The 10 Best 18650 Battery Chargers In 2023

If you own any electronics like cellphones, laptops, tablets, or digital cameras, you definitely have to possess a charger.

This is because the electrical energy they possess will usually get depleted and hence in need of replacement. We are here to help you get sorted out.

10 Best 18650 Battery Chargers

#1: EBL Battery Charger for Li-ion AA/AAA

EBL Smart Rapid Battery Charger

Are you constantly on the move? You require a charger that can be used in several locations. This charger, as you are about to see, fits this bill particularly well.

MCU-controlled Technology

In all, the charger can handle multiple batteries at a time courtesy of this feature. This saves a great deal of your time besides conferring on you the benefit of added convenience.

Globally Charger

As stated, this device can work well in just about every other location worldwide. This again eliminates unnecessary restrictions and inconveniences.

iQuick Technology

You will not have to stay for too long to have your batteries charged. The iQuick Technology shall see to it that your batteries take the least possible duration of time to charge.


  • Allows for unhindered portability and travels
  • Accommodates the DC power occasionally
  • Charges batteries faster and effectively
  • Automatically stops charging as soon as the battery is full
  • Certified by the ETL


  • Has a limited carrying capacity
  • Backed by a limited 30-day money back guarantee

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#2: AmazonBasics Ni-MH AA & AAA

 AmazonBasics Ni-MH

If you are a frequent traveler, you have yet another battery charger for your consideration. This charger is portable to carry around. It is also compatible with several voltage outputs and is hence suitable for your course.

Built-in Switching Power

This is the feature which makes it possible for the charge to adapt to different voltage ratings. The charger can, as a matter of fact, suits the voltage range of 100 to 240V AC.

Retractable AC plug

It does have a long and retractable AC plug. This suits it for both indoor and outdoor use at the same time. It also eliminates unnecessary restrictions that may bar an ordinary user from enjoying the accompanying benefits.

USB charge port

You can also connect the charger to a power source via the USB port. This feature is very handy whenever you are in a location that is cut off from the national grid.


  • Guards against the wrong polarity while charging
  • Occupies minimal space while on the go
  • Ensures maximum convenience
  • Friendly for the traveler who is always on the move
  • Recharges up to four batteries at a time


  • Lacks certain vital features
  • Not so reliable in the long run
  • Exudes low power output

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In some instances, you just can never go wrong. You certainly want to monitor the state and progress of your charges. This charger makes it possible for you to accomplish this particular feat.

Build-in LCD Panel

Top of its key features is the built-in LCD panel. This is what keeps you posted of the progress of the charging parameters. This is what prevents your batteries from overcharging unnecessarily.

Side Buttons

At its two sides are buttons that are conveniently located. They make it possible for you to easily select the specific types of batteries as well as your desired charging currents.

Over-charge Prevention

To further prevent your batteries from sustaining damages, the charger comes along with over-charge prevention. This feature switches the charger off automatically at the conclusion of the charging process.


  • Charges two batteries independently and at the same time
  • Optimized charging design for IMR batteries
  • Detects the battery power status automatically
  • Stops charging automatically when complete
  • Monitors temperature to prevent overheating


  • Charges 2 batteries at the same time
  • Quite expensive to afford
  • Weighs a whopping 0.4 pounds

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#4: Zanflare C4

Zanflare C4

In case you are a new user of the battery charger, you want one that is very simple to operate. This is to prevent confusions and other undesirable issues from arising. This is the charger to go for.

Four Slots

On the whole, the charger can handle four batteries at a time independently. This reduces the time it would take you to achieve the desired ends.

Battery Reverse Polarity Protection

It is not uncommon for the polarity of the batteries to reverse when they are being charged. This may often interfere with the functioning of the batteries later. This charger has a mechanism that prevents this from happening.

Overcharge and Over-discharge Protection

Apart from the polarity, the charger can also prevent the batteries from over-charging. This is crucial in ensuring that the lifespan of the batteries is lengthened.


