Brand Outline:

The teams of Bear Mattress are in business for the last 25 years and have gained vast experience over the years. The brand intents to help people get better sleep. Along with a team of athletes, doctors, fitness trainers as well as competent customer service professionals, the firm has established its position in the industrial sector focusing on beddings, especially mattresses.

Other than the three varieties of mattresses, they also deal with adjustable bases, pillows and sheets. Further, we will compare the signature bear mattress with the other competitors in the market. Before that, let us find out the characteristics of the original bear mattress and what makes it unique and contemporary at the same time.

Main features of the Bear mattress

Below are some quick points to give the readers an idea of the unique features offered by the Bear Mattress:

  • 10 inches in height
  • All foam mattress
  • No coiling underneath
  • Celliant cover
  • Breathable
  • Falls under a budget
  • Contours body

Detailed analysis:

Let us analyze out the features of the classic bear mattress and the different layers that make up the 10 inches high mattress, which has a popular demand in the market.

Bear Mattress: This signature mattress of the brand is a four-layer structure.

  • The top layer is the cover made of celliant material. Its breathable nature of the fabric allows perspiration. Hence, allowing total comfort to the user.
  • The second layer is composed of graphite gel memory foam. The gel technology in the mattress naturally takes away the heat from the body. It also helps in relieving pressure, assisting the body to take its natural shape. Its temperature regulating quality makes it a better option than the typical memory foam mattress.
  • The middle of the third layer is the response foam, acting as a transition between the second and the bottom layer.
  • The base of the mattress is a thick layer of dense and impenetrable foam and provides maximum support to the entire bed.

All the four layers together make up the original bear mattress giving it a height of 10 inches. The mattress covers with the top layer of celliant fabric, which is known to encourage uniform blood circulation throughout the body.

bear mattress

Types of sleepers who will prefer using Bear Mattress:

For any individual planning to buy a mattress, one of the most important criteria to look for, is the type of sleeper you are. Depending on the kind of sleeping position you might prefer, we have categorized it in the following:

Side Sleepers: Individuals with an average height and side sleeping positions can somewhat consider the bear mattress. However, one must note that a brand-new mattress will at first feel very firm but with few days of use it will get softer. As it softens, side sleepers can feel its comfort ability.

Back sleepers: The original Bear Mattress is perfect for people who prefer sleeping on their backs. It helps in aligning the spine with the neck, head, and back.

Stomach Sleepers: We also suggest Bear Mattress for stomach sleepers. People who sleep on their stomach needs that light softness, to support their lower half of the body. Bear Mattress provides that exact support and relieves the pressure for stomach sleepers.

Combination sleepers: This mattress is adaptable for almost all types of sleepers. Even if you do not have one exact position while sleeping, you can still try the bear mattress. However, due to its firmness which will, of course, lighten up within a few days of usage, while sleeping sideways, it might be a slight issue. But it will gradually suit your needs once the user gets accustomed.

Bear Mattress for people as per their weight:

Individuals who are on a heavier side should not invest in the signature Bear Mattress. It is not the right choice for plus-size people or someone weighing more than 250 lbs. Due to its all foam-based structure, the heavyweight people will sink in, and their body will not achieve the necessary support.

People weighing on the higher side must go for coiled mattresses because they will yield the required push that the body needs. For medium or average weighing individuals, it is an excellent recommendation.

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Performing Attributes of the Bear Mattress


Motion isolation is essential in mattresses for those who do not sleep alone. Co-sleepers and couples require and prefer the least motion isolation in their bedding. People, who are light sleepers, usually get disrupted while sleeping when there is turning or tossing by the other partner. Thus, motion isolation is an essential criterion for a non-interrupted sleep all night long. A light motion can be felt in the Bear Mattresses but not so much to disturb their co-sleepers.

Pressure Relief:

Bear Mattress is an excellent choice for relieving pressure, especially at the pressure points. It also helps in the recovery of joint pain in the hip and shoulder. Physically active people have ranked it high in this criterion.

Edge strength:

Previously, the brand had minimum edge support. Since there is no pocketed coiling in the construction of the mattress, it tends to sink in at the centre. The bear mattress is a foam mattress with all the three layers composed of different densities of foam. So, those who prefer to sleep at the centre and loves the sinking quality, Bear Mattress is recommendable for them. But those who are edge sleepers, will not find the support on the sides because the all-foam mattress will not provide the necessary buoyancy.

Odor Emission:

The term refers to the emission of a particular chemical substance in the form of a gas. Mattresses are generally packed in a box while delivering, which stays compact in it. On unpacking, the foam initiates expansion and some chemicals start reacting with each other on coming in contact with the environment. Specific odor releases during the process. The Bear Mattress does not emit any strong smell, though. But users may experience a slight odor. Thus, the brand suggests using it after a few days of unboxing.


The signature Bear Mattress does not have any coil layered within it. It is an all-foam mattress. Thus, it does not have a high tolerance or durability rating.

Cooling: The designing of the bear mattress depends keeping in view the dissipation of the absorbed heat from the body using the bedding. The memory foam in the second layer of the bed has graphite gel infused in it which functions to use up the heat. It encourages airflow, as well. Thus, this property of the gel-based memory foam, unlike other regular mattresses, keeps the temperature low and does not allow to get it heated up.

bear mattress

Performance Rating based on the characteristics

From the different features mentioned above, it is visible that the Bear mattress will provide minimum endurance and edge support. However, it is a pressure reliever, has no or lowest off-gassing and performs well in movement isolation as well. Thus, keeping all the necessary key points in consideration, we rate the Bear Mattress a 7.5 out of 10.  Due to the firmness and supporting poly foam layer, the user can position himself at the top. It is well suited for combination, back and stomach sleepers.

Price of the Bear Mattresses as per their size

Below is the tabular format of the price of the Bear mattress as per the sizes available. It is primarily to make it simple for the readers to compare the prices with each volume.

SizeTwinTwin XLFullQueenKingCal King
Price (in Dollars)400480560640720720

As far as the pricing of Bear Mattress is concerned, it provides a great deal and its products are a value to the money they charge. The mattress is available in all sizes ranging from twin bed to Californian King bed. As compared to other brands, it is lighter in weight due to the materials used. Thus, making it easier and convenient to move from one place to another or a different bed in the same house. Every mattress of the Bear ensures a height of 10 inches, irrespective of its size.

Challengers of Bear Mattress

Since we have already gained a thorough understanding of the entire range of mattresses that the brand Bear provides, let us also observe the competitors, manufacturing similar products. As it is evident that while buying you will look for a lot of options before deciding on a particular one, we can help you a bit with the same. Let us check the other two leading brands in the market.

Casper Vs Bear:

  • Both are foam-based mattresses. However, Casper has a four-layered structure instead of three, as in Bear.
  • Casper Mattresses are better for combination sleepers because of the extra support that the extra layer of foam provides.
  • The price of Casper is a bit higher than the Bear Mattresses.

Purple Vs Bear:

  • The mattresses of the brand Purple have a unique feature of a hyper-elastic polymer smart-comfort grid, making it different from the Bear.
  • The material is super soft and bouncy. It also provides a cooling sensation.
  • It is a fantastic option for combination sleepers.
  • The grid lightens the tension at the hips, shoulders and back.
  • However, these added features also come with an added price making it one of the expensive brands.

Thus, get a thorough idea on each of the mattresses of different brands before investing in one. If pricing is a factor, Bear offers the best price. However, if you are looking more into features and characteristics, both Casper and Purple mattresses provide a broader scope to choose from.

Who is more inclined to purchase Bear Mattress?

Those looking for pressure relieving and are back sleepers, Bear Mattress is a great option. Bear Mattresses are designed especially for recovery, people with back and joint pains and athletes who are involved in regular physical training. It is an ideal choice for average weighing individuals.

Who will not purchase the bear mattress?

Those who prefer to sleep on the edge will not choose the Bear mattress as it has minimum edge support. It is due to the absence of coiling. The heavy weighing individuals will not list Bear as an ideal one for them. Side sleepers will also not choose this while purchasing a mattress.

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Pros and Cons of signature Bear Mattress


  • Cost-efficient- The brand provides a lot of features at a competitive price.
  • Pressure- Its pressure-relieving quality makes it unique for people with body pain.
  • Cover- The top layer of celliant fabric gives it the necessary space to be able to breathe and control the temperature of the body.
  • The mattress fits in the bed perfectly.
  • Light in weight and easily portable


  • It is not preferable for side sleepers. Although with time, as the firmness reduces, the body will receive the necessary support.
  • It is not recommendable for plus size people.
  • It is not the best option for individuals who prefer to sleep on the edge.

Customer Satisfaction

Because of similar products in the market, every other brand tries incorporating their personalized features in the designing of the mattresses.

However, with extra benefits to the customers, the Bear Mattress seeks to attract more footfalls and enquiries, which are then handled by the fantastic customer service providers as well as specialists such as doctors, fitness trainers and athletes in the firm.

Customers of Bear Mattress get the additional advantages on their purchase:

  • Lots of offers and discounts
  • Free cloud pillows on every purchase of mattress
  • Fast, free and No-Contact Delivery
  • 100-days trial
  • Return Policy if not satisfied


The Bear Mattresses are adaptable enough for all types of sleepers, except for side sleepers. With the inclusion of the celliant fiber in the cover of the mattresses, it gives a complimentary and advanced feeling. The prices are on the average scale as well. The physical and athletic recovery makes it an attractive option for those with an active body. We recommend you go through their official website and get in touch with their customer service executive for further details and customization if any. Overall, we give it a thumbs-up for buyers looking for comfort and added features.

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