The 10 Best Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaners of 2023

Toilets are very sensitive installations. They are the ones that accommodate the wastes and dispose of them safely to the sewers and septic tanks.

They are also the hotbeds of bacteria and other harmful germs. This is why they have to be cleaned effectively. We are here to help you with this.

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10 Best Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaners

1: Clorox Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Clorox Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

To simplify your prolonged and repeated cleaning tasks, you want one whose potency is strong enough to last a longer duration of time. This cleaner is made with such kinds of needs in mind. It is strong and potent enough to leave behind longer-lasting impacts. It is hence great for repeated use and applications.

High-quality Manufacture

In all, the manufacture of this cleaner embodies the highest quality formulation and ingredients. These ensure that the final product exudes great potency and powerful cleaning potential. It is this trait that ensures that the results last longer than other cleaners on the market.

Stylish Design

The design of the bottle that contains the detergent is stylish and innovative. It is sleek and quite beautiful to behold indeed. For this reason, you may consider using the container to enhance the interior décor of your room. Place it strategically to be able to reap this benefit.


All factors considered this cleaner can deodorize and clean at the same time. For this reason, it is very convenient and also brings about a higher value for money. You thus stand to enjoy a lot of returns on your investments by settling for it.


  • Ensures you maximum satisfaction
  • Great for gifts to housewives
  • Bleaches your toilet bowl with every flush
  • Extremely safe for colored toilet bowls
  • Inflicts no harm on the plumbing and septic tanks at all


  • May harm the skin if exposed for long
  • Very harmful to pregnant women
  • Too potent a formulation for human contacts

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2: Kaboom Scrub Free! Toilet Cleaning System

Kaboom Scrub Free

Larger toilets require equally effective toilet cleaners. This is to reduce the quantities of the cleaners to be used at a time and with it, the amount of money used to acquire the cleaner. For your maximum convenience and peace of mind, you have no better friend than this particular cleaner.

Simpler Installations

For a start, you will enjoy the benefit of the simpler installation procedure. This is because this cleaning system attaches easily within your tank and the toilet bowl as a whole. You will therefore not struggle that much to reap the salient benefits that it brings about.

OxiClean Stain Fighters

This cleaner contains the dreaded OxiClean powerful ingredient. This is basically great at fighting stains and riding surfaces of scum and other stubborn deposits. This active ingredient also sees to it that every portion of the toilet bowl is impacted uniformly.

Powerful Cleaning Action

Generally speaking, this toilet cleaner exudes a powerful cleaning action. It also requires almost no input of human effort from your part. This arrangement spares you from the need to put in too much of your attention and as such frees you to pursue other vital chores.


  • Does not corrode or damage the various parts of a toilet
  • Extremely safe for the septic tanks as well
  • Comparatively simple to set up and deploy
  • Cleans toilets for a prolonged duration of time
  • Lasts for six months continuously


  • Potentially corrosive
  • Can cause eye and skin burns
  • Quite harmful or fatal if swallowed

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3: Clorox Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner


You do not want to keep washing your toilets every quite often. You want to spend less and invest minimal effort in the process. This is why you require an extremely potent toilet cleaner of this kind. It generally has the ability to leave behind long-lasting impacts as well as faster actions.

Perfect Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Perhaps no other cleaner is as awesome as this one. This indeed is a perfect toilet bowl cleaner as it both cleans and sanitizes. It comes in the form of the potent eight Clorox automatic tablets. These work longer and are also easier to deploy for use at any given time.

Long-lasting Impacts

In all, each tablet is way very potent. They have the ability to leave behind the required outcomes for a duration of around two months from the time of use. This is not to mention that the tablets take only five minutes to get activated for use.

Effective Deodorizers

Other than cleaning and sanitizing, the tablets that make up the cleaner can also deodorize the bowls altogether. They do leave behind a fresh scent that can last for three months or even longer. This suppresses the harmful and uncomfortable stench that arises from urines and feces.


  • Kills 99.9% of the bacteria
  • Leaves your toilet looking sparkling clean
  • Helps to mitigate extremely tough stains
  • Requires no elaborate procedures or technical expertise to utilize
  • Extends the time in between two deep cleans


  • Irritating to the nose and throat
  • Tears fabrics when in contact with the
  • May induce vomiting

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4: Lysol No Mess Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Lysol No Mess

For general home use, a multipurpose toilet cleaner is indeed a worthy companion. This cleaner is manufactured with such a need in mind. It can handle a variety of surfaces and cleaning tasks. It, therefore, saves a great deal of time and money. You may, therefore, consider giving it a try.

