The 10 Best Angle Grinders In 2023

Carpentry and masonry are two crucial professions. It is thanks to these professions that we are able to obtain furniture and other household equipment.

To be able to perform these two vital chores appropriately, the best equipment has to be employed.

Today, we are going to look deeper into the best angle grinder being one of those crucial pieces of equipment.


#1: Makita 9557PBX1 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder with Aluminum Case

Makita 9557PB

Is your search for the right angle grinder dictated by the need for general purpose use? If I heard you answer ‘yes’, you may have to pay keen attention to this specific angle grinder. It does have the bare minimum parts, components, and functionality mix. As such, it may well be the one to look up to.

Powerful 7.5 AMP Motor

A powerful motor that exudes 7.5 amperes of electrical current is by far its most significant trait. This power output is higher enough and makes it possible for you to achieve great strides. It also eliminates the need to wait for too long to be able to complete your tasks.

Labyrinth Construction

Next in line is the labyrinth construction. This one basically seals and shields the motor, the bearings, and the internal from external agents of damage such as dirt, debris, and dust. This way, it lengthens the lifespan of the tool and reduces operational costs.

Protective Zig-zig Varnish

Last is the protective zig-zag varnish. This one seals the exterior of the angle grinder and shields it from the various agents of deterioration. Examples of these are rust, dampening, and corrosion. This arrangement also goes a long way in enhancing the lifespan of the tool.


  • Allows for continuous operations thanks to the lock-on/off feature
  • Accommodates both the DC and the AC power sources
  • Comfortable to operate due to the extra-large paddle switch
  • Reduces the loss of heat and energy by use of the thicker coil wires
  • Quite enduring to the various agents of abuse


  • Its barrel grip has a smaller diameter
  • Weighs a whopping 12 pounds
  • Only for indoor use

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#2: Bosch 1375A 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder

Bosch 1375A

If you are constantly on the go or intend to operate in an isolated environment, you have this angle grinder for your taking. It is lighter in weight, compact in size, and cordless. This design and construction eliminates any form of hindrances on your part and expedites the transportation of the gadget as a whole.

Powerful 6.0-Amp Motor

A powerful 6.0-ampere motor comes in first among the list of the awesome features of this angle grinder. It is powerful, awesome, and handles the most demanding of chores conveniently. This also calls for limited effort on your part not to mention the fact that it takes shorter to bring about the desired ends.

2-position Side Auxiliary Handle

A 2-position side auxiliary handle comes in next. This handle allows you to place the handle in your most convenient location. This again goes a long way in enhancing your comfort and convenience as you engage the various aspects of the grinder.

Bosch’s Service Minder Brush System

To further help you to eliminate any guesswork and enhance the process of maintaining the tool, this angle grinder utilizes the Bosch’s Service Minder Brush System. This is a trusted and proven system of maintenance which brings about great outcomes indeed.


  • Ergonomically-designed top handle for added comfort of use
  • The efficient motor which cuts and grinds with relative ease
  • Great for professional use and applications
  • Keeps dust and debris from entering the switching mechanism
  • Greatly shielded from abrasive debris which may damage it


  • Power consumption
  • Noise pollution
  • Unsuitable for bulkier tasks

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#3: DEWALT DCG414T2 60V MAX 2 Battery FLEXVOLT Grinder with Kickback Brake Kit


If your entire life revolves around carpentry or metalwork, you want an angle grinder that is designed for prolonged use and application. Such an appliance has to be great at saving power to spare you from the need to spend too much to operate it. This is the one to look up to.


It does have an electronic clutch which activates promptly when engaged. It takes a paltry 0.1 seconds to do so. The clutch also deactivates the motor if it detects a stall. This way, it calls for minimal effort and attention on your part. It also minimizes fatigue and allows you to work longer.

Automatic Voltage Variation

Further sparing you from the need to put in too much attention, the angle grinder also varies the voltage automatically. It does so by detecting the changes in weight and severity of the task. This arrangement also smoothens the process of working the various loads.

