The 10 Best Automatic Gate Openers 2023

Do you have a home or office, which you are intent on securing?

Have you been seeking some reliable openers for the job?

If your answers to both questions are in the affirmative, we are glad to let you know that you have landed on just the right page.

We are here to introduce to you the automatic gate openers. We are going to look into every aspect of these gadgets for your understanding and utilization.

10 Best Automatic Gate Opener Reviews

#1: Mighty Mule (EZGO-SOLAR) with 10W Solar Package

Mighty Mule (EZGO-SOLAR)

For your maximum peace of mind, it is in your best interest to find a comprehensive and multipurpose gate opener. You have this for your consideration due to its ability to fulfill these roles well. It is indeed perfect for all types of gates. These include the wood, vinyl, tube, chain link, and ornamental, among others.

Mighty Mule e-z Gate

By far its most significant strength is the fact that it works well with the e-z gates. These gates are strong, durable, and ordinarily cumbersome to engage. The openers are powerful enough to engage gates that are 550 pounds or 16 feet long.

Variable Power Sources

It also has the ability to draw power from a variety of sources. In particular, the opener can draw power from the solar panels or the alternating currents, respectively. This makes it all the more convenient to engage. Regardless of your position, you may be certain to make meaning out of it.

Large Battery Design

Its large battery design concludes the list of its awesome features. This design provides ten times the extra power and also has a great reserve capacity. These features make the opener the preferred solar-powered key on the market today. It also guarantees you a longer run time.


  • Backed by a generous warranty regime
  • Accompanied by a robust technical support
  • Consumes less power whole operating
  • Requires no electrician or welder to install
  • 30% more efficient than most gadgets of its kind


  • Calls for some assembly before use
  • Slightly intricate to an ordinary user
  • Requires some prior experience to effectively engage

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#2: Ghost Controls TSS1XP Automatic Gate Opener

Ghost Controls TSS1XP

For heavy duty operations, you have to place your bet on an equally tough and reliable automatic gate opener. You have fewer options other than this opener due to its suitability for the said tasks. This stems from its possession of a host of great features and specifications.

Mechanical Design

A mechanical design comes in first of its key features. This features a new radio frequency which has a larger range. Because of this, you will be able to operate the opener from a farther distance than you would ordinarily.

Ghost Controls

Courtesy of the ghost controls feature, you will be able to accrue some quiet and smooth operations irrespective of the age and the height of the cycles. This is due to the fact that it has some gear-free box and motor. The pleasure of higher efficiency is thus yours to leverage.

Optimized for Tube Gates

By its sheer design and makeup, the opener is optimized for the tube gates. It is subsequently great for the swing gates that measure up to 20 feet. These include the plantation and the ornamental gates. If yours is a tube gate, this indeed is the opener to look up to.


  • Comes in a comprehensive package that is convenient to use
  • Simpler to install by reason of requiring the common tools
  • Requires no welding or the high-voltage electrical connectivity
  • Accompanied by a generous 24-month warranty
  • Performs a wide range of chores


  • Quite expensive to afford
  • Not intended for use on solid-panel gates
  • High energy consumption

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#3: Mighty Mule MM560 Automatic Gate Opener

Mighty Mule MM560

You have this opener yet again for your heavy duty applications. This is because the opener has several features which are geared towards this application. It is as a matter of fact capable of opening gates that are up 850 pounds.

Simplified Operations

In all, you will find it easier to operate this opener. It does install the automatic dual gates with ease. This is because it is equipped with a host of controls which are easy to engage. They do not require too much skill or plenty of muscle power to do so.

Awesome Power

As stated, the opener is able to operate gates that weigh around 850 pounds. It is able to do so by virtue of possessing a powerful motor which generates the torque necessary to do a good job. This is not to mention that it handles gates that measure around 18 feet.

Soft Start and Stop

Unlike most other heavy-duty apparatus, this one has a soft start and stop mechanism. This simply means that it does not require too much effort or energy on your part to start or stop. The mechanism goes a long way in extending the lifespan of the opener of your gate.


  • By far the best do-it-yourself single gate opener of its kind
  • Unbridled access to round-the-clock troubleshooting guides
  • Able to open and close the gates which open to and from a property
  • Highly adjustable to suit the various needs
  • Includes a battery and control box for enhanced performance


  • Poor and incomprehensive warranty
  • May not tackle some gates
  • Accommodates limited accessories

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#4: ALEKO AR1450NOR-M Rack Driven Sliding Gate Opener


Do you have a rack-driven sliding gate? This is the opener to look up to. As you are about to see, it fits that particular bill well due to possessing a couple of relevant features. These features enable it to handle gates that weigh a whopping 1,400 pounds and 50 inches long!

