The 11 Best Air Hose Reels 2023

While carrying out carpentry, masonry, and metalwork, it is not uncommon to confront the need to channel some higher air inflows to the workstation.

So, you will need the best air hose reel. We have seen it necessary to let you know the finer details of these wonderful gadgets in our discussions below.

11 Best Air Hose Reel Reviews

#1: Air Hose Reel with Retractable 50 Foot Hose

Air Hose reel by Campbell Hausfeld

Are you looking for an air hose to use in all kinds of environments? You have this one for your consideration. By its nature and design, it is well suited for all kinds of temperature ranges. It is hence able to withstand numerous working environments.

Wider Temperature Range

Coming in first among its most admirable features is the wider applicable temperature range. They can do just fine in the hot as well as the cold working environments. This means you will not have to acquire newer or separate alternatives to use at any given time.

Durable PVC Material

Its next most admirable feature is the reinforced and durable PVC material construction. This one is so strong and awesome that it withstands the various agents of abuse effectively. By reason of this construction, the reel is also extremely flexible as to allow for simple handling.

High Volume Air Flow

It ejects air at a pretty fast and voluminous rate. This enables you to handle all your fastening, bolting, sanding, painting, and nailing activities with ease. It also ensures that you spend the least realistic amount of time possible to play the aforementioned roles.


  • Can be mounted on the wall or the ceiling
  • Resists corrosion and other common agents of deterioration
  • Suitable for heavy-duty use and applications
  • Works well within 35°F to 250°F temperature range
  • Confers some convenience in the work site


  • Quite weighty and inconvenient to move around
  • Calls for the possession of awesome muscle power to handle
  • Requires plenty of storage space

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#2: Ironton Mini Air Hose Reel

Ironton Mini Air Hose Reel

Do you intend to move around frequently? If I heard you answer, ‘yes,’ you should take possession of this particular air hose reel. Generally speaking, it is lighter in weight and subsequently well able to be carried around with much ease. It is hence less likely to inflict any toll on you at all.

Lightweight and Compact Design

In all, the reel is both lights in weight and compact in size. It measures a paltry ¼ inch by 26 feet. It is this particular aspect of the reel that makes it well suited for use in remote locations. The aspect also makes it convenient to store as it calls for limited storage space on your part.

Ratcheting Locking Action

A ratcheting action does exist by which this air hose reel is locked. This locking mechanism is so tough and reliable that it prevents the reel from falling back after fastening. It also allows you to determine the length at which you prefer locking the reel in place.

Flexible Mounting

Lastly, the reel may be mounted flexibly and by a variety of options. For instance, you may mount it on a wall, rotate it at an angle of around 180° and even place it on a ceiling! As you may see, you have the benefit of maximum convenience to your advantage to leverage.


  • Great for areas that have limited space
  • Fits varying lengths and installation sizes
  • Light in weight and extremely compact in size
  • Hose retracts automatically to save you effort
  • Has the awesome –4°F to 140°F working temperature range


  • Low maximum pressure output of just 180 pounds-per-square-inch
  • Less durable construction
  • Not so reliable for frequent and repeated use

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#3: ReelWorks 27807153A Air Compressor/Water Hose Reel

ReelWorks 27807153A

Intense and rigorous applications require an equally tough and reliable air hose reel. Look to no other reel than this one as it is the one that is optimized for such kinds of applications. This stems from its durable construction which is pretty capable of resisting all kinds of agents of wear and tear.

High-quality Impact-resistant Polypropylene Construction

A high-quality impact-resistant polypropylene construction tops its most admirable set of features. This construction is so strong as to be able to withstand all the various agents of deterioration. These include a tear, torsion, kinks, and curvatures, to mention but a few!

Swivel Bracket

An attached swivel bracket also forms part of the air hose reel construction. With this swivel bracket, it is possible for you to mount the reel on a ceiling, wall, or even rotate it at an angle of around 180°. You have the pleasure of maximum convenience to your advantage.


Both the hose inlet and the swivel feature new and up to date designs. These jointly check against any leaks and the associated dangers that come along with such leaks. You may count on the reel not to waste any more of your air as a result of this.


  • Pretty resistant to kinks and other agents of tears
  • Certified by the ISO 9001 certification standards
  • Tested and approved for use for intense applications
  • Rewinds automatically and in an orderly fashion
  • Features a durable and long-lasting construction


  • Quite rough and moderately injurious
  • May be quite cumbersome to move around
  • Almost impossible to repair if broken

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#4: ReelWorks L815153HA Air Compressor/Water Hose Reel

ReelWorks L815153HA

If you are that kind of a person whose whole life revolves around workmanship and technical applications, pay keen attention to the following mini-review. This is because the air hose is intended for persons of your caliber. It is stronger and more durable than most ordinary equipment.