Brushless Motor

A brushless motor also exists to exude the awesome power that is necessary for tackling those extremely demanding applications. The motor, therefore, allows you to handle those chores that the ordinary grinders are unable to do under normal circumstances. It also spares you from having to wait for too long.


  • Flexible power cord for simplified operations
  • May operate without a cord and in remote locations
  • Excellent stopping mechanism for added convenience in times of use
  • Brakes automatically whenever an obstacle is detected
  • Exudes awesome cutting power


  • Costs a fortune
  • Takes up more storage space
  • Technical expertise to engage

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#4: Hitachi G12SR4 6.2-Amp 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder with 5 Abrasive Wheels

Hitachi G12SR4

Overhead applications are clumsy and generally tedious to engage. This is why you cannot use an ordinary angle grinder to tackle them. Instead, you want one that is specially meant for those applications. This one is perhaps the most outstanding of those kinds of angle grinders.

Left-mounted Slide Switch

A left-mounted slide switch is its most outstanding features and trait. It basically enables you to quickly engage the various aspects of the angle grinder. It also contributes to the safety of both the equipment and you. You will not have to worry at all of any possibilities of injuries or harms.

Spindle Lock

The spindle lock comes in next. This lock basically expedites the processes of changing the discs and other accessories. For this reason, you will not have to invest plenty of effort and time to have your way. The arrangement also makes it possible for you to avoid unnecessary safety breaches.

Side Handle

In closing a side handle also exists in this angle grinder. It is removable and slants in the forward direction. It improves the comfort of your hands and is also optimized for both the left and the right-handed users. The pleasure of maximum convenience is indeed yours to leverage.


  • Reduces fatigue courtesy of the small diameter grip
  • Enables you to use it continuously and for a prolonged duration of time
  • Lasts longer than most other tools of its kind
  • Allows for greater controls and maneuverability
  • High power output which handles tough grinding jobs


  • Too basic in scope and functionality
  • Inconvenient for larger projects
  • Limited returns to investments

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#5: PORTER-CABLE PC60TAG 6.0-Amp 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder


For everyday use and applications, you require an angle grinder that is simpler in scope and pretty easy to engage. No other angle grinder beats this one in terms of simplicity of design and ease of use. It possesses the bare minimum sets of features and is thus great to use.

Tool-free Change Guard

To change its guard, you will not at all have to engage any tools. Instead, you will use your bare hands to do so. With regards to this, you will do so as conveniently as can be. You will not at all endure too much strain and also take the shortest duration of time to achieve your goal.

Spindle Lock Feature

The spindle lock feature comes in next. This feature is used while changing the bits. It facilitates the process of changing the bits by securing the moving parts firmly. This minimizes fidgeting and the associated injuries that generally come along in the process.

3-Position Side Handle

A 3-position side handle closes the list of the topnotch features that this awesome angle grinder has to offer. With this kind of handle, you may be able to engage the grinder from a variety of positions. This contributes to your comfort and convenience while operating the grinder.


  • Awesome power output (11,000 revolutions per minute)
  • Increased tool life for long-term applications
  • Saves a great deal of time at the workplace
  • Reduces the likelihood of fatigue considerably
  • Grants you awesome power and controls while using it


  • Limited range of use
  • Only for a 120V power outlet
  • Tackles fewer applications

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#6: BLACK+DECKER BDEG400 6 Amp Angle Grinder, 4-1/2-Inch


Perhaps no other grinder beats the Black & Decker. This brand is famed world over for its durable, tough, and comfortable appliances. It is a brand you definitely have to think of whenever you are searching for the right angle grinder. It is particularly handy for all kinds of relevant chores.

Metal Gear Case

A metal gear case comes in first. This one serves the role of carrying the angle grinder and its accessories out and about the desired location. The metal case is also stronger and tougher. As such, it withstands the agents of deterioration effectively. This results in longer life and limited costs of repairs and maintenance.