Aluminum Alloy Chassis

Its entire body is made of the Aluminum alloy. This material is light, sturdy, and pretty resistant to corrosion. Being light, it is easier to carry around as only one person may do so. It also guarantees long-term reliability by eliminating frequent repairs and maintenance.

Stop and Reverse Mechanism

A stop and reverse mechanism also exist to enhance your overall safety. The mechanism particularly comes in handy in the event that the gate encounters an obstruction. It reverses automatically at such times and thus wards of any associated injuries. You may, therefore, be certain not to confront any injuries.

User-programmable and Erasable Remote Codes

You will lastly enjoy the leverage of being able to determine the exact roles and purposes which you would want the opener to play to you. This is brought about by the fact that its codes are both programmable and erasable. Moreover, it can support a whopping 100 remotes.


  • Provides exceptional starting torque
  • Well made to stand up to continuous operations
  • Keeps your gate running smoothly for a long time
  • Light enough for one person to carry and install
  • Its motors are strong and durable enough to stand up to regular activities


  • Quite clumsy to carry around with ease
  • Incomplete and in need of several accessories
  • May disparage unskilled users

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#5: Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Opener (MM260)

Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Opener (MM260)

If the gate you have in mind is the light duty single swing gate, you may want to pay keen attention to this mini-review. This is because the opener is the one that is optimized for such kind of a gate. It is, in fact, capable of handling gates that are 2 feet long and 300 pounds heavy.

Universal Applicability

This gate is applicable to a wide variety of uses and gates. These are the vinyl, wood, and chain link among others. This universal applicability is great as it reduces the need to acquire several gates at a time. It also saves you a great deal of time and money.

Exclusive Dual Sense Technology

Its safety mechanism comes in the form of the exclusive Dual Sense Technology. This technology certifies the UL325 6th Edition Standards. As such, it guarantees additional protection and safety at all times. You may thus rest assured of your safety as you engage the various aspects of the opener.

Solar Capable

The opener is able to draw its power from the solar energy. It is indeed capable of accepting a Mighty Mule 5-watt solar panel. For this reason, you will be happy to confront limited utility bills which are great for you. It results in limited operational expenses on your part.


  • Great for the do-it-yourself property owner
  • Equipped with installation DVD and detailed operational instructions
  • Unlimited 24-hour technical support
  • Provides added safety and precautions
  • Awesome power output levels


  • May require additional protection devices
  • Limited warranty
  • Intricate to master and engage

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#6: TOPENS CK700 Automatic Chain Sliding Gate Opener


Are you short on cash yet would still want to leverage the benefits of a good automatic opener? If I heard you answer ‘yes,’ this indeed could be the one you have been looking for. It is very cheap yet still able to exude the roles of the typical gate opener.

Powerful Output

This sliding gate opener embodies a powerful 300W motor. This generates enough torque that is able to handle gates that weigh 1,600 pounds and 40 feet long. The pleasure of maximum convenience is, therefore, yours to leverage. You are also sure to expend less effort as you go about this business.

Reliable Rolling Code

To prevent unsuspecting third parties from gaining access to your compound, the opener features the rolling code. This one basically scrambles the codes each time the opener is engaged to prevent any possible hacks in the process. It, in so doing, grants you some added peace of mind.

Quick Selection and Midway mode

Generally speaking, you will find this opener quite simple and faster to engage. This is made possible by the quick selection and the midway modes, respectively. They jointly decrease your workload and make the process of engaging the gates an enjoyable undertaking.


  • Can close automatically to save on energy
  • Closes automatically if the gate remains open for too long
  • Requires less effort and attention on your part to operate
  • Reverses on its own if it encounters any obstructions
  • Confers added safety and protection


  • Possesses some delicate parts
  • Cannot endure intense abuse well
  • Unreliable in the long run

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#7: OrangeA Sliding Gate Opener (AC600)

OrangeA Sliding Gate Opener (AC600)

Are you a starter in the field of gate opening with no prior experience or skill at all? You badly need a basic and easy-to-use gate opener like this one for a start. As you are about to see, this opener fits that bill perfectly well by reason of being easier to master and engage.