  • Allows for short circuit protection
  • Contains overheat protection
  • Has the 0V voltage activation function
  • Smartly identifies the damaged batteries
  • Measures the internal resistance of each cell


  • Quite bulky
  • Costlier than most other chargers
  • Slightly more complicated

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#5: IMR 10440 Li-ion Ni-MH Ni-CD LiFePO4

 Smart Rechargeable Battery Charger for Ni-MH Ni-Cd A AA

Emergency situations call for simple-to-use yet effective chargers. Perhaps no other charger can guarantee this better than this particular one. The mini-review below explores it in greater details.

Individual LCD Indicator

Each slot contains individual LCD indicators. These display the current charging status within the shortest duration of time possible. This simplifies the monitoring process.

5V DC Input

On the whole, the charger operates on the 5V DC input. This allows for expedient access as you will not have to purchase an extra adapter. This also saves you a great deal of time and money.

Innovative 0V Activation

The innovative 0V activation feature brings back to life any dead or over-discharged batteries. They, therefore, have the impact of saving you a great deal of money and time in the long run.


  • Identifies the input power automatically and intelligently
  • Charges different type of batteries concurrently and independently
  • Supplies big power for your electronic gadgets
  • Quickly charges batteries of different types and capacities
  • Has a USB port


  • Has a longer charging time
  • Not so energy-efficient
  • Requires plenty of space

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#6: EBL 18650 lithium

Does your entire life center on charging batteries? If you answered ‘yes,’ you might want to consider this particular charger. As you are about to see, the charger is indeed strong, reliable, and very handy for regular use.

MCU Control Technology

This technology furnishes the batteries with a constant current at all times of the charging process. This is very safe for your batteries as it prevents any damages to them due to the power variations.

Maximum Compatibility

In all, the charger can handle and work well with the 18650, 10440, 18500, 14500, and the 16340 Li-ion batteries. For this reason, the charger returns a higher value for money.

CE & RoHS Certification

Lastly, the charger has both the RoHS and the CE certifications. These are marks of top performance, high quality, and greater service outcomes.


  • Good at shedding heat
  • Detects short circuits and input voltage
  • Has a longer lifespan of approximately 1000 cycles,
  • Possesses a high retention rate of electric charge
  • Performs optimally even at high temperatures


  • Low self-discharge technology
  • Holds only 75% of capacity after one year of no use
  • No so reputable brand

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#7: SEWE LCD Display Universal Smart

SEWE LCD Display Universal Smart

To get the guesswork out of you, you will surely want a charger that can work just about anywhere. This charger, owing to its worldwide applicability, can do you just that.

High definition LCD displays

You will get to enjoy the benefit of instant monitoring of the various charging parameters. This is made possible by the existence of the high definition LCD display unit.

LED Indicators

Other than the display unit, the charger also indicates to you the status of the charging process. This is brought about by the LED indicators. This ensures that you do not overcharge your battery unnecessarily.

Voltage Control Technology

To improve the efficiency of the charges, the charger utilizes the negative voltage control technology. This technology accomplishes this aim by reducing the likelihood of the negative voltage from arising.


  • Features integrated intelligent power management system
  • Stops charging automatically if the temperature gets too high
  • More durable and smooth construction
  • Suitable for use in the whole world
  • Works well with a car adapter


  • Handles only two batteries at a time
  • Does not have a reverse polarity capability
  • Requires some expertise to operate

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#8: Efest LUC V4 LCD

Efest LUC V4 LCD

Are you a commercial charger? Have you been on the lookout for a charger that suits commercial use? This could be the one you have been looking for, as you are about to conclude.

Higher Operation Temperature

In all, the charger can accommodate a higher temperature range. It can work safely between 0-40°C while stored and -40 – to +70°C while charging. This brings along maximum convenience indeed!