3-Position Side Handle

Its handle differs significantly from those of the other angle grinders. This is due to the fact the position of the handle may be altered in three different ways and positions. In light of this, you will experience unprecedented comfort by reason of placing the grinder in the most convenient position.

Spindle Lock

Lastly, the angle grinder possesses a spindle lock. This one comes in handy while changing the accessory and placing new attachments. It expedites the processes of doing this task. The end result of this kind of arrangement is a simplified and convenient operation.


  • Comprehensive functionality and operations
  • Handles diverse angles and materials
  • Allows you to change accessories easily and conveniently
  • Endures the various agents of abuse pretty easily
  • Diminishes the likelihoods of blisters and friction on your hands


  • Complicated to master and engage
  • Bulkier size
  • Lower power output

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#7: Makita GA4530 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder

Makita GA4530

Do you have extremely tough chores in mind? If you do, this could as well be the angle grinder you have been looking for all along. The grinder is equipped with a host of tough and reliable components. These are geared towards tackling those tough chores with relative ease.

Labyrinth Construction

The labyrinth construction is the chief of its topmost features. Courtesy of this construction, the bearings, and the motors are effectively sealed from the external debris and dust. This feature, therefore, shields the tool from possible damages and malfunctions and guarantees longer lifespan.

Slide Switch Design

It does come along with the slide switch design. This one is further complemented with the lock-on features. These two jointly confer some added convenience to you, the user. You will not struggle too much to engage the grinder. Instead, you will easily apply the force which is amplified to bring about the desired ends.

Protective Zig-zag Varnish

Lastly, the exterior of the angle grinder is varnished with some protective zig-zag outer coating. This one seals the armature angle grinder from the external dust and debris. It, therefore, reduces the pace of wear and tears to bring about extended life. You will not have to dig too deep to maintain this grinder at all.


  • Has a powerful and reliable motor which exudes awesome power
  • Pretty effective for the most demanding applications
  • Compact design and simple to carry around
  • Reduces operational fatigue
  • Twice as long lasting as the ordinary models


  • Inflicts higher utility bills
  • Imposes unusual discomforts
  • Backed by a limited 1-year warranty

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#8: SKIL 9296-01 7.5-Amp 4-1/2-Inch Paddle Switch Angle Grinder

SKIL 9296-01

For tackling tough chores in remote locations, you require a very powerful tool. This one has the ability to exude twice as much power as the standard tool of its kind. This arrangement enables you to handle tasks that are ordinarily too great to handle under normal circumstances.

Heavy-duty Metal Gear Housing

A heavy-duty metal gear housing tops the list of the awesome features. This housing is tough and truly reliable. It shields the interior contents from the external elements of wear and tear. By reason of this arrangement, it extends the life of the angle grinder considerably.

Vibration-reducing Handle

Unlike the handles of most other grinders, this one is designed in such a way as to reduce the vibrations and shakings. This feature allows for prolonged use and applications as it diminishes the potential discomforts. It also spares your hand from sustaining blisters and bruises.

On-tool Wrench Storage

You will not have to look elsewhere for the sake of storing your gears. This is because the grinder comes along with its own on-tool wrench storage compartment. You will not fear the possibility of the gears and the other accessories from getting lost. Instead, you will conveniently access them if and when you need them.


  • Allows for simplified replacements of the grinder wheel
  • Also quicker to adjust as the need may so dictate
  • Improved and advanced parts and components
  • Designed with your overall safety and wellbeing in mind
  • Creates room for greater maneuverability in times of use


  • Poor after-sale services
  • Limited applicability
  • Not so reputable brand

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#9: DEWALT DWE402K 4-1/2-Inch 11-Amp Angle Grinder Kit


Your workplace need not necessarily be unkempt and untidy. It is indeed possible to handle the most demanding chores but still leave behind almost no debris at all. This can only happen if you employ a reliable and specially designed angle grinder of this kind.

Retractable Utility Hook

When you are done with the process of grinding or utilizing the angle grinder for other purposes, you definitely want to keep it conveniently. This grinder allows you to do that as simply as possible can. This is due to its possession of the retractable utility hook which allows for convenient hanging.