Steel Construction

Unlike most other ordinary reels, this one is made of steel. As such, it is more durable and pretty resilient to the various agents of wear and tear. What’s more? Its outer surface is coated with a corrosion-resistant powder for the added length of life.

Full-flow Solid Swivel Joint

Its joints come in the form of the full-flow solid swivel. This form of joint is ordinarily very flexible and agile. It allows for the smooth turning and rotation of the air hose reel. This means you will encounter comparatively limited hassles as you engage it.

Flexible Ratchet Spring

Generally speaking, the air hose reel is easier to engage and manipulate. This is made possible mainly by the existence of the multi-position release ratchet spring. You may be sure not to confront too much of your energy and strength to have your way insofar as engaging this vital equipment is concerned.


  • Quite resistant to abrasion and hence lasts longer
  • Does not kink unnecessarily whenever it is engaged appropriately
  • Has a superior bend radius for maximum agility on your part
  • Manufactured by a reputable and authoritative brand
  • Coated for strength and high resistance to corrosion


  • Not very convenient to engage
  • Requires the input of too much muscle power
  • May pose untold harm to you when handled recklessly

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#5: DuRyte Pro Retractable Air Hose Reel

DuRyte Pro Retractable Air Hose Reel

For faster and rigorous tasks, you cannot afford to waste even a minute in the process. You definitely want to spend the least amount of time in engaging the various aspects of the air hose reel. This one is designed with the aim of requiring the least amount of attention on your part. Try it out if you find yourself in this position.

Optional Position-lock Mechanism

An optional position-lock mechanism does exist to aid you in locking the hose at any position of your choice and at any time. The lock is designed in an excellent manner and is subsequently easier to engage. You, therefore, have your safety well taken care of by reason of the existence of this feature.

High-impact Polypropylene Case

Next comes in the high-impact polypropylene case. This is enclosed in the package that forms the air hose reel proper. Its role is basically to protect the hose so as to make it last longer. By reason of this case, you will generally spend less to care for and maintain the reel throughout its years of service.

Automatic Guide Function

Lastly comes the automatic guide function. This functionality simply makes the process of winding the hose an orderly and less involving undertaking. The reason behind this is the fact that the rewind happens automatically and with as minimal effort on your part as possible.


  • Made of the durable contractor-grade materials
  • Features the spring-powered mechanism which expedites the process of retraction
  • Remains flexible during all the various weather conditions
  • Has a pretty high bursting pressure
  • Calls for reduced costs of repairs and maintenance


  • Requires some expertise and experience to handle
  • Quite cumbersome to engage with maximum ease
  • Not for those light and simple everyday tasks

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#6: DeWalt DXCM024-0345 Hose Reel

DeWalt DXCM024-0345 Hose Reel

You want a universal machine if you are a career workman or technician. This universal air hose reel is indeed yours for the taking if you are the kind of a person I am talking about here. As you are about to note, this equipment is able to serve a vast array of applications at a time.

Automatic Spring-powered Drive

At its core is an automatic spring-powered drive. This drive makes the task of retracting the hose simpler, easy, and more automatic in nature. You are subsequently spared of the need to put in too much of your effort to engage its various aspects and parts.

Self-leveling System

It is also equipped with a self-leveling system. This mechanism enables the hose to wind and unwind smoothly and with relative ease. In light of this, you yet again have the benefit of reduced inconveniences or hassles to confront as you engage its various components.

Solid Brass ¼-inch NPT Male End Fittings

At its ends are the solid Brass ¼-inch NPT male end fittings. These are so strong and durable as not to ever corrode or suffer from the possible effects of abrasion. You have the pleasure of reduced incidences of breakdowns and with it, the undesirable side effects of higher maintenance costs.


  • Can be mounted just about anywhere!
  • Reduces the kinks and other issues considerably
  • Possesses some bend restrictors which make them easier to utilize
  • Pairs and communicates with many other relevant items
  • Serves household, contractor, and industrial applications conveniently


  • Operates at a paltry 300 PSI or less
  • May not handle tougher chores effectively
  • Brings about considerably lower value for money

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#7: DeWalt DXCM024-0343 Double Arm Hose Reel

DeWalt DXCM024-0343

Perhaps no other brand is as reliable and authoritative as the DeWalt. This is because it has consistently manufactured equipment that has been known to be strong and very reliable. You definitely want to give one of its items a try it all that you want is the best of experience.

