The 3 Week Diet Review


One of the biggest threats to our health, attractiveness, confidence, life expectancy, and ability to be active is being overweight.

The United States in particular is the fattest country with more than 75% of men being overweight or obese and over 60% of women according to the National Institute of Health.

These are disturbing statistics and a new diet plan has emerged to help combat this health crisis and it may be perfect for you.

The diet plan is engineered to specifically burn stored fat as energy with the combination of eating the right foods and exercise.

The diet plan took over 12 years of research and development to present to the world and now you can take advantage of it. There are considerations to be made to establish if this is right for you.

The pros and cons of the program and what’s featured in it should also be considered and this analysis is likely to highly motivate you to get started.


Your Health

The primary reason to stay within an adequate weight range is to pursue and maintain good health.

Obesity is responsible for many health conditions including heart attack, diabetes, stroke, poor breathing, and even premature death.

If being overweight is threatening your life and well being, this is the biggest motivator in the world to engage in this 3 week diet plan.

Losing weight can allow you to be more active and engage in activities you were unable to before, which will allow better enjoyment of life.

Playing with the kids, taking vacations, participating in sports, swimming at the beach while looking much better in your swimsuit are all-important things to keep in mind with this diet.

Additionally, certain health conditions should be considered before beginning the diet to ensure you are able to successfully complete it.

People with existing conditions like diabetes and other ailments that require medically supervised diets should consult a physician before attempting.

Those with heart problems or injury should also get a green light from a medical professional before doing the exercise components of this weight loss system.

According to News hub, overweight and obese individuals shave years off their life expectancy with each few pounds they gain.

Other Reasons To Lose Weight

While living longer and a clean bill of health is motivation enough to lose weight, there are many other benefits to the weight loss. Regardless if you are single, dating, or married, we all want to look our best.

Shedding just 15-20 pounds can greatly enhance your appearance and attractiveness.

Being your optimum weight will get you more attention from men or women and if you are in a relationship, your partner will appreciate you even more.

Being proud of yourself when you look in the mirror will also bring more confidence, which will improve personal and professional relationships.

Losing weight will also make your skin look clearer and younger while giving you more energy. People in general may treat you with more respect as you treat your body with more respect.

Also, you’ll be able to wear all those clothes in the closet that are just a little too tight.

The news website “Metro” has a report that shows overweight people are much more likely to be single and unhappy than their normal weight counterparts.

The Money

Before many people try a new program or product, the price and their finances are the primary concern, even if they really want to purchase.

The monetary consideration of purchasing this 3 week weight loss program is very modest and will not break the bank at all.

Even the tightest budgets can enjoy the benefit of looking their best with this diet.

The program can be downloaded immediately after purchase in PDF format so there are no long waits for it to be delivered by mail.

If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with the product, you can get a full refund within 60 days of purchase.

So not only is the diet plan affordable; it’s also risk free with the money back guarantee. Another interesting statistic is that people not overweight earn significantly higher salaries than their overweight counterparts.

With this being known, even if this diet program was expensive, it could very well be worth it.

Your Dedication

This consideration seems like a no brainer, but many diets that are started aren’t taken seriously.

Many times diet directions are half followed or the entire plan is abandoned before the person is half way through.

A college degree can’t be conferred over night, a new business will not be in the Fortune 500 in it’s first year, and a diet plan will not produced desired results if it’s not followed through in entirety.

The earlier considerations of health and reasons for motivation should be enough to fortify and strengthen the resolve for anyone serious about losing weight. Before beginning the program one should ask, “am I ready to put 100% into this”.

If there are overwhelming distractions in your life due to personal, professional, legal, or other reasons, it may be best to wait until you are truly ready before you begin.

  • Other considerations to make are to consider the overwhelming positive feedback, reviews, and success stories of the many happy and satisfied users of the program.


The program is digital and downloadable in PDF format. It is broken down into four manuals that each focus on different aspects of your overall weight loss success.

The four manuals are the introduction manual, the diet manual, the workout manual, and the mindset and motivation manual.

The Introduction Manual

diet manual

The introduction manual is just that, an introduction to the program and features nutrition and fat burning 101.

This manual explains the benefits and disadvantages of certain foods and nutrients.

It informs you which nutrients expedite and which slow the fat burning process and how to eat to increase your metabolism.

The first manual is loaded with scientific facts and includes information on recommended supplements to take with your meal to aid in fat burning.

The Diet Manual

introduction manual

The diet manual features information about eating food customized just for you to aid in the weight loss.

Formulas to determine body mass in relation to fat is contained in the manual and this information is used for a customized menu to best promote needs of your specific body.

This is great as everyone is different and most assembly line cookie cutter diet plans fail because these things are not taken into consideration.

The manual guides you on what exactly to eat, how much of it to consume, and the best times of day to have your meals. Delicious and detailed recipes are featured in the book to pleasure your taste buds while burning the hard to get rid of fat.

The diet manual also educates on how certain foods eaten together are more beneficial to weight loss than eating them alone.

Managed meals during the 3 weeks of the diet are included, but also lifestyle changes to eat right and maintain weight loss after the diet is over as well.

The Workout Manual


The workout manual is a very fun part and focuses on the physical activity side of burning fat.

The diet manual alone can produce results, but the workout manual more than doubles the effectiveness of the overall diet plan.

Many people struggle to find time to workout and leave this important part of fitness on the back burner.

This third manual emphasizes how working out for hours or living in the gym is not necessary to look fit.