Ocean Fresh Scent

Topping the list of its key features is the ocean fresh scent. This is simply a soothing and great scent that suppresses all the urine and feces smells. This scent makes your rooms livable and very great regardless of how the toilets are used.

Antimicrobial Protection

Other than ridding your toilet of the existing stench, the cleaner also has the ability to suppress the growth of future bacteria and other germs. This stems from its possession of the awesome antimicrobial protection. By reason of this arrangement, you are sure to spend less money and expend less energy to confront such issues in the future.

Suppresses Odors

Lastly, the cleaner has then the ability to suppress the odors effectively. This is because it has the ability to kill all bacteria which are chiefly responsible for causing these odors in the first place. For your safety, and for the safety of the other room occupants, you might want to place your bet on this cleaner.


  • Leaves behind almost no mess
  • 8 counts of cleaners make prolonged use a reality
  • Freshens and cleans in equal measure
  • Contains fragrances that freshen the room
  • Gives rise to long-lasting impacts (up to 32 weeks)


  • Has limited potency
  • Not so great for tough stains
  • Generates less value for money

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5: Never Scrub Automatic Toilet Cleaning System

Never Scrub

It is often necessary to prevent the stains from building up in the first place. This prevents the need for future cleaning besides greatly simplifying the procedure of doing so on the whole. This cleaner has the abilities to remove and prevent the accumulation of scum and stains. It is thus the one to look for.

Never Scrub

Perhaps the most significant benefit of this cleaner is that it requires you not to scrub the surface or the toilet bowl. The ingredient is tough enough to dissolve any stains and rid the surfaces of any impurities as a whole. You, therefore, stand to save a great deal of physical effort in the process.

Automatic Toilet Cleaning System

Closely related to the above is the fact that the cleaner is automatic. You will not have to put in some effort every now and then to achieve the desired ends. The cleaner discharges the potency on its own repeatedly and for a prolonged duration of time.

New and Improved

Lastly, it does have a new and improved cleaning formula. This is strong and powerful enough to tackle just about every other stubborn stain. It also features the latest ingredients and constituent compositions that are in vogue today. You may count on it to kills the strongest germs available.


  • Completely cleans and refreshes the toilet bowls
  • Impacts every area; even under the rims
  • Very safe for use in septic systems
  • Prevents rust as well as hard water stains
  • Easy to install and use


  • Cannot get rid of extremely stubborn stains
  • Requires tough scrubbing to generate the required ends
  • Has a comparatively weaker formulation

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6: New Generation Antibacterial Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

 New Generation Antibacterial

Sometimes cleaning the toilet in and of itself is never enough. You might want to freshen the toilet by discharging fragrances into the atmosphere. This toilet cleaner allows you to achieve both feats at a time. It both cleans and discharges fragrances.

Stable Lavender Fragrance

The stable Lavender fragrance tops its most outstanding traits and ingredients. The tablets release this fragrance with every flush of the toilet. This great fragrance suppresses the stubborn stenches and also allow for awesome breaths at any given time. It thus makes the rooms livable at all times.

Patented Bottle Design

All the contents are enclosed in a patented bottle design. This design is awesome to behold. It is also stylish enough to enhance your interior décor. This is not to mention that it discharges the same quantity of fluid output for every flush. This allows for consistent results and outcomes.

Active Biological Enzyme

The active biological enzymes close the list of its topnotch features. This ingredient helps to break down the wastes and clear all stains from the bowls and surfaces. The ingredient also calls for minimal effort and input on your part and are thus pretty convenient.


  • Has a natural formulation that is gentle on the skin
  • Does not at all harm or compromise the pipes and septic systems
  • Automatically gets rid of urine scale, water scale, and rust stains
  • Does not leave any residues in tanks
  • Exudes great freshness with every flush


  • Very harmful to small children
  • Can burn the skin and the eyes
  • Quite harmful to the body if swallowed

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7: Fluidmaster 8100 Flush

Fluidmaster 8100 Flush

Keeping your toilet clean ought not to be a life and death affair. You indeed can achieve the desired great results but with as minimal effort as possible. This cleaner is designed to take the hassles out of your keeping of toilet clean. Try it out today!