Combined Use and Applications

With this automatic gate opener, you will be able to pair and work with solar panels, alarms, infrared sensors, and optional keypads. The pleasure of expedited use and applications is the, therefore, yours to gain from. You will also spend less to have your gate opened in the long run.

Convenient Remote Controls

Engaging this gate opener is very simple. It is accompanied by the 4-button remote control unit. With the remote control, you will be able to stop, open, close, or change the modes as you want. You are thus spared from unnecessary hassles and inconveniences that ordinarily arise at such times.

Vast Applicable Conditions

Lastly, you will also enjoy the benefit and ability to use the opener in a vast array of applications and conditions. By far the most relevant such application is the electric sliding gate. It is by its sheer nature and design well able to handle and confront such circumstances pretty well.


  • Generates excellent starting torque and continuous operations
  • Handles most relevant applications reliably
  • Features an aluminum alloy chassis which is sturdy and light
  • Resists corrosion and is thus long lasting
  • Has a pretty wide range of 100 feet


  • Too basic in scope and construction
  • Brings about limited returns to scale
  • Not so profitable a purchase

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#8: Mighty Mule MM262 Automatic Gate Opener

Mighty Mule MM262

As a do-it-yourself property owner, you want a gate opener that is convenient to engage. Look no further than this one. It is indeed optimized for such circumstances as it contains the bare minimum sets of features that are necessary at such times. You may thus wish to try it out.

Optimized for Light Duty Dual Swing Gates

By its sheer nature, design, and construction, this opener is optimized for the light-duty dual swing gates. This design and construction enable it to open gates that measure up to 12 feet or a maximum of 300 pounds. You have to give it a priority if you have such kind of a gate.

Perfect for Various kinds of Gates

Other than the light-duty dual swing gates, this opener is also handy for engaging several kinds of gates. These include the panel, tube, chain link, wood, and vinyl. This arrangement makes it all the more useful and money-saving. The pleasure of utmost convenience is, therefore, yours to leverage.

Limited Power Consumption

This gate opener consumes low levels of electrical energy. You will only require a 12-Volt marine or automotive battery. The battery ought to produce no more than 250 cold cranking amps (CCA). This translates to limited operational expenses on your part. You may use the savings for other vital chores.


  • Endures up to 77 backup cycles
  • Provides extra protection and safety
  • Requires no professional input to install and set up
  • Safer to use courtesy of appropriate back-end support
  • Controllable by a single button remote control


  • Requires additional accessories to operate effectively
  • Consumes higher energy levels
  • Inflicts higher operational expenses

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#9: Biltek Automatic Sliding Gate Opener Hardware

Biltek Automatic Sliding Gate Opener

Do you lack the necessary skills for engaging an intricate gate opener? You have this opener for your consideration. This is because it possesses the bare minimum set of features that are necessary for such circumstances. You will, therefore, find it a great companion while getting started.

2x Wireless Remotes

Setting this opener apart from others is the fact that it can accommodate a wireless remote that has twice the operational capacity of the standard remote. This makes it all the more powerful and reliable for handling the toughest of gates. You will particularly find it great for the automatic sliding gates.

Sliding Gate Operator

It also does come along with the sliding gate operator. This operator has the power to open the gates which are up to 40 feet and weigh 1,400 pounds. As you may note, the opener still has the awesome power of a fully functional automatic gate opener.

Auto-Close Feature

Lastly, the opener is fitted with an auto-close feature. This can be set to the 12, 24, or the 36 seconds. It also has an option to disable the functionality altogether. The feature basically closes the gate automatically after it stays idle for the stipulated duration of time.


  • Adjustable controls for easier operability
  • Can open gates large enough to many people to pass through at a time
  • Reverses automatically if it encounters any obstacles
  • Great for the driveways
  • Reputable and trustworthy brand


  • Poor warranty regime
  • Quite weighty to carry around with ease
  • Operates fewer types of gates

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#10: Mighty Mule MM360 Automatic Gate Opener

Mighty Mule MM360

As you may well have noted, the gates come in diverse shapes and sizes. If the one you have in mind is the medium duty single swing gate, you have this for your taking. Its design, functionality, and nature are all geared towards use for gates of that kind.

Medium Duty Single Swing Gates Optimized

As hinted above, the opener is optimized for the medium duty single swing gates. This stems from the power of its motor, operational range, and weight capabilities. It is, in fact, able to tackle gates that measure 16 feet long and weigh 550 pounds.