HD Mini LCD Screen

It does have an HD Mini LCD Screen that displays the precise battery and voltage capacity levels at the same time. This eliminates any ambiguities that might often arise while charging the batteries.

Self-adjusting Battery Bays

Unlike most chargers, this one adjusts automatically to respond to the different batteries that it might have to handle. This reduces the effort you have to put in.


  • Features the latest battery charging technology
  • Contains independent charging display status in each charging channel
  • Adjusts discharge current automatically to charge different battery sizes
  • Offers four kinds of protection
  • Automatically stops charging when full


  • Inflicts higher utility bills
  • Subject to certain geographic restrictions
  • Requires plenty of storage space

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#9: JINDIAN Display Speedy Universal 18650

JINDIAN Display Speedy Universal 18650

Do you operate on a squeezed lifestyle? If you answered ‘yes’, your companion has to be a charger that can do its thing faster and within the shortest duration possible. This is perhaps the best example of a charger of that kind.

Smart Battery Charger Big LCD Display

This particular feature automatically detects and displays the kind of current, voltage, battery type, charging status, resistance, and other vital parameters of the charging process.

Super-safe Battery Charger

In all, the charger is extremely safe to use and handle. This is due to its possession of the fire-prevention PC material. It also resists heat and has a safety circuit.

Longer Lifespan

The battery has a pretty long lifespan. This is due to the incorporation of the reverse protection, battery protection, and short circuit protection features at the same time. The benefit of added convenience is also yours to accrue.


  • Works well with car adapters
  • Compatible with several batteries and electronic devices
  • Can charge up to four batteries speedily at a time
  • Detects and changes the various parameters automatically
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use


  • Has a small capacity battery
  • Not for the average user
  • Possesses certain sensitive parts

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#10: Nitecore D4 4 slot

Nitecore D4 4 slot

Are you looking for a charger that can handle smaller batteries perfectly well? This could be the one you have been looking for all along. It is indeed safe and gentle enough for such kinds of batteries, as you are about to see.

Side Buttons

The charger has two buttons that are located on both sides. They make it possible for you to easily select the specific types of batteries and other charging parameters.

Intelligent Circuitry

Its circuit is unlike any other. It is intelligent and has the ability to detect the kind of battery as well as the charging status. This is not to mention that it can enter an automatic charging mode as well.

Durable ABS Material Construction

The entire length and breadth of the charger are made of the durable ABS material. Being both fire and flame resistant, the material is truly reliable and handy for long-term use.


  • Can handle small capacity batteries well
  • Requires minimal attention on your part
  • Prevents heating and burning of the batteries while charging
  • Monitors temperatures and other vital parameters
  • Wards off the likelihood of reverse polarity


  • Weighs a whopping 1.15 pounds (0.52 kg)
  • Quite costly to afford
  • Not for ordinary home use

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What is a 18650 Battery Charger?

For a start, a 18650 battery charger is an electrical device that powers up batteries and replenishes the number of charges they possess.

Types of Battery Charger

There are three main kinds of battery chargers. These are identified and explained in details hereunder:

Pulse Chargers

These chargers use the pulse technology to power up phones. The pulse technology entails the use of a series of current or voltage pulses to feed the batteries. These pulses are controlled in such a manner as to set the rise pulse repetition rates, pulse width, amplitude, and rise times.

Smart Charger

Smart chargers have the ability to detect and respond appropriately to the conditions of the batteries. They can also vary the various charging actions accordingly.

Simple Charger

A simple charger is a charger that possesses the bare minimum features, parts, and components of the typical charger. They supply constant or pulsed DC power to the batteries that are being charged. It does not, however, vary the output on the basis of the charging times or quantity of charge on the battery.

A Charging Guide for Batteries: How to Charge?

Insert the Battery in the Charger

Start off by inserting the batteries into the charger. Be gentle while doing this to prevent any damages to the battery. Take care of the polarities as well to prevent the distortions of the chemical states of the batteries.