Universal Design

Perhaps no other cleaner is as easy to mount and utilize as this particular cleaner. By reason of this universal design, the cleaner can fit just about any other kind of toilet bowl or system. It also calls for minimal effort on your part and thus frees you to perform other vital chores.

Scrub and Hands-free

You will also not have to scrub the surfaces you clean. This spares you from the need to put in too much of your effort to get your surfaces clean and tidy. The arrangement also negates the possibilities of inflicting damages to the various parts of the toilet as a whole.


If you are mindful of your environment, this is yet another incentive to acquire this toilet cleaner. It is made of biodegradable ingredients and formulation. These ingredients last only for three months and do not pose any unnecessary strains on the environments. Moreover, the can itself is made of recycled materials.


  • Achieves the desired ends quite easily
  • Easy-to-install in a matter of minutes
  • Better than most current cleaning liquids and tablets
  • Backed by reliable replacement cartridges
  • Cleans your toilets repeatedly and continually


  • Poses allergic reactions in some people
  • May be complicated to less skilled users
  • Has a lower capacity

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8: CHURCH & DWIGHT 35113 Kaboom Toilet Clean System


For quick and short-term cleaning chores, a mild formulation toilet cleaner is by all means handy. By reason of possessing this vital trait, the Church & Dwight cleaner is your best bet. It is mild enough for your hands yet strong enough to rid your surfaces of stains.

Kaboom Scrub-free Toilet Cleaning System

The kaboom scrub-free toilet cleaning system is by far its most significant trait. This system is famed for its power and awesome outcomes. It expands less time and also calls for limited effort on your part. This is not to mention its long-lasting impacts.

Refillable Oxi Clean

Unlike most other toilet bowl cleaners, this one is refillable. This simply means that you can replenish the contents once they are depleted. You will have to take it to a certified agent to be able to achieve this. Its Oxi Clean active ingredient is also powerful and reliable enough for greater outcomes.

Automatic Toilet Cleaner

Once you have fixed the cleaner in place on your toilet, you will not have to keep checking and adjusting it every quite often. The cleaner is automatic and will discharge the benefits without further input and active participation on your part. This gives rise to continuous outcomes and saves you energy.


  • Attaches easily out of the sight of your toilet tank
  • Furnishes the stain fighters in the toilet bowl at each flush
  • Requires no tools for the installation process
  • Snaps easily in the tank
  • Pretty thorough and effective


  • Has a shorter lifespan
  • Harmful or corrosive if swallowed
  • May severely damage the skin

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9: Premium Clean Automatic Toilet Bowl Bathroom Cleaner

Premium Clean

Do you have a wide variety of surfaces to clean in mind? If that is the case, you require a toilet cleaner that is multipurpose and has the ability to bring about comprehensive outcomes. Look no further than this cleaner as it has what may be necessary to achieve this feat.

Antibacterial Properties

In its formulation, the cleaner possesses awesome antibacterial properties. These are great at killing all the germs and bacteria that may exist in the sewer pipe and the toilet. For this reason, it enhances your safety and security a great deal. It also forestalls future infestations which makes you even more secure.

Blue Clean Bubbles

Each tablet generates clean and blue bubbles. These generate awesome cleaning power which subsequently cleans the inner walls, rims, tanks, water pipes, and other parts of septic tanks and toilet systems. These bubbles are also great for all shades and colors of toilet cleaners.

Long-lasting Impacts

On the whole, this toilet cleaner generates long-lasting impacts. One piece of the toilet bowl cleaner lasts around 21 days to 30 days. With this in mind, the cleaner is very effective and saves you a lot of your financial resources. It is also convenient to use as it eliminates too much effort on your part.


  • Prevents the infestations of the sewer and the toilets by bacteria
  • Deodorizes and freshens the toilet bowls
  • Makes your toilet bowl brighter and cleaner
  • Leaves behind long-lasting effects (26 to 48 weeks)
  • Gets rid of extremely stubborn stains well


  • Takes longer to generate expected outcomes
  • Affected by other parameters
  • Calls for the possession of relevant technical expertise to use

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10: Clorox Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner


Are you looking for a toilet cleaner that can serve you continuously and for a prolonged duration of time? If you answered in the affirmative, this could as well be the cleaner you have been looking for all along. It is powerful enough to generate the desired end.