AC Power

It derives its power from the AC transformer (Model # RB570). This is not supplied along with it but is sold separately. The transformer generates awesome power which is well able to produce the torque necessary to lift the heaviest gates available. You are once more guaranteed maximum reliability.

Control Box

A control box accompanies this opener. In the control box are all the gears, accessories, and tools necessary for operating the opener and the gates. This is a welcome relief to you as you will not have to look elsewhere. The accessories are enough to let you juggle your way with ease and maximum convenience.


  • Inflicts fewer utility bills on by consuming less power
  • Accommodates variable power sources
  • May be operable by remote control
  • Handles and works well with several accessories
  • Works well in several environments


  • Requires an extra solar panel to function
  • Unaccompanied by a back-end support
  • Does not conform to the Proposition 65

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What are Automatic Gate Openers?

Automatic gate openers are electric devices which allow you to open and close the electric gates without necessarily having you to push or pull them manually. They are remotely operated and are operable at a distance from the gate.

Benefits of Installing an Automatic Gate Opener

Enhanced Security

Compared to the manual openers, the automated openers are safer for your gates. This is because they are packed with several safety features like alarms, auto-close, timer, and codes. You are therefore better off with these kinds of gadgets than the manual ones.

Utmost Convenience

You do not have to apply physical force to open or close your gates with the automatic gate opener. This is because they are designed to do so without your individual intervention. Other than this, you may send the signal from a distance as opposed to a situation where you have to be directly in contact with the gate as is the case with the manual openers.

Excellent Aesthetics

Other than merely opening and closing the gates, these openers can also exude some aesthetics. This stems from their awesome design and decorations. You may consider placing them conspicuously for all who behold them to admire their beauty.

Numerous Applications

The typical automatic gate opener can discharge a host of relevant tasks and chores. These include serving as alarms, possessing the timers, and scheduling a future opening session, to mention but a few! By settling for these openers, you may be sure to accrue higher value for money.

Less Fatigue

As stated severally, the automated gate openers do not require you to apply any physical force or effort. As such, you are less likely to get tired or exhausted. This arrangement also lets you open and close the gates severally without confronting any inconveniences.

How to Install Automatic Gate Opener

#I: Start off by drilling the various holes. These include the holes of the gate post, and the for the gate opener control box.

#II: Proceed to mount the control board carefully. Do it in such a way as not to interfere with the full functionality of the gate.

#III: Install the sensor device. Bury it on the side of the property rather than the outside. Make sure it is 1 foot deep in the soil and around 50 feet away from the gate.

#IV: Connect the wire to the control box of the gate opener

#V: Attach the wires from the keypad, power source, control arm, and the exit sensor to the control box.

#VI: Install the keypad post

Safe Your Property and Yourself

The automatic gate opener safeguards your property and you in the following ways:

Prevents Unauthorized Access and Entry

They prevent third parties from gaining unauthorized access and entry into your private premises. They do so by closing the gates in such a way as to prevent the opening of the same by third parties whether by accident or deliberately.

Incorporates an Alarm System

Most of these openers incorporate some alarm systems. These alarms beep and exude some alerting noises whenever they detect suspicious activities. They, therefore, aid you in detecting any impending attacks and uncalled for activities and respond to them appropriately.

Expedites Entry into the Premises

Given that these openers are operable from some distances, they expedite your entry into and out of the premises. They are also fast acting and will therefore not have you wait for too long to enter your premise. This comes in handy during a chase with some gangsters and thugs.

Wards off Accidents and Injuries

These gate openers come along with some safety features like the auto-close, auto reverse, alarms, and timers. These combine jointly to enhance your safety at all times. They alert you of any impending dangers, reverse whenever they confront an obstacle and undertakes some chores automatically after a predefined duration of time. In the process, they ward off accidents and injuries.

Limited Human Input and Brawn

By their nature and design, these openers are automatic in that they require limited or no input from human agents. As such, they are less likely to inflict any injuries on those who operate them at all. This is not to mention that they also eliminate unnecessary fatigue on the part of the operators.

Care and Maintenance

General Cleanliness and Maintenance

From time to time, you have to dust and clean the openers. If left to accumulate for too long, the dust may impede the free operations of the openers. In particular, they may harbor insects which may in turn east the wiring and the electrical components on the whole.

Frequent Lubrication

These openers do contain some movable parts and components. You have to lubricate these parts to prevent them from sustaining rust and guaranteeing their smooth operations. Be sure to use only the right lubricant for the job as not every other lubricant may do the job.

