Who We Are

We all want to get the best value for money in the products we buy. However, it does not always work like that. These two statements put into summary the main reason behind the birth of The Dear Lab.

The Dear Lab is a site that provides detailed top-notch product descriptions on diversified topics. The website provides its visitors with a quick yet reliable way of accessing top-grade products that meet their needs irrespective of the sizes of their pockets.

What We Do Here

The Dear Lab takes pride in having access to experts with the brightest minds in different fields, explaining why most customers are turning to us when in need of that ideal purchase.

We don’t want to have anyone left out, and that is why The Dear Lab gives an all-budget buying advice in as many as thirteen areas and still on the verge of diversifying further.

Currently, we offer purchasing suggestions on topics such as automotive, beauty, electronics, fishing, health, home improvement, hunting, tools, pet, lawn garden, kitchen, outdoors, and arts craft and sewing.

Every article combines nifty product recommendations and brings out the uniqueness of each product clearly to make it more straightforward for anyone to pick the option that meets their needs to the letter.

The content also has a FAQs section that addresses the customers’ most common questions about the product in discussion.

How We Do It

We know there are many websites out there you can turn to, but none of them gets the work done our way. We start by putting ourselves in the customers’ shoes to be sure that we give honest and unbiased product reviews.

We then proceed to identify the possible areas of employing the product to cover the needs of as many customers as we can. After this, we take days to identify the best sellers of the product and other top products on the market by taking into consideration both the overall product rating and the number of reviews.

By taking into consideration these two factors, we ensure that we are not swayed by ‘paid’ ratings but rather that the product rating reflects the actual performance of the product in regards to meeting the anticipated customer needs.

We also pay a keen eye on customers’ complaints and advice. Not to know what to write, but in a bid to get products that qualify for testing. By doing this, we ensure that the products we buy for testing are nothing short of the best of what the market offers. We also use the customer complaints to help identify areas where we need to direct more energy when it comes to testing.

How We Test Our Products

Research alone is sometimes enough to provide accurate product reviews. However, we don’t want to solely rely on other people’s experiences in generating our content. We believe the only way to write unbiased and trustworthy reviews is by leaning on our experiences with the product. That’s why we always choose to forget the cost and go by the saying “experience is the best teacher”.

After identifying the products with the best ratings and the highest customer reviews, we usually get into our pockets to get to the practical part of it. We use the personal accounts of our members when shopping. The goal here is to hide our identity and make us appear like any other customer. This way, we get the assurance that the products we buy are the exact our readers get when they buy using our leads.

After receiving the product, we begin by checking the condition of the packaging. We want to help you get value for money to the last penny. We then send the products to a group of experts for testing. The experts we use are part of our team. Hence, what they say is the exact thing about the product. We meticulously evaluate the products based on the specifications and capabilities they claim to possess on their labels.

At times we are forced to keep monitoring the product performance for some time. This way, we ensure that we don’t fall into the trap of products that perform satisfactorily only for a short time. Only products that pass our short and long-term tests make the cut to feature on our top-notch list.

Where the product fails to meet the requirements, we usually file a return claim for replacement. Where applicable, we take advantage of the money-back guarantee. We then use the same money to get a different product for testing.

Where We Get Our Money

Testing products is the most expensive part of this process. At times we have to shell out for multiple products performing a similar job. Thankfully, our readers have been our ultimate source of finance. Once you read and buy products using our provided links, we usually earn commissions. At times, we sell the products we’ve tested to recover a part of the amount that goes to testing. 

Why Trust Us?

We know that we cannot be perfect in all that we do, but we try to deliver something much closer to perfection! The Dear Lab dedicates enough time to research before coming up with any content.

The Dear Lab picks the market’s top-rated products with the most positive customer reviews. We then dig deep to find the features of the product and its uniqueness to see if it’s worth the rating and the comments it gets. By doing this, we ensure that the products we buy for testing are top-notch.

After a product passes our tough test, The Dear Lab then hand-picks the finest writers with extensive knowledge on the product who put things in the exact manner they ought to be using an easy-to-understand language. This step ensures that we avoid even the slimmest chances of misinterpretation.

What Guides Us

The team is led by stringent standards and ethics. We do not work for any manufacturer and neither do we interact with any when coming up with our list of nominated products.

Therefore, we provide information that is strictly based on our own fair judgment and the actual performance of the product in the market without seeking to please or build a name on any manufacturer.

The products we recommend to our customers are exactly what we propose to our dearest ones and what ourselves turn to for our own use when in need of the product.

Our Advisors:


Stephen is one of the many experts that The Dear Lab approaches for advice and Guidence. He was born in the early 1965s in Colorado, United States.

Stephen is an astute professional in the Power-Driven Hand tool Manufacturing Industry and has over 21 years of experience in the industry. Throughout all these years, Stephen has worked with a number of the industry’s top companies in the United States.

In all the organizations that he has served in this period, Stephen proved to possess that extra bit of knowledge that made him an absolute gem in the employer’s workforce. Before starting his career in this industry, Stephen served as an executive chef for about five years before quitting the job to pursue his passion.


Eric joined The Dear Lab in late 2018 as an author. In the short period he has served in The Dear Lab, he has proven to add significant value to the already existing world-class personnel.

Before joining The Dear Lab, Eric had been working with national and international publications where he quitted to seek new challenges that would sharpen his skills more, make him better, and link him with new people.

He had worked in these companies for over a decade, having joined them immediately after graduating from the University of North Carolina from the School of media and journalism.

During his university life, he managed to feature in the student newspaper, The Daily Tar Heel. Eric was born in 1982 in Pennsylvania, United States.