8 Tablets

In its entirety, the set of the toilet cleaner comprises eight tablets. Each of the eight tablets weighs 2.47 ounces. They exude great scent not to mention tackling the most stubborn stains with maximum ease and efficacy. Being eight in number, they last longer and also call for limited effort on your part.

Clorox Chemical

The tablets also possess the powerful Clorox agent. This agent is pretty thorough and effective at cleaning and disinfecting the toilet bowls. They also diffuse and suppress any future growths of bacteria beforehand. In so doing, they prevent the proliferation of the bacteria altogether.

Awesome Cleaning Power

Lastly, the cleaner exudes awesome cleaning power. This power prevents tough stains and enables you to spend less of your time scrubbing the toilet. All you have to do is to drop the tablets into the tanks and allow it to perform its chores. The pleasure of maximum convenience is yours to reap.


  • Very gentle for the septic tank
  • Cleans and deodorizes continuously for four months consecutively
  • Handles the bowl and the tanks equally
  • Repels tough stains effectively
  • Has 3x the cleaning power of ordinary toilet cleaners


  • Quite unkind to the fabrics
  • Expensive to possess and acquire
  • Potentially harmful when handled carelessly

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What is an Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner?

Your solution lies in acquiring a suitable automatic toilet bowl cleaner. For a start, an automatic toilet bowl is a chemical detergent that is used to rid the bowls of the toilets of the stains and bacteria that accumulate there.

Being automatic means they discharge these roles without any input or continued attention on your part.

How to Clean Your Toilet Using a Bowl Cleaner?

The following procedures will enable you to clean your toilet bowl using the automatic toilet bowl cleaner:

Step #1: Wash the Bowl with Water

Start by washing the toilet bowl normally by using soap and water. Take great care of the rim and the hole that leads to the sewer. Rinse thoroughly and see to it that no residues are left in the bowl or the outside of the toilet.

Step #2: Fix the cleaner on the bowl

Now go ahead to fix the cleaner on the bowl. Use the procedures that are recommended by the manufacturer of the cleaner. This is because these procedures differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. You want to avoid any mishaps in the process.

Step #3: Leave alone for some time

Leave the cleaner intact for some time. Cover the toilet using the lid for maximum efficacy. This is to trap the ingredients and the fumes to prevent them from escaping into the air. Generally speaking, you require at least 30 minutes to have this done.

Step #4: Flush the toilet

Once the 30-minute interval has elapsed, you now have to go ahead and flush the toilet. You may have to do so twice or even thrice for maximum outcomes. Be sure that the final outcome is clear water to be sure of great outcomes imaginable.

Step #5: Scrub thoroughly

As you flush the toilet, scrub the bowl thoroughly to get rid of any vestiges or dirt or residues. Take great care of the rim as this is the place where most germs tend to hibernate in.

TIPS That Keep Your Toilet Clean

To keep your toilets clean at all times, you have to adhere to these tips:

Flush after Every Use

Flush your toilet after each use. This is to eliminate the accumulation of wastes and the possibilities of disease outbreaks. Flushing after each use also sees to it that you spend less water and effort to get rid of the wastes altogether.

Clean at least Once a Day

You should also clean your toilet at least once a day. This should happen preferably in the morning. If you have children or anticipate a huge number of visitors, you may consider upscaling the cleanliness of the toilets as a whole.

Conduct a General Cleanup at least Once a Week

Other than the daily cleanliness chores, you may also consider carrying out a general cleanup at least once a week. At such a time, you have to clean all the parts and systems that constitute the toilet; not just the bowl alone.

Use Moderately

To prevent the excessive accumulation of debris and wastes, you should use the toilet moderately. Use it only for the short and long calls. Refrain from the temptation of using the bowl to dispose of other household wastes as this might interfere with the cleanliness thereof.

Employ the most Potent Cleaners Available

Lastly, you have to employ the most potent cleaners available to rid the bowl and other parts of dirt. This arrangement also sees to it that you spend less money and effort to accrue the required outcomes. You also want the effects to last longer than is ordinarily the case.