Auto-retracting Steel Hose

Its hose is made of steel. It has the ability to retract automatically notwithstanding its steel construction. Moreover, it is also adorned with a premium rubber hose. This provides added protection to the hose. You will hence enjoy smoothly engaging the reel and spending less to maintain it.

Professional-grade All-steel construction

The skeleton of the air hose reel comes in the form of the professional-grade all-steel construction. This material as we all know is very strong and pretty reliable. What’s more? It is supplemented with some 4-roller hose guide. The end results are maximum durability and long-term reliability.

Self-leveling System

In all, the air hose comes along with a self-leveling system or mechanism. The mechanism basically exists to wind the hose as smoothly and as evenly as can be. Being self-leveling, it calls for no intervention on your part. You are therefore free to pursue the other chores that may matter equally at the same time.


  • Wears comparatively slower than most ordinary alternatives
  • Pretty strong, durable, and way very reliable
  • Enables you to pull its length to your desired dimensions
  • Does not lose its flexibility in the cold weather as well
  • Confers to you all the advantages of the reputable DeWalt brand


  • Quite smaller and less reliable to use
  • Has a lower pressure output
  • Costs some decent money to afford

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#8: Goplus Air Hose Reel

Goplus Air Hose Reel

For your safety and smooth flow of work, you badly want a hose that is pretty effective to carry and engage as need be. Perhaps no other hose as is as suited for such a feat better than this one. It comes along with a host of some elegant and unique features for the job.

All-steel construction

To begin with, it features all-steel construction. This one is pretty strong and highly durable. The construction also comprises axle support which confers added stability in times of operating it. With this reel, you may say goodbye to unnecessary hassles and inconveniences of use.

Adjustable Guide

Its guides are adjustable. As such, they allow for easy use whenever the reel is mounted on a wall or a bench. This is because it makes use of some 4-roller design to do the job. You will hence find the reel easier to engage and mount as per your unique preferences.

Lubricated Precision Bearings

Lastly, the bearings of the hose reel are highly precise. They are also lubricated to allow for careful and smooth rewinds. This means you will key in less effort and muscle power to be able to unwind the reel after you are through with the task of furnishing air.


  • Simpler to protect and store as the need may so require
  • Capable of operating at desired lengths of your choice
  • Works faster and more convenient compared to other reels
  • Allows for simplified operations and engagement
  • Neither kinks nor warps nor sustains scratches with ease


  • Too complicated for the mastery of a simple user
  • May not perform certain chores with ease
  • Prone to frequent breakdowns and hence calls for repeated repairs

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#9: Freeman P1465CHR Compact Retractable Air Hose Reel

Freeman P1465CHR

Is yours a limited workspace? You want an air hose reel that is optimized for limited workspaces if you answered the question in the affirmative. This perhaps is your best bet, of all the air hose reels you might have for your consideration. Its makeup and composition enable this to happen.

Spring-loaded Torsion System

Its torsion system, unlike most of the competing air hose reels, is equipped with a spring-loaded mechanism. This one expedites the process of twisting the reel whenever sufficient pressure is exerted on it. By reason of this arrangement, chances of the reel posing some injuries to you are kept to an absolute minimum.

Auto-guide Rewind

The rewind mechanism, on the other hand, comes in the form of an auto-rewind. This mechanism basically lets it retract automatically with minimal intervention on your part. It also enables the reel to latch in continuous intervals. In light of this, you are less prone to any injuries at all.

Hybrid PVC Polymer Construction

Lastly, the entire reel features a hybrid PVC construction. The construction is generally lighter in weight and tough enough at the same time. With regards to this, it confers to you the triple benefits of strength, maximum durability, and portability.


  • Manufactured under the strictest quality control guidelines
  • Suitable for professional and do-it-yourselfer contractors alike
  • Provides maximum efficiency and great ease of use
  • Greatly frees up the available workspace
  • Measures a whopping kink-free 65 feet


  • Sold, distributed and warranted only in the USA
  • Unsuitable for large-scale industrial applications
  • Brings about lower value for money

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#10: Flexzilla Retractable Enclosed Plastic Air Hose Reel

Flexzilla Retractable Enclosed Plastic Air Hose Reel

Are you a do-it-yourselfer? If you answered the question in the affirmative, your solution lies in a reel that is simple and easy to use as this one. As you are about to see, the entire material construction and features of the reel are very simple to master and comprehend.

Anodized Aircraft Aluminum Fittings

The fittings of the reel are made of the durable high-grade Anodized Aircraft Aluminum. Given this construction, the hose is able to outlast its competitors by a very huge margin. This is not to mention that it also costs less on your part to care for and maintain.