It details how short intense vigorous workouts are more effective than longer more modest sessions. Specific exercises are outlined to specifically burn fat at the fastest rate.

Workouts that focus on abdominal conditioning is present as well because the belly area is prone to fat storage and most people would love to have a six pack.

The manual features workouts for people to do home and at the gym for those with access to one.

The Mindset and Motivation Manual


The mindset and motivation manual address the dedication consideration listed earlier.

This manual features industry secrets and motivational assistance to keep you dedicated with strong resolve to successfully complete the diet.

The emphasis is to never quit and this portion of the diet features a what is called the miracle mindset technique, which is used by celebrities to accomplish wonders.

The overall diet plan will take you through the steps of detoxification, fasting, consuming fats, and your basal metabolic rate.

Detoxification takes place during the first 7 days of the program and rids the body of toxins that undermines fat burning with specific food items and nutrients.

The fasting phase is for 24 hours after detoxification and helps purification of the body while burning fat. The fat phase is for 3 days after fasting and one will consume the good fats to aid in the complete weight loss.

The final phase is eating foods specific to your basal metabolic rate or BMR from the 12th day to the 21st day.

This complete program features everything needed to know for mission accomplished on the scale.

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The 3 Week Diet is a revolutionary weight loss system created by Brain Flatt to assist dieters to lose up to 20 pounds or more in just 3 weeks.

Brain Flatt is a nutritionist, author, and personal trainer who have used science and his expertise to create this special diet program to deliver fast results and to spark a healthier lifestyle change for users.


Aspiring trainers and enthusiasts orchestrate many diet programs with no credentials.

This plan was meticulously researched and put together for years by Brain Flatt so you could harness the benefits.

Buying this plan is like hiring a personal trainer, nutritionist, and fitness coach all in one package.

Pros and Cons of the Program

There are pros and cons to almost anything that can possibly be done and this diet plan is no exception.

The general census is that the pros drastically out weigh the cons, but to make a properly informed decision all aspects should be considered.

Pros of the program include guaranteed weight loss, no financial risk, and it being convenient and easy.

Cons noted are that the program does not include videos, requires will power with hunger, and it recommends purchase of supplements and extra equipment.


Guaranteed Weight Loss

Few products guarantee results and if you’ve failed with other diet plans, this incentive alone is enough to buy.

Most programs are general in nature, however each person and their body is different and this customization is what makes the diet so effective with a guarantee.

This guarantee is backed by a 60-day money back refund policy and being that the program takes 3 weeks to complete 1 trial, it’s more than enough time.

This combined with the inexpensive initial cost is a very strong pro for the program.

Convenient & Easy

The fact that this program can be done from home without requiring the gym is a huge plus for most dieters.

It doesn’t require working out for long hours everyday nor does it call for expensive or hard to find foods.

The verbiage in the manual is also easy to understand and read without complicated jargon or procedures.

The diet is only 3 weeks and this keeps the light at the end of the tunnel in view while promoting higher success than long diet plans that last 90 days or longer.

The program does require effort and some hard work, but in the big scheme of things it’s more than worth it.

Trading a little temporary pain for permanent pride and well being is a great exchange.

The Creator of the Diet

This diet plan being created by such an experienced, educated, and respected professional in the nutrition and fitness industry is definitely a huge plus.


No Videos

Some people are visual and really love videos to walk them through the process for anything. This preference does include how a diet plan is delivered and presented.

This weight loss system has no video clips of people cooking the recipes like on the Food Network and no workout videos like on Exercise TV.

This con is trivial and has little to no impact on the overall efficiency of the program but it is worth noting for the more visual dieters.


Some do not have much will power when it comes to hunger. The program does require eating modestly and a period of detoxification and fasting.

The beginning of the diet plan is particularly more difficult for some.

The day of fasting requires no food for a 24-hour period and while this is helpful and people fast for various reasons all the time, it may not be for everybody.

This day should be done on a day that requires low energy output, not on a day for example that a marathon is ran.

This program should not be started if you are not serious about following the steps accurately.

Supplements & Extra Equipment

The overall expense of the program and other purchases would be considered small potatoes to many.

To some dieters it may be a bigger investment. The program recommends the purchase of extra supplements to take with meals to maximize fat burning efforts.

In regards to equipment, it is recommended at the least some weights are purchased to correctly do the workout regiment.

A workout bench may be necessary or this may be replaced with some type of furniture.

Some have reported favorable results without the purchase of additional supplements but for the best outcome, corners should not be cut.

Getting everything associated with the diet should not break the bank; nevertheless these additional costs should be noted.

The Final Verdict

According to the New York Times, 95% of diets end in failure or with the weight gained back in a short period of time.

This new 3 week diet plan was orchestrated to combat that high number of failure and the high number of overweight people walking around.

The 3 week diet is an amazing weight loss system created by a reputable fitness professional. Hard to lose stubborn stored fat has seemingly met it’s match with this program.

After analyzing the considerations of health benefits, the price, reviews, and more, I have to recommend this system to those who are serious about losing weight and fat quickly.

The in depth features of the program’s four manuals and the impressive pros with minimal cons make it a good purchase for your well being.

If you have failed on other diets before, if you have been unsuccessful with New Year resolutions to lose weight, if you want to get your body right before a big event or the summer, this product is definitely worth trying.

With the low cost and money back guarantee, the only thing that can sabotage your victory is you.

If you aren’t serious about following the regiment correctly or will procrastinate and never start it, this product isn’t a great buy.

If you are ready and determined, the sky is the limit and get ready to say hello to the new you.

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