Plug the Charger on the Socket

Proceed to plug the charger on the socket. After you have inserted the plug in the socket, do not switch on the charger, at least for the time being.

Set the Necessary Parameters appropriately

Set the necessary parameters appropriately. These include the charge duration, top temperatures, voltage, and current, among others.

Switch on the Charger

Now switch on the charger. Wait for the charging process to conclude before switching it off. Some chargers are automatic and so do not require physical attention.

Switch off the Charger

At the conclusion of the charging process, switch off the charger and unplug it from the socket. You do not want to experience damages to the charger, do you?

Safety Guides

Keep the Charger at the Right Temperature

Chargers are very sensitive to temperature levels. Too high temperatures can interfere with their functioning and also overwhelm the batteries. While stored, keep the ambient temperatures cool enough to prevent damages and malfunctions.

Put the Charger out of reach of Children

Children are very restless and lack restraints. The last thing you would want to do is to subject them to the risks of electric shocks and other hazards. This is why you must keep the chargers as far away from them as possible.

Store the Chargers Securely while not in Use

While in store, be sure to lock the cabinets and the other compartments wherein the chargers are stored. This is to prevent unauthorized access and with it, the attendant injuries.

Use the Chargers Moderately

It goes without saying that the more frequent you use the chargers, the more likely they are to wear out sooner. To be guaranteed of being able to use them for longer, you have to do so moderately. Use them if and only if you have to.

Pay Constant Attention to the Charger while in Use

Even though most modern chargers are automatic, you still have to monitor them constantly throughout the charging process. You just never know when a disaster might strike!


Match the Right Battery with the Right Charger

Different chargers are meant for different batteries. Be sure to match the right battery with the right charger. This will spare both your charger and your batteries at the same time. It will also guarantee a great outcome at all times.

Set the appropriate Parameters Beforehand

Do not switch on the charger and then set the parameters. Instead, set the parameters first, before switching on the charger. This will see to it that the charging process is not interfered with at all.

Monitor and Evaluate the Charger Constantly

From time to time, do monitor the charger to see to it that it is in the best shape and form at all times. This also predicts any impending issues and allows you to determine the various intervention mechanisms that might tackle them.

What to Look for While Searching a Right Battery Charger


Check out the sizes of the chargers versus the space you have at your disposal. Be sure that the charger is able to fit well within the available storage space. This is also to facilitate the transportation and deployment of the same if and when they have to be used.

Intended Location of Use

Where exactly do you intend to use the charger? Is it indoors or outdoors? Outdoor chargers have to be portable and compact in size. For the avoidance of doubt, be sure to find a multipurpose charger that can operate in the two areas seamlessly.

Desired Outcomes

What exactly are you looking for in a charger? Do you want minimal attention, faster charging times, multiple charging at a time, e.t.c.? Be sure to determine your own desired outcome before choosing which one closely mirrors those outcomes.


Q1. Apart from charging batteries, to what other uses may these gadgets be devoted?

Some chargers can also function as power banks. They can store charge and avail the same while in remote locations or in moments of blackouts.

Q2. What does the term DC mean with regards to batteries and chargers?

It stands for Direct Current. This is an electric current that flows in one direction only.

Q3. Which sizes of batteries do these chargers accommodate?

Most chargers can accommodate the AA and the AAAA battery sizes. Some universal chargers can accommodate all battery sizes though.

Q4. What accessories can these chargers accommodate and work with?

Some chargers have USB ports that can be used to transmit data.

Q5. Are chargers really great possessions or can they be easily done without?

YES, they are. No other gadget can power batteries better than the chargers do.

Final Verdict

Well, you have truly received the information you badly need to do a good job. It is not enough for you to receive the necessary background information.

It pays to go ahead and make the appropriate purchase or other courses of action. This is why we now urge you to consider purchasing at least one of the battery chargers we have reviewed above. Best of luck as you embark on your purchase!


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