Outstanding Power-to-weight Ratio

It does have an outstanding power-to-weight ratio. This ensures that the grinder exudes a power that is proportional to the weight of the task that is in progress. This arrangement sees to it that the outcomes are uniform and as effective as can be.

Optimized Ergonomic Design

Lastly, the angle grinder features an optimized ergonomic design. This one brings about exceptional overhead drilling experience. The experience is as a result of the comfortable operations that is coupled with awesome controls and functionality. You will not feel fatigued unnecessarily while using the gadget at all.


  • Has an extended runtime and longer lifespan
  • Regulates the rotational speed and forces appropriately
  • Makes arrangements for the cleaning and dusting of the grinder
  • Simpler to engage and operate courtesy of the one-touch guard
  • Prevents accidental start-ups and the associated injuries


  • Too weighty to carry around with ease
  • Strictly for indoor use
  • The gigantic size which calls for more storage space

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#10: Milwaukee 2780-20 M18 Fuel 4-1/2″/5″ Pad, Bare

Milwaukee 2780-20

If your search for the right grinder is dictated by the need for remote use and applications, you might want to consider this one. It is cordless, runs on batteries, and can thus operate well in areas that are detached from the mainstream.


Its topmost feature is the cordless nature. This mainly stems from the fact that it does not derive its power from the mains electricity. Because of this arrangement, you have the benefit of being able to use it wherever the situation may so demand. This grants you some form of freedom of use and operations.


As stated, this angle grinder does not draw its power from the mains electricity. Instead, it utilizes a Lithium-ion battery. This battery is long-lasting and thus ensures unhindered operations. This arrangement also allows you to derive the attendant benefits in the remotest of locations.

Optimal Wheel Size

Its wheel measures a paltry 4.5 inches. This is pretty compact in nature and allows for simplified operations. With regards to this, you may be certain not to encounter unnecessary inconveniences while operating this grinder. This also eliminates fatigue and makes the task of grinding quite enjoyable.


  • Lasts longer and returns higher returns to investments
  • Handles a vast array of tasks and purposes
  • Possesses a comfortable grip for long-term use
  • Portable and easy to use and engage
  • Lighter in weight and calls for limited brawn


  • Weak polymer construction
  • Limited and incomprehensive warranty
  • Not so reliable brand

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An angle grinder is a device that possesses a rotating yet abrasive disc. It is employed in both carpentry and masonry to pursue a couple of tasks and purposes.

These include polishing, grinding, and cutting wood and metal, alongside other materials.


The following are the main kinds of angle grinders:


This one, as the name suggests, draws its power from the mains electricity. It is used for those tasks that are long, tedious, and elaborate. This stems from its tough construction and awesome power output.


Unlike the electric angle grinder, this one derives its power from the batteries rather than mains electricity. It is mainly used for remote applications owing to its portable nature and the ability to operate off the grid.


Rather than the batteries or the mains electricity, the pneumatic angle grinders derive their power from the compressed ambient air. They are manually operated and as such require some brawn from users. It is similarly used for remote applications.


Lastly, comes the petrol-powered angle grinder. This is mainly used for industrial applications and in remote locations. Its critical downside is the fact that it emits harmful gases which may pose respiratory tract infections.


You need an angle grinder for the sake of performing the following, and indeed, so many more other chores:

Grinding Mortar

In some instances, you might often have to grind mortar in finer particles. The blades of the angle grinder are sharp and tough enough to break the hardest mortar into the finest particles. This comes in handy while demolishing buildings.

Sharpening Blades

If you have any cutting tools in your possession, the angle grinders may also aid you in sharpening them. This is due to the fact that it contains a tough blade. When the blade is complemented with rotational force, it sharpens those blades.

Removing Paint

Do you have a surface which you want to repaint? You have the angle grinder for your taking. It does peel off the paint that is presently in existence. This way, it prepares the surface for the subsequent fresh painting.