Adjustable Hose Stopper

At its extreme end is the adjustable hose stopper. This one basically adjusts to enable you to increase and reduce the length of the hose accordingly. By reason of this arrangement, you will enjoy the benefit of minimized clutter and greatly saved workspace.

Flexible Hybrid Polymer Air Hose

On the whole, it is constructed using a flexible hybrid polymer material. The material apart from being the string is also light and flexible. As such, it does not impose any inconveniences on your part as you go about the business of manipulating it accordingly. This is not to mention that it functions optimally under all weather conditions.


  • Operates automatically and independent of your controls
  • Very flexible even in subzero temperature ranges
  • Stays durable and robust for a prolonged duration of time
  • Attaches to and works hand in hand with numerous co-operant tools and equipment
  • Has the impressive 3:1 safety factor


  • Lower maximum working pressure of only 150 PSI
  • Limited in scope and applicability
  • Not so great a purchase and companion

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#11: Lincoln Lubrication 83753 50′ x 3/8″ Air Reel

Lincoln Lubrication 83753 50′ x 3/8″ Air Reel

Frequent and prolonged applications can only be handled using durable and heavy-gauge air hose reels of this kind. It is only tough and reliable materials of these kinds that can guarantee the rigor, strength, and dependability necessary for optimal performance.

5-position Adjustable Outlet Arm

Its outlet arm stands far apart from the others. This is because they are adjustable, unlike the others which are stringent and barely bend to accommodate newer dimensions. Because of this arrangement, you may be sure to experience unparalleled convenience at all times of use and application.

Slotted Mounting Base

You will also make use of a completely different mounting mechanism while handling this particular reel. This is the slotted, rather than the swivel mounting base and mechanism. Comparatively speaking, the mounting base is simpler and easier to install. You are freed from too many strains and efforts to install the reel.

Spring-powered Automatic Recoil

Lastly, the recoil mechanism is automated over and above being spring-powered. This feature comes in handy when recoiling the air hose as it negates any muscle power or effort on your part. This is not to mention that it operates automatically and thus spares you the need to put in too much attention.


  • Wholly constructed using steel and is thus tougher
  • Fitted with a rubber hose that measures 3/8 inches by 50 feet
  • Has an 8-position ratchet system for simplified positioning
  • Durable heavy-gauge construction lasts longer
  • Performs many operational cycles at a time


  • Costs a lot of money
  • Unsuitable for lighter and everyday tasks
  • Can pose irreversible damages and injuries

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What Are Air Hose Reels?

An air hose reel is basically a special hose, which is used for channeling air under intense pressure.

It is connected to an air pump, scuba tank, or air brake and has a nozzle that regulates the outflow of air.

It is ordinarily strong and flexible. This is to withstand high impacts and allow for convenience while in use.

Facts Of Using Air Hose Reels

If you regularly use pneumatic tools in your workstation and construction sites, you inevitably have to make use of the air hose. It saves same time besides channeling huge quantities of high-pressure air to your workstation.

A hair hose reel is first and foremost a matter of convenience. This is because it is easier to engage, store, and transport. The same may not be said of the other pneumatic tools as they are large, cumbersome and bulkier.

Generally speaking, the air hose reel is more accessible and easier to reach out to when compared to the other pneumatic tools. This makes it a worthier companion whenever you are in a congested workshop as it is easier to reach out to.

They are also safer than most other pneumatic tools. This is because they minimize clutter and also make the handling and engagement simplified and generally easier.

If you are using powered tools, put on goggles or impact glasses. The chances of the tool malfunctioning are high. If and when this happens, it will often send some debris flying in the air.

How To Install An Air Hose Reel In Your Garage

Find the most desirable installation location

Skim your garage to identify the most suitable installation location. Generally, you want to place it in an area that is easily accessible and free from any dangers. The entrance to the workshop is certainly not one of these areas.

Install the bottom two bolts first

Using a 2-inch latch bolt, install the bottom two bolts first. Tighten the screws tightly using the bolt to ensure that the end result is very stable indeed. You may consider hitting it to test whether it is still reliable, as it ought to be.

Proceed with the top two bolts

Now move on to the two top bolts. Use the same 2-inch latch bolt to fix the said areas. You yet again have to test the installation to be sure that it is strong and reliable at all times.

Coil the reel on the holding tank

Now coil the air hose reel on the holding tank or support mechanism. This is to avail it whenever you might want to access it. After coiling it around and about the holding tank, try coiling and uncoiling it to ascertain its reliability.