Pay Special Attention to the Electrical Components

Pay keen attention to the electrical components as they are the core of these openers. Fix all the wires in place and do not hesitate to solder any that may be loose. You do not want to sustain any shocks or electrical fires do you? You also want to ensure the proper functioning of the openers at all times.

Change the Security Codes every Quite Often

From time to time, do change the security codes. This is to prevent a third party from mastering the codes and using them to access your property. Choose those codes which are unlikely to be guessed or tampered with.

Work on the Alarm Systems

Work on the alarm systems as well. These alarms do alert you beforehand. See to it that at any given time, the systems are fully operational and that they are up to date. You may also consider upgrading them to make them current and fully operational.

Common Problem and How to Fix

Poor Gate Posts and Hinges

This issue arises when the hinges are obsolete. To fix the problem, you will have to change the hinges and the gate posts. This is because the problem is usually as a result of rusting and obsolescence of the said parts. No amount of repairs may restore them to their original standards.

Sliding Gate Stops when not fully open

In most instances, this problem is caused by faults in the springs and opening mechanism of the door. You just have to work on the springs to fix the problem. You really do not have to replace the springs altogether. You, however, have to bring in a trained expert in this.

Faulty Cabling

Many times, the problem will often arise when the wiring was not done well. This may, therefore, call for an overhaul of the wiring. You will need an electrical expert to do the job. In particular, you will have to note the power supply unit and the motherboard as they are the two most affected portions of the openers with regards to this.

Infestations by Insects and Rodents

Some rodents and insects like the lizards, slugs, spiders, and ants may get into the electronics. They may eat up the wires and in the process interfere with the smooth functioning of these components. You only need to keep these rodents and insects away from the gate openers to ward off the problems.

Gate locks that jam during the wet seasons

During the wet seasons, some gates do jam. This may be caused by rusting of the movable parts which may subsequently impede the free movements. You have to lubricate the moving parts to prevent this issue from arising.

What to Look for When Choosing a Gate Opener?

Type of Gate

Gates come in different shapes and sizes. You have to be sure that the gate opener you have in mind can handle your gate. Check out the specifications of your gate and use them to seek the right opener for the job.

Motor Power Output

This refers to the amount of power that the motor exudes at a time. The amount of power produced has to be relevant to the weight and the nature of the gate at hand. The heavy-duty gates require more power than the light-duty counterparts and so on.

Size of Gate

Other than the weight of the gate, the size also matters. A larger gate requires more power to engage than a smaller gate. You should thus see to it that the gate opener of choice is able to tackle your size of the gate. This is to avoid unnecessary hassles and inconveniences.

Control Features vs. Skill Level

Needless to say, these openers are packed with some control features. To avoid encountering unnecessary issues while engaging the openers, you have to settle for an opener whose features you are comfortable with. This is why it is necessary to match your skill level with the control features.

Power Source

They are powered by electrical energy to be able to perform the roles of opening and closing the gates. However, they derive their power from various sources. You have to find one whose source of power is convenient for you. This is to guarantee you utmost reliability at all times.


Q1. When was the first automatic door manufactured?

In 1954

Q2. Who invented the first automatic door?

Dee Horton and Lew Hewitt

Q3. How much does a remote controlled gate cost?

The prices vary with the model, brand, and type. However, expect to part with around $1,400-$3,200

Q4. How much skill do I require to successfully operate an automatic gate opener?

You have to be good in electronics and basic engineering skills to be able to handle a complicated automatic gate opener. However, for the simple openers, only basic know-how in the field of electronics may suffice.

Q5. Are there any dangers that come along with these openers?

YES, there are! You may forget the codes, press the wrong button, and misplace them. To ward off these possibilities, you have to take great care as you engage them.

Final Verdict

MY FAVORITE IS the Mighty Mule (EZGO-SOLAR) with 10W Solar Package. As you may see from the foregoing reviews, it is optimized for comprehensive applications.

By settling for it, you will be certain to accrue greater returns on investments. You will also enjoy the convenience of being able to handle all your gate opening chores in one station. You definitely want to give it a topmost priority in your search for the right gate opener.

Opening and closing the gates automatically is a very significant undertaking indeed. This is because it may make or break a situation.

It has the ability to determine whether your property shall be safe and easy to access or not. That is why you want to treat it with some degree of seriousness.


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