Cleaning and Polishing Metals

The angle grinder can also clean and polish metallic surfaces. It sharps blades can peel off paints and other debris that may have settled on the surface. This way, it leaves behind a surface that is fresh and untainted.

Cutting Tiles, Stone, and Concrete

Owing to the sharp and powerful blades, the angle grinders can also cut the concrete, stone, and tiles. Unlike other cutting tools, it is more efficient by reason of exuding higher power output than most alternative cutting tools.


Generally speaking, the angle grinder operates optimally in a clean and dirt-free environment.

This is because the debris such as dust has the impacts of clogging its movable parts and components.

In light of this, it is necessary that the grinder is dusted, oiled, and cleaned every quite often.

It is also necessary that these grinders be furnished with the right power input to guarantee awesome performance.


Follow these procedures to be able to use the angle grinder appropriately:

Step I: Start off by marking the outline of the surface or the material you intend to cut, polish or grind. Be sure to exercise some form of due diligence as any errors are usually irreversible. This means you cannot undo them once you have made them.

Step II: Proceed to clamp the material or the surface you intend to work on securely. This is to prevent the likelihood of the material inflicting harm or injuries to you in the course of executing the task. An outline depth of around 1/8 inches would be advisable.

Step III: Orient the angle grinder appropriately. Do this by adjusting the blade guard in such a way as it deflects the sparks as far away from your body and face as possible. You do not want to sustain any injuries and burns in the process.

Step IV: Align the grinding wheel of the angle grinder with the respective blade angle. This is to ensure that no inconsistencies or errors arise in the course of working on the said materials.

Step V: There you go! Power the grinder and move the grinding wheel consistently over the blade and at the same time applying some pressure as you move along. Vary the pressure accordingly depending on the severity of the task and the toughness of the surface.


Adhere to the following safety tips as you operate the angle grinder:

Wear the appropriate protective gears.

The gloves and the face shields are by far two of the most common and significant gears you have to utilize. These gears will shield you will from the fire sparks and other potential harms.

Unplug the angle grinder whenever you are changing the wheels.

This is to prevent the risks of electrocution in the process of so doing. It is also necessary to protect you from the risks of sustaining cuts and other associated injuries.

Hold the angle firmly whenever in use

Be sure to hold the angle grinder firmly whenever you are using it. In case it slips and falls off from your hands, it may often inflict untold injuries and harms to you. Do so preferably with both of your hands just to be sure.

Use the guard if possible.

For added safety and utmost surety, you want to use the guard also. You have to take care of the sensitive portions of your body like the face, groin, and chest regions. They are often too difficult to make up for once infected.

Chanel the debris away safely

Needless to say, huge chunks of debris will often be produced in the course of working the various surfaces. You have to channel this debris away from you, preferably, downwards. This will go a long way in minimizing the amount of dirt accumulated and with, it the associated tasks.


The following are some of the major components of the typical angle grinder:

Disc Lock Button

As the name suggests, the disc lock plays the role of securing the disc in place whenever the angle grinder is not in use. On the same breath, it also serves the role of opening the grinder whenever it is just about to be utilized.

Power Switch

This is the power button of the angle grinder. When pressed on, it activates the angle grinder to enable it to be able to operate. When disengaged, it switches off the angle grinder and renders it impossible to operate.

Side Handles

These are used to get hold of the angle grinder and transport it around as need be. Most of them are ergonomically designed and are thus quite comfortable to engage. They are also reliable enough to be able to lift the heavy loads.

Disc Selector

Most grinders are suited for a variety of tasks and purposes. These include grinding, cutting, polishing, and cleaning. To be able to switch from one to another of these purposes, these grinders utilize discs. The disc selector is what allows you to make this switch.

Side Handle Attachment

Lastly, comes the side handle attachments. This is a portion of the grinder which accommodates extra attachments and accessories. This way it extends the functionality of the said equipment and allows it to perform a host of vital extra roles.