Advantages of Using an Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

The following are the key benefits of using the automatic toilet bowl cleaners for the job:


On the whole, these cleaners are faster than other kinds of toilet cleaners. They take comparatively less time and effort to generate the required ends. They thus spare you from the need to put in too much of your attention and financial resource base.

Minimal Effort Requirements

Other than being faster, they also call for minimal effort and attention on your part. You will, therefore, have the luxury to pursue other vital chores in the meantime. This also spares you from the possibilities of being fatigued in the process of making your toilet clean.

Long lasting Impacts

In all, these kinds of cleaners bring about long-lasting impacts. Most of them have a potency that last weeks and even months after first use. You will therefore not have to keep purchasing newer cleaners every quite often as would have been the case with other cleaners.

Value for Money

Given that they embody a combination of several factors, traits, and benefits, the cleaner brings about higher value for money indeed. You will not have to possess numerous and separate cleaners at a time and thus save yourself some bit of time and money.


Lastly, these automatic bowl cleaners have a great impact on your overall health. They combat all kinds of bacteria and pathogens that have the impacts of inflicting diseases and other issues. You may thus rest assured of great health and wellbeing at any given time.


As of now, the following are the top brands of the automatic toilet cleaners:

  • Kaboom
  • 2000 Flushes
  • Lysol
  • Scrubbing

What Should I Look for When Choosing an Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

The following are some of the factors to consider in your search for the right automatic toilet bowl cleaner:

Nature of the Stain

Stains vary in their severity and permanence. This variation has a bearing on the kind of cleaner you might want to employ for the job. You should, therefore, start out by ascertaining how severe your stains are before identifying the cleaner that has the ability to handle such stains.

Desired Outcomes

What exactly are you looking up to in a toilet bowl cleaner? Apart from getting rid of the dirt and debris, what else might you want the cleaner to do? Do you want one that exudes fragrances or suppresses the growth of bacteria? The best cleaner has to be comprehensive in scope for the sake of maximum convenience.

Mode of Application

In what manner is the cleaner applied? Be mindful of this consideration as you do not want one that is too complicated to install. Instead, settle for one that requires no co-operant tools and machinery to fix in place. This is to greatly expedite the process of utilizing them and generate the required outcomes faster.


How long do the impacts of the cleaner persist? You do not want to purchase brand new cleaners every quite often. This is why you want one that is potent enough to last you as long as you may possibly want. Check the labels and the packaging for this vital piece of information.

Health and Safety

Some cleaners have too potent formulations. Because of this, they may harm your skin, induce a sense of vomiting, and even corrode the fabrics and hands. Take great care of these possible realities as well. You do not want to subject yourself to unnecessary health and safety issues, do you?


Which type of toilet bowl cleaner is the strongest?

Perhaps no other toilet bowl cleaner beats the ZEP Commercial Acidic Toilet Bowl Cleaner. It rids the surfaces of the stains of rust as well as organic hard water well. This is not to mention that it leaves behind no residues.

How often should I clean my toilet?

You should clean your toilet each morning when you wake up. Routine general clean up, on the other hand, has to take place at least once a week.

Are bleaches recommended for toilets?

Yes, they are. They fight off stubborn stains and bring about sparkling clean outcomes. You have to use them in moderation though to prevent corroding your bowls.

Apart from washing toilets, to what other uses may the toilet bowl cleaners be devoted?

Some cleaners may wash other surfaces like sinks, kitchen worktops, carpets, and even clothes.

Do I need any protective gears to utilize the toilet bowl cleaners?

It all depends on the potency of the cleaning agent as well as the surface you are working on. So, ascertain these two facts first and foremost before embarking on the task of cleaning your surface.

Final Verdict

MY FAVORITE IS the Premium Clean 12-Pieces Antibacterial Blue Automatic Toilet Bowl Bathroom Cleaner Tablets. This cleaner is more comprehensive and thorough than all the other cleaners under consideration.

It also works on several surfaces at a time and is thus more convenient. This also means it returns higher value for money.

Having known this vital piece of information, why don’t you now go ahead and acquire at least one of the Best Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner we have discussed above?

It is not enough to gain the head knowledge alone. Also, consider sharing this information with other persons who might want to enjoy the said benefits too! Best of luck in your next toilet cleaning session.


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