Connect one end to the air compressor

Finish off by connecting one end of the air hose reel to the compressor. You will need to use a spanner to fix the ends and tighten appropriately. Be sure to leave no room for any leaks as this might interfere with the proper functioning of the air hose reel.

Using Tricks For Mounting Your Air Hose Reel

Choose the right length

Choose a hose reel of just the right length. This is to prevent any inconveniences that may arise from the use of inappropriate length. You do not want your workspace to be congested or too short a reel.

Select the most appropriate mounting spot

You should also select a suitable mounting spot. Stay away from the emergency exits and other areas which are generally prone to congestion in times of emergencies. This definitely is to prevent worsening of the problems if and when they arise.

Tighten the installations

Be sure to tighten the installations. Tightening the installations is necessary as to prevent the accidental fall offs of the hose reels after they are installed. You do not want to endanger the lives of the occupants of the workshops, do you?

Safeguard from Passersby

You should also label the installation legibly to safeguard the passersby from accidentally tripping or hitting their heads at the installations.

Disconnect the air compressor when not in use

Lastly, disconnect the air hose reel from the air compressor whenever you are not using the air. This is to prevent any accidental release of air which might jeopardize the room occupants.

How To Fix A Leaky Air Hose Reel Where It Spins

Pinpoint the exact point of the leak

Start off by pinpointing the exact point of the leak. This is necessary as it shall determine the subsequent course of action you might have to take.

Switch off the air compressor

After identifying the exact point of the leak, you now have to switch off the air compressor. This is to stop the fluids from flowing into the air hose reel and then sustaining more leaks.

Disengage the air hose reel

Now disengage the air hose reel from the air compressor. You will have to do this to enable you to work on the leak more conveniently. This procedure is also necessary to minimize further losses of gas or the associated fluids.

Seal the leak or replace the part

Seal the leak accordingly. If you are unable to do so, you might want to replace the leaking apart altogether. Find a spare part that is as compatible with the said part as possible. Slot it into the place and tighten effectively.

Restore the connections

After you are through with the replacements, you now have to restore the connections. Simple return all the parts as they were before you disengaged them. Tighten the said parts using bolts and spanners. Test for efficacy before proceeding with the next phase.

What Should I Look When Choosing An Air Hose Reels?

Pressure Rating

The primary role of the air hose reel is to channel air to a given workstation. It, therefore, follows that the pressure rating is by far the most significant consideration you have to make. You do not want one that is too weak or too strong for your use and application.


You also want to consider just how long the reel is. This will help you determine the chores and usage environments you may devote the reel too. Find one that is as long as possible to prevent any mishaps and unnecessary inconveniences.

Material Construction

The kinds of materials that are used to make up the air hose reel also determine their efficacy and the total length of time you might make use of them. Look for those materials that are stronger, flexible, and resistant to the various elements of wear and tear.

The Nature of the Task at Hand

Some tasks are light and may be accomplished by the most basic of the air hose reels available. Others though are too complex and intense to be handled by ordinary kinds of reels. You inevitably have to look for those air hose reels that are equally strong, durable, and very reliable.

Technical Expertise

Lastly, you have to factor your technical expertise as well. You want to settle on one which is easily within your grasp and understanding. Be on the lookout for the air hose reel whose controls are simple and easier to master.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What role does a whip play in an air hose reel?

It reduces your likelihood of feeling tired besides lengthening the longevity of the main hose. This, in turn, increases the mobility of the air hose especially in those areas that are congested and limited in space.

Q2. What is a lead in an air hose reel?

This is an accessory, mostly made of rubber, which is used to connect the hose reels, supply lines, compressors, and other piping system components. It provides some flexibility while carrying out this vital purpose.

Q3. Do garden air hose reels contain lead?

Not really. There are regulations in place to safeguard the users of these pipes. Such regulations demand that the standard water pipe contains no more than 2,500 pipes per million of Lead.

Q4. Are the air hose reels toxic?

Yes. Most of the air hose reels are made of the harmful polyvinyl chloride (PVC), Organotins, and BPA. As such, you want to take great care not to over-expose yourself to them as you too may be poisoned in the process.

Q5.It is possible to get sick by drinking from an air hose reel?

Yes, you can! As stated, the materials that are used to make up the air hose reels are poisonous. The exposure of the water to these materials have the attendant consequence of poisoning the water. It is because of this that you might get sick by drinking the water.


MY FAVORITE IS Lincoln Lubrication 83753 50′ x 3/8″ Air Reel. I am a career workman who handles numerous tasks almost every other day.

This particular air hose reel is very reliable and resistant to the various agents of deterioration. As such, it performs optimally at all times and under all circumstances.


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