#1: Cordon off the workstation. Secure the workplace in such a way as to keep the bystanders at bay. Those who are at the workplace should all put on the right protective attire, more so the safety glasses.

#2: Orient the angle grinders in such a way that they spin away from rather than into the sharp edges. This is to keep off the debris from you and to minimize the risks of injuries.

#3: Keep sparks as far away from flammable materials as possible. You do not want to sustain burns and other associated injuries from these flames and sparks, do you? Doing so shall minimize the likelihood of this happen.

#4: Clamp or secure the workpiece tightly. There is usually the tendency of the surfaces and the objects being worked on to fidget unnecessarily. In the course of so doing, they usually harm or predispose your body to untold dangers.

#5: Store the angle grinders out of the reach of the children. It goes without saying that these tools are potentially dangerous and should hence not be left in the purview or easy reach of the children. They may often sustain huge problems.


You must pay keen attention to the following issues and aspects in your search for the right angle grinder:

Adjustable Guard

You have to be certain to settle for a machine that has the adjustable guard. This is to guarantee the protection of your hands from sparks and the resultant debris that arise in the course of working on the various materials.


By far the most recommended kinds of handles are those that are adjustable. This is to grant you the leeway to operate the machine conveniently. It will also see to it that the angle grinder may be used by persons with varying sizes of hands.

Soft Start

A good angle grinder must possess this soft start feature. This is basically a feature that makes it possible for you to handle the machine conveniently by preventing it from wrenching and twisting in the course of use.


As stated, these angle grinders are used for a variety of tasks. You have to not only settle for one that is comprehensive in scope but is also easier to operate. This can only happen if the angle grinder has an interchangeable feature.


This refers to the quantity of power output. A good angle grinder must exude higher power output to be able to handle the toughest chores with ease. It also spares you from the need to put in too much effort.

Speed of Operations

Other than exuding awesome power output, a good angle grinder also ought to perform the associated tasks and chores as fast as possible. Look for one whose revolutions per minute rating is similarly higher, preferably 10,000 and above.

Power Source

From the foregoing discussions, it is clear that these angle grinders derive their power from a variety of sources. By far the most common of these are the mains electricity, compressed air, petrol, and batteries. Select the one whose power source is convenient for you.

Size of the Disc

Lastly, you have to factor the size of the disc. A good disc has to be larger and more powerful. Take care also of the available storage space. A larger disc size will usually call for more storage space. It is also less convenient to handle and carry around.


Q1. What is RPM with regards to angle grinder?

This is the revolutions per minute and it refers to the speed of the rotation of the grinder’s cutter.

Q2. How is grinding ratio and why is it important?

It is the volume of materials that are removed for any unit of the volume of the wear of the wheels. A higher grinding ratio is better as it signifies greater efficiency of the machine.

Q3. What are the major mistakes that can be made while using these tools?

You may neglect to lubricate the moving parts, store the grinder appropriately, or replace the worn out parts and components, to mention but a few!

Q4. What are the top brands of the angle grinders?

Black & Decker, Makita, Bosch, Dewalt, Hitachi, Porter-Cable, Skil, and Milwaukee are by far the top brands at the moment.

Q5. Are angle grinders really indispensable?

Yes, they are! They are able to discharge a couple of chores which require numerous other tools to perform at a time. By possessing them, you get to minimize the wastage of time and resources.


My favorite is the BLACK+DECKER BDEG400 6 Amp Angle Grinder, 4-1/2-Inch. As you may deduce from the foregoing explanations, this one has the comprehensive sets of features that are necessary for doing a great job.

It is also a reputable brand which is backed by awesome back-end customer support services. This is not to mention its efficacy in delivering the required outcomes.

Now that you know all that you may possibly need to, why don’t you go ahead and acquire at least one angle grinder of your choice?

Indeed, all the ones we have discussed above are great and reliable in their own right. They are therefore more likely to yield you some awesome outcomes.

Remember also to spread this news far and wide. You do not want to enjoy these benefits alone, do you?

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