The 10 Best Automotive Paint Gun For Beginners In 2023

If you own a car, have a garage or are an automotive enthusiast, you must know all about automotive paint guns.

This is because you will find this piece of equipment quite handy and relevant for varying conditions and circumstances. We are here to help you out.

We have researched and assembled all the relevant pieces of information you certainly want to know about Best Automotive Paint Gun For Beginners.

10 Best Automotive Paint Gun Reviews

#1: Critter Spray Products 22032 118SG

Critter Spray Products 22032 118SG Siphon Gun

Are you a career woodworker? Would you wish to obtain professional outcomes?

If so, you require a worthy companion such as this sprayer. As you shall see, it contains all the features necessary for you to achieve awesome and unprecedented outcomes.

Compressor-mounted Spray Gun

Its gun is compressor-mounted. This enables it to discharge fluids and paints at extremely high speeds. This is what enables it to achieve the high pressure necessary for carrying out a good and satisfactory job.

Easily Adaptable

In all, the gun can fit the standard 16-ounce Mason jar and a variety of other jars. This makes it suited for a wide variety of working environments, spray guns, tasks, and other purposes. The benefit of maximum convenience is all yours.

Circular Pattern Sprays

With this spray, you will be able to generate circular patterns that are breathtaking to behold indeed. This circular pattern measures 1/2- to 2-1/2-inch in diameter and covers a wide area at a time to save you some effort


  • Sprays various materials with one nozzle
  • Embodies a simple design that is easy to comprehend
  • Comparatively easier to clean
  • Takes a shorter duration of time to deliver the required outcomes
  • Attaches to various related pieces of equipment


  • Not for larger cars and surfaces
  • Requires constant attention from

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#2: DeVilbiss Finishline 4 FLG-670

Devilbiss Finishline 4 FLG-670 Solvent

Spraying larger surfaces at a time or smaller spaces more frequently require an automated machine. This is to reduce the human effort and input while minimizing fatigue at the same time. This sprayer can indeed be of help.

Precision Machined Air Cap

The gun’s machined air cap safeguards the contents of the gun from escaping into the atmosphere. Being precision and machined, it is quite effective indeed to ward off any accidents or dangers that ordinarily arise at such times.

Anodized Internal Passages

On the whole, all the internal passages of the gun are anodized. This reduces the likelihood that the paint shall stick onto the surfaces. This, in turn, makes the equipment easier to clean and maintain.

High-quality Finish

Its exterior is finished with high-quality paint. This confers the benefit of added aesthetics. You may, therefore, use the gun for the purpose of enhancing the aesthetics of your room when not in use.


  • Generates soft and uniform spray patterns
  • Exudes high volume low pressure (HVLP) high transfer efficiency
  • Contains anodized internal passages
  • Possesses easy-to-clean anodized finish
  • Comprises high-grade stainless steel components


  • Quite weighty for you to carry around
  • A bit cumbersome to handle
  • Requires plenty of storage space

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#3: TCP Global Brand Pneumatic Air Undercoating

 TCP Global Air Undercoating Spray Gun

If you are a career painter, you require general purpose sprayer. This is basically a sprayer that can handle all paints and carry out various spraying related tasks and purposes. Look no further than this sprayer as it is well able to do both.

Die-cast Aluminum Alloy Gun Body

In its entirety, the gun is made of the die-cast Aluminum material. This material is light, breathtaking to behold, and pretty strong. It guarantees high-quality outcomes and feedbacks at all times.

Suction Feed Cup

It does come along with a suction feed cup. This is what supplies your gun with the paint and sprays. This cup is lighter in weight and is very efficient in discharging the paint. You may, therefore, count on it not to let you down.

Lightweight and Sturdy Construction

All factors considered, the entire gun is lighter in weight, and pretty strong. For this reason, you will be able to use it for long enough time without necessarily feeling fatigued or bored in the process.


  • Its spray width and fluids are adjustable
  • Works well with all other spray parts
  • Precise-machined for greater accuracy
  • Well-balanced and handy for use
  • Suitable for a wide range of general purposes
  • professional automotive paint spray guns


  • Demands great physical strength on your part
  • Contains limited capacity and hence inconvenient for longer durations
  • Possesses certain delicate parts

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#4: TCP Global Brand Professional

TCP Global Brand

Cars are sensitive and ordinarily much more complicated to paint. To paint them well, only a special kind of prayer may be utilized. As you shall see from the proceeding mini-review, this sprayer is indeed suited for that particular role pretty well.

Control Knobs

You will enjoy the benefit of being able to determine the direction, pattern, and intensity of sprays. This is due to the existence of the control knobs that is highly versatile and very easy to use.

Stainless Steel Needle and Nozzle Set

Its nozzle, as is its needle is made of stainless steel. This material is tough, strong, long-lasting, and very reliable. Because of these, you may count on the gun not to let you down at all.

2.5 mm Fluid Tip

With this fluid tip that measures 2.5 mm, you can spray very thick materials which ordinary sprays cannot confront. You will also enjoy the benefit of being able to control the rate of flow of the paint.


  • Delivers consistent spray patterns for smooth and professional finishes
  • Comes fully assembled and ready for use
  • Comprises a metal flake with an air regulator
  • Enables better pattern controls for awesome outcomes
  • Best budget paint gun


  • May be complicated to the average user
  • Generates too high pressure which may shake you
  • Quite pricey and unaffordable

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#5: Hiltex 31229 Pneumatic Air Texture

Hiltex 31229

Longer painting tasks pose unique challenges to the sprayer. This is mainly the likelihood of feeling fatigued and heavy-laden. Only a comfortable, lighter, and easy-to-handle sprayer of this kind may provide the needed support.

Easy-grip Handle

The handle of the gun has a hard grip which fastens tightly on your hands. This enables you to handle the gun comfortably and tightly. It also prevents the gun from falling off your hands while in use and is thus reliable.

Locking Controls

To direct the flow of the sprays well and in a controlled manner, this gun comes along with the locking controls. These controls enable you to generate uniform coats and spray outcomes. They also minimize wastage of paint on the whole.

Heavy-duty 5-liter Gravity Feed Hopper

The supply of paint or other liquids to your gun is made possible by this heavy-duty 5-liter feed hopper. This has a pretty large capacity which makes it suited for larger surfaces and longer duration of spraying tasks.


  • Possesses a metal handle that lasts longer
  • Does have replaceable air regulating components
  • Very durable and long lasting
  • Works well on also walls and ceilings other than cars
  • Generates sprays of varying viscosities


  • Quite clumsy and cumbersome to carry around
  • Not for use in remote locations
  • Vibrates violently which can shake you off

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#6: Wagner spray tech 0529013

Wagner Spraytech 529013

To save yourself a bit of time, you might want a sprayer that can do it all! By reason of being able to spray paints, urethanes, sealers, and stains, this sprayer is indeed fitted for the task. Place your bet on it not to let you down.

Adjustable Flow Controls

Unlike most other guns, this one gives you the freedom to determine the pace, pressure, and rates of sprays generated by it. This is courtesy of the adjustable flow controls feature. You thus stand to reap the benefit of precise outcomes.

Three-spray Pattern Settings

With this gun, you can direct the sprays in three main directions. These are the vertical, horizontal, and round respectively. This feature, therefore, gives you a sense of freedom and wider varieties to choose from.

Small Feed Cup

It is equipped with a small feed cup which has the capacity of 20 fluid ounces. As such, it is light, compact, and ideal for smaller and lighter tasks. This is because you are less likely to feel tired of using it.


  • Embodies the latest innovation and technologies
  • Comprises parts of high quality
  • Outperforms most of its peers in all aspects
  • Delivers fine spray patterns for detailed finishing
  • Compatible with all the Wagner HVLP sprayers


  • Quite inconveniencing for larger projects
  • Acts slowly and is hence not so reliable for urgent projects
  • May not work well with non-Wagner equipment

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#7: Gedu High-Pressure Spray

High Pressure Spray Gun

For long lasting and reliable painting results, only a powerful, high pressure, and reliable sprayer can be of help. As you are about to see in the mini-review that follows, this sprayer is indeed suited for that particular role perfectly well.

One-piece All-steel Gun Body

In sharp contrast with other guns, this one’s body is wholly made of stainless steel. As such, it is strong, highly resistant to corrosion, long lasting and very reliable indeed. It will also give you a higher value for your money.

Rust-resistant Stainless Steel Nozzle

Just like the entire body, the nozzle of the gun is also made of stainless steel. You may thus rest assured that the nozzle will not deteriorate even after repeated use. Steel is pretty resistant to corrosion, remember!

Solid Brass Cap

To seal the contents firmly for longer, the gun comes along with the solid brass cap. This is pretty strong and reliable. It ensures that no air or paint escaped into the ambient air. This also brings the benefit of added safety to you.


  • Accompanied by a detailed manual to guide you at all times
  • Possesses fan pattern and air controls both of which enable precise applications
  • Equipped with multi-size spanner and cleaning brush
  • Generally an all-purpose and easy-to-clean paint spray gun
  • Has a separate and adjustable fluid mechanism


  • Less reputable brand
  • Backed by incomprehensive warranty
  • Moderately expensive and unaffordable

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#8: TCP Global Brand Professional

Spray Gun with 2.0 Nozzle

Thicker and hard surfaces bring along certain challenges that are not faced from other quarters. To achieve permanent outcomes, the sprayers in use have to be extremely powerful. Try your hand on this one to obtain these results.

Diaphragm Control

You will be absolved from the need to expend human effort in times of use. This is due to this diaphragm control that automatically adjusts the pressure. This also gives off an even spray pattern.

Locking Air Adjustment Knob

You will also enjoy the benefit of being able to precisely determine the pressure at which the spray ejects the nozzle. This is made possible by this locking air adjustment knob. It sets the pressure to the range of 15 to 60 pounds per square inch.

Fine Metering Control

Lastly, the gun’s fine metering control gives you the leeway of more accurate tuning. You will determine the exact pressure you want by use of this feature. This will, in turn, give rise to better patterns than is ordinarily the case.


  • Easy to control and engage
  • Can spray thicker materials well
  • Gives off various spray patterns
  • Possesses a high-performance HVLP gun
  • Extremely light in weight (made of Aluminum)
  • best cheap hvlp spray guns


  • Not for use on ordinary surfaces
  • Has a low discharge rate
  • Generates sprays at lower pressures

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#9: Super buy 1.45 Gallon Air Hopper

Super buy 1.45 Gallon Air Hopper Spray Gun

Handling walls and ceilings is a bit intriguing. This is because of the need to observe great caution and cover a larger area at a time. A handy, light, compact, and easy-to-handle tool of this kind are absolutely necessary.

Aluminum Alloy

Its entire body is made of Aluminum alloy material. This material is light and compact enough to enable you to carry it around easily. Moreover, Aluminum is tough and hence durable on the whole.

Awesome Color

By opting for this gun, you will also enjoy the rare privilege of added aesthetics to your home ambiance. This is due to its dark red spray gun and the white cups, both of which are pretty awesome and breathtaking to behold.

1.45-gallon Cups

Its cup has a capacity of 1.45 gallons. This is tiny and light enough for you to carry around. For this reason, you will hardly feel fatigued when engaging this gun as is the norm with most other spray guns.


  • Can serve several spray-related tasks and purposes at a time
  • Accommodates three different kinds of nozzles for better use
  • Able to generate textures of various kinds
  • Highly versatile by reason of being able to work well with other equipment
  • Very cheap and affordable


  • Heavy to carry (weighs 3.3 pounds/1.5 kg)
  • Has a limited capacity (1.45 gallons/5.5 liters)
  • Quite bulky and cumbersome to carry around

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#10: TEKNA 703566 Fluid Tip ProLite

 Tekna 703566

Different climates come along with unique requirements and needs. As such, not all sprayers may work well in all kinds of climates. To counter these issues, an all-around sprayer is by all means called for. This ProLite is designed and intended for use in all climatic conditions as you shall see.

3 Air Caps

This gun has no just one, or two, but three air caps! They are further manufactured using the advanced fluid dynamics technology. This construction makes them great and excellent for atomization.

Awesome Finish and Protection

Both its interior and exterior are fully protected with awesome finishes. This finish shields the said parts from the dangers of corrosion. Besides this, it also makes those surfaces unlikely to stick the paints and is hence easy to clean.

Highly Versatile

The gun’s ability to adapt to many changing environments is also a plus. This is brought about by its ability to accommodate multiple components and accessories. You will derive so much more than you actually pay for by settling on this gun.


  • Works well in all climatic and environmental conditions
  • Can spray water and oil-based paints equally well
  • Saves a great deal of time and effort when used
  • Manufactured by the reputable and reliable TEKNA brand
  • Produces all kind of patterns and spays


  • Backed by not so comprehensive warranty
  • Quite large in size
  • Unsuitable for frequent or regular use

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What is an Automotive Paint Gun?

For a start, an automotive paint gun is simply a piece of equipment with which you can paint your car.

It has a tank which contains the paint, a nozzle that allows for and regulates the discharge of paint, and a cap that seals the contents perfectly.

Other than painting cars, the gun can also paint houses, spray insecticides, fight mild fires, and irrigate crops.

Types of Automotive Paint Guns

The following are the main types of automotive paint guns:

High Volume Low Pressure

As their name suggests, this kind of gun delivers huge quantities of sprays or fluids but at reduced pressure. This allows them to do a thorough job within the shortest possible duration of time. They are however heavier and less convenient to engage.

Low Volume Low Pressure

This kind of gun is the exact opposite of the one explained above. It discharges lower volume of water at lower pressure. It thus takes longer to achieve the desired outcomes. It is, however, lighter and more convenient to engage.

Reduced Pressure Spray Guns

These are a kind of high-pressure low volume spray guns. They discharge the fluids at reduced pressure. They generate awesome finishes and long lasting outcomes. They are more convenient on the whole to engage.

Airless Spray Guns

Unlike most spray guns, this one does not utilize air at all to eject the pint or sprays. Instead, it utilizes high pressure to do so. This results in less turbulence and finer outcomes on the whole. It is particularly suited for working larger surfaces.

How Do I Use an Automotive Paint Gun?

To use this piece of equipment, you require certain tools and materials. You will also have to adhere to certain steps and procedures. These are outlined below:

Tools and Materials Required

  • Spray Gun
  • Paint
  • Newspaper
  • Painters Tape
  • Gas Mask
  • safety gloves and goggles

Step-by-step Procedures

Get to Understand your Spray Gun

As stated, these guns come in a variety of types, shapes, and sizes. You will therefore first and foremost have to understand your automotive spray gun. Get to know how it works and how to engage the various parts and components.

Put on Protective Attire

Next, you will have to put on the necessary protective attire. These include aprons, overalls, mask, goggles, and safety gloves. This is because the car paint is highly toxic and may inflict the dangers of cancer and respiratory tract infections.

Fill the Gun with Paint

Now proceed to fill the gun with the relevant paint. You will definitely have to invoke the assistance of an expert mechanic in this step if you are not one of them. This is due to the need to derive awesome feedbacks and outcomes.

Engage the various Parts and Components

This is the crux of the painting process. This is the procedure that actually carries out the task of painting. Engage the various parts and components to do this.

Open the cap to let the paint flow from the container to the external environment. Then pull back the gun to trigger the flow of paint from the tank to the external environment.

Regulate the flow, pressure, and pattern of spray appropriately using the nozzle.

Store the Spray Gun Safely

Once you are done, you have to store the spray gun well. This is because as stated, the paint is toxic and is thus more likely to inflict damages to the body.

Seal the cap and enclose the gun in an airtight container. Place the container in a store that is inaccessible to small children.

Are they Safe?

YES, they are! The modern automotive spray gun is equipped with a host of safety features. These include airtight seals, powerful nozzles, tough metallic casing, and reliable containers.

These are so designed as to make it impossible for the paint to leak to the exterior environment. They are also easier to engage and thus minimize the possibilities of accidents from arising.

What’s more? Many of these safety features are replaceable and hence may be easily restored when faulty.

Tips and Tricks of Using Automotive Spray Guns

In your use of the automotive spray guns, the following are the do’s and don’ts to adhere to:

Keep away from Flames

As noted above, car paints are very flammable. The last thing you would do is to place the gun in an area that is next to a flame.

This will certainly blow up the flame and let it burn the whole area. You should, therefore, keep the gun as far away from naked flames as possible.

Store away from Children

Children lack self-control. They are ordinarily restless and prone to all kinds of accidents and dangers.

Minimize their likelihood of sustaining accidents by keeping these guns very far from them. Lock them up in a store and keep the keys away.

Do not allow a non-expert use it

Most of these guns require a fair mastery of technical skills to engage. Not everyone may have these skills, however.

In light of this, only allow expert technicians to use and operate them. Get to familiarize yourself with your gun before attempting to use it.

What to look for in a good Automotive Paint Gun?

The following are some of the factors you ought to consider while on the lookout for the best automotive paint gun:

Intended Use

What exactly do you intend to use the automotive gun for? As stated, these guns have varying uses and applicability. You must see to it that you match the gun with the right use. This is to eliminate unnecessary inconveniences and guarantee awesome feedbacks.

Area and Nature of the Surface to be sprayed

How large is the area you intend to spray? What are the texture, inclination, and material composition of the said surface? These considerations are important in that these parameters determine the patterns of sprays, the pressure thereof, and the skill to be used. Be sure to ascertain them and thereafter find a gun that is able to discharge them.

Intended Frequency and Duration of Use

How often and for how long do you intend to spray the paint on various surfaces? For long-term and continued spays, you want a high capacity gun which is able to accommodate plenty of paint at a time. You also want a gun that is tough and long-lasting. For one time use, on the other hand, an ordinary gun will do just fine.

Exact Location of Use

How far away from your home might you possibly utilize the paint gun? If it is located too far from your home, you want a portable and small automotive gun. This stems from the fact that such equipment is lighter and hence simpler to carry around as the need may so dictate. A heavier one would be just fine for use in the home environment.

Cost vs. Financial Resource Endowment

These guns cost money. You will, therefore, have to factor in your financial resource base versus the actual cost of the gun in question. Compare the prices of various guns in the market. Weigh their prices against your own financial resource base. Settle for one that falls well within your budget.


Not all brands can yield you the same degree of satisfaction. Some brands indeed stand out from the crowd. Some of the leading brands to look up to are Critter, Tekna, DeVilbiss, TCP, and Hiltex. They have consistently proved to be reliable and great indeed. Give them the first consideration while looking for the right gun.


What is the average life expectancy of a good automotive paint gun?

With proper maintenance, and assuming moderate use, a good gun should last you no less than 5 years.

To what alternative uses may the automotive paint gun be devoted?

You may use the guns to spray insecticides, wash homes and cars, irrigate crops, fight mild fires, and cool hot and humid rooms.

Are there any dangers or restrictions that govern the ownership and use of these appliances?

Some cities and municipalities may impose restrictions on the use, transfer, and application of these guns. You may, therefore, have to carry out some research to ascertain whether these restrictions are in existence in your area.

What are the top brands of automotive paint guns as of the current year?

Campbell, Graco, DeVilbiss, Fuji, and Tekna are some of the top automotive paint guns. In your search for the best gun give them a higher priority.

Final Verdict

It is no secret that you have found all the pertinent pieces of information you desperately need to make the right purchasing decision.

All the paint guns we have reviewed above are unique in their own kinds. They are also high in quality and more likely to yield you the satisfaction you require.

You, therefore, cannot afford to waste any time in leveraging their benefits. For this reason, we urge you to consider making a purchase right away.

In case you lack any in mind, the TCP Global Brand Pneumatic Air Undercoating Gun will do you great. It is suited for all kinds of tasks and purposes and is thus convenient